A/N Okay soo I'm just trying this out I got bored, so I desided to just write something random. I don't know if it is any good or anything... So just tell me if its good or bad.

Walking...Endless walking..

'How could I get myself in this mess? Oh that's right. I just had to follow the crys for help. Nice going Mia. Nice going.' I thought to myself. I looked around in the trees to look for a sign that anyone resently. (I forgot how to spell it. I sorry.) Once and a while I would trip and stumble around.

'Well at least I know no one will come and try to find me. No one likes me anyways. I mean I'm just a sixteen year old girl who has no friend's or even a boyfriend. I at least don't have to worry about family to worry about missing me... Okay never mind, I lied. My bad. Oh well. Emily, my best friend, would miss me.'

Anyways back to the woods, yes I have a problem with over thinking some stuff. I was so stupid for taking a tour in the woods. Okay, I shall stop now and tell you what had happened that fatefull day in the wood's... Considering that I am telling my story, then I am alive.

A/N Okay, so it's not much but this is like just randomness. I will retype this later on when I think I am ready.


Peace! Love! Happiness!