Title: It all Began with a Letter

Author: Allanasha Ke Kiri

Rating: T … might change later

Warnings: SLASH, Possessiveness, possible dubcon, light violence

Summary: It was Sunday, and there shouldn't have been a letter in the mailbox, but there was.

Chapter 11


It had been two days since Joshua's last visit. Rather than comfort me, I found myself dreading every hour I didn't see him. I was fairly certain I'd failed my last two finals worrying over what Joshua had planned, and whether Amelia had survived.

This wouldn't be the first time shed neglected to inform me of her continued existence, but with her gone …

Still running, I thought as I absently ate my dinner. I couldn't stay here. The father I got, the safer I'd be. The safer everyone would be. I hoped.


Jolting, I blinked up at my mother. Her brows furrowed, worry dancing in her eyes.

Yeah?" I asked, voice hoarser than Id thought it would be. I cleared my throat and asked again.

"Are you alright dear?" she asked me, eyes flickering over my face, trying to find anything to be concerned over. Not that she'd needed an excuse the last couple months.

"Fine," I answered, faking a smile for her. "Just worried about my finals."

"You only have one left, right?" my father asked.

I nodded, managing another bite. "Tomorrow, and then I'm free."

Those words had never been more true. My mother smiled, thinking I was joking. She had no idea I actually meant it, and I planned to keep it that way. The less she knew, the safer she'd be.

"I think I'm gonna grab a shower then get some sleep" I told them, rising, "Sorry, I'm feeling a little out of it."

My mom reached over, brushing hair from my face. I let her because in a few days I'd be gone, and I wouldn't see them again. Not for a while, at least.

"Okay," she said, worry etched into every crevice of her face. "Sleep well, dear."

"You too,"

Carrying my plate into the kitchen, I dumped it into a Tupperware container and stuck it into the fridge. Id take it for lunch tomorrow, eat it while I got some last minute cramming in.

Once done, I headed up the stairs and into the bathroom. For some reason, my eyes locked onto the mirror. It seemed so long ago that I'd walked into those words. 'Vampire are real'. Shuddering, I closed the door behind me and firmly turned away. I didn't much like my reflection these days anyway. It looked to worried, too afraid; nervous about something beyond it's control. I didn't like seeing that.

The shower itself took longer than I expected it to, mostly because my mind kept wandering. Amelia kept popping up. How was she faring? Had Joshua found her? Would she contact me if she survived?

By the time I switched off the shower, I was sagging with exhaustion. The weeks stress was definitely catching up with me. I needed my bed. Thankfully, I thought as I reached around the curtain to grab my towel from the bar, Id be there soon. Then, I wouldn't have to thinking about anything until morning.

With a yawn, I wrapped the towel around my waist then pulled back the curtain. For a moment, my eyes scanned the room without taking anything in. Then, as both beet stood on the bathmat, they landed on something different. There was a jar on the counter.

I blinked several times, trying to make sense of what it saw. Was that actually there, or was I more tired than I'd thought. And had I just missed it earlier, because I certainly hadn't heard anyone come in. I blinked again, focusing on the jar. There were too … marbles?... in the jar filled with a yellowish liquid. No, they couldn't be marbles. Marbles didn't float like that, and there wasn't usually tails attached to them.

Stepping closing with a frown, I picked up the jar to take a closer look. That was when they came completely into view.

Eyes. They were eyes. Blue eyes.

My hand trembled as I stared, breath inhaling sharply.

Who? But there was only one person it could be. One person who had blue eyes, that Joshua was pissed at. Because he was the only one I know who'd rip out someone's eyes then leave them for me to see.

The jar slipped from my hand as I attempted to step away, but a hand was there, catching it before it got far, and my back collided with a clothed torso. The other arm snaked around my chest, pinning me. Not that he had to, I wasn't moving any father. I couldn't see his face; couldn't tell what his mood was, or how lenient he was feeling. I was not risking it. The only thing I wanted to know was how he'd gotten in without my knowing … and how I'd failed to see him when Id stepped out of the shower.

Joshua lifted the jar back to eye level.

"It really is amazing what the eyes will miss when you want them to," Joshua mused softly, voice liquid velvet and giving nothing away.

My brows furrowed slightly. Did he just suggest what I think he did?

"These really are quite beautiful, aren't they? Such a shame they were connected to that woman." He sighed somewhat mournfully. "Still, at least something could be saved. For a time."

I just stared at the jar before me, unable to form proper words, barely able to make my thoughts make sense.

Joshua leaned closer until his mouth brushed my ear. His hand splayed over my chest. Goosebumps raised around the cool flesh, causing me to shiver.

"But now the temptation is gone, is it not, Christian?"

My head nodded almost before I could think about it.

"That's what I thought. You fear me too much to rebel."

His fingers curled in, nails lightly scratching my skin. I flinched away from it, which pushed me farther into Joshua's chest. The vampire chuckled, breath ghosting over my ear.

"In time, you'll come to enjoy my touch."

I doubt it, I thought. I knew he heard t, despite my refusal to vocalize it. The nails dug deeper into my chest, drawing a hiss from me.

"Time will tell, Christian," he answered. After all, you'll be with me for a very long time… And you're not going to seek more help. You've seen what happens to those who try to take what's mine."

I nodded again, a single sharp movement that was more a jerk of the head than anything else.

"Good, he answered, tone still unreadable. "I can forgive you this one," he told me. "She got to you before you knew any better, and you didn't know what I could, or would do, he paused. "And she was rather pretty. I can understand why you gave into her promptings.

I swallowed, heart pounding in my chest , and still couldn't bring myself to speak. He didn't sound particularly understanding, or accepting. He sounded like he wanted to hurt me for it, wanted to just end any thought of rebellion. Maybe just my life, so he wouldn't have to deal with me anymore.

He tsked into my ear. "Oh no, Christian. I told you, you're mine, and I don't easily give up what's mine."

Any relief those words might have brought me ended with his next words.

"However, should I find you've ever aided another of these hunters," He spat the word like a curse, nails digging further into my chest, piercing skin, but not drawing blood. Yet. "Then, you will find you've lost any of your freedoms. Am I understood?"

I nodded quickly, wanting to pacify him; wanting him to go away.

"Use your words," he ordered.

"Yes," I rasped, speaking for the first time. "I understand."

However, my traitorous mind couldn't help but point out the other times he'd said something similar. My last chance had been used up long ago. It was a mistake.

"Ah, I see," Joshua murmured. "You doubt me now?"

"No," I answered quickly, not wanting to incur his wrath.

He spun me around and shoved me into the sink counter hard enough that I knew I'd have a bruise in the morning. The jar was set down beside me on the counter as he glared down at me.

"Make no mistake," he told me coolly, "Your punishment is coming."

I swallowed. "Joshua, I-"

"However, I can be kind," he spoke over me. And though you've done nothing to warrant it, I've decided it'll keep until after you've finished the term," his smirk was full of dark promises of pain. "Wouldn't want your grades to suffer for it, would we?"

His eyes locked on mine. I found myself unable to look away, frozen by fear. I felt like a dear staring down the lion, knowing any movement, any breath, would set it off.

"Would we, Christian?" he prompted, demanding an answer.

"No," I answered, voice barely above a whisper. "We wouldn't."

It satisfied him, however, as he nodded, and his expression softened.

"Relax, Christian. You're almost done. Everything gets easier from here." One hand released me, reaching up to brush a stray strand of wet hair from my face. "Trust me."

Said the spider to the fly.

The thought seemed to amuse him as his lips twitched upwards, and his eyes lost a little more of his anger.

"Even in your fear, you find ways to calm me," he mused, leaning in.

Keeping one hand firmly on my towel, I leaned backward over the counter. The frown returned.

"What have I told you about running from me?" he demanded

I froze. "I …" the words caught. I didn't have an excuse, and he knew it. Anything I said would anger him further, putting me in more danger than I already was.

"I'm sorry," I managed, somehow getting the words passed the stone in my throat.

"No," he said. "You're not. But, that will change."

The words frightened me, but not as much as the knock on the door.

"Christian," my mom called. You almost done?"

"Yes," I answered quickly. "Sorry, I spaced."

I wanted her gone, and quickly, before Joshua decided to do more than glare at the door.

"It's alright dear, it's just been quiet for a while."

"Sorry," I repeated. "I'll be out in a minute."

Thankfully, she walked away without further comment.

"There's always a distraction with you, the vampire murmured, "someone keeping your attention on them rather than what's important." His eyes finally slid back to me. Unfortunately, they'd regained some of their dark glimmer.

"But, we both know who you belong to, don't we, Christian?"

Not liking the look in his eyes, I didn't dare protest. I nodded once, slowly, eyes still locked on his. He leaned in once more, and it took all my self control not to flinch away.

He stopped, face inches from mine, eyes boring into mine. "Words," he reminded me. I could feel his breath on my skin.

Hesitating long enough to wet my bottom lip, I forced myself to speak.

"I'm yours," I answered.

"Good, then, with no warning, he closed the gab between us and kissed me. It wasn't quick or gentle. It was rough, hard, and demanded my submission.

I was shocked to stillness at first, not expecting it, but as I was dragged closer, my naed body against his clothed one, I snapped out of it and shoved at his chest.

Surprisingly, he pulled away.

"What are you doing?" I demanded, voice more panicked than I'd have liked. But I wasn't giving that much thought then, my anger had replaced my common sense.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to take offense. "If you don't know what a kiss is, you're more innocent than I though," he mocked, then continued on before I could speak. "But, well continue that later. For now, get some sleep. You'll need it."

With that, he sauntered to the door, seemingly without a care in the world. Before opening it, he paused and turned back to me, as though just remember something.

"Ah, yes, before I forget, I wanted to remind you that grades are your doorway to anything of relevance in the world, Christian. As such, anything less than a B will just increase your punishment."

He smirked at me as I gaped, then left the room before I could gather my thoughts. Thankfully, my mother didn't seem to see him, if she was even still up there.

Shaking, and torn between anger, horror, and fear, I went to my room. It was quick work to change into my night clothes and slip into bed. It was far harder to get to sleep. Especially once I remember his comment about being with him for a long time.

A very long time, I corrected, feeling a chill. Surely he hadn't meant he planned on turning me into a vampire?

I swallowed and sat up, looking around the room. I couldn't think of anything more horrifying, or anything I wanted less.

I have to get away

"Are you sure?" Laura hissed, struggling to keep her voice down in the busy cafeteria.

I saw her eyes," I answered, poking blindly at my lunch.

"They may not be hers," she pointed out.

"They were the same color, and Joshua all but said they were hers."

"But you cant trust anything he says."

I shrugged. "She hasn't gotten back to me yet, either, and I called her around Sunrise. I figure shed at least want me to know she was still alive … if she was."

Laura hesitated, wetting her lips. That still doesn't mean she's dead," she said. "she's never been quick to call you."

"No, but I just … I don't think he's lying. You didn't see him last night. He was … angry."

"He's been angry before."

"Not like this," I argued. "There was a … a coldness to it this time, like if he hurt me, it could be completely deliberate, carefully planned and executed to cause the most pain. If he'd decided to kill me, there wouldn't have been any way to talk him out of it."

I shuddered at the memory of it, as I had most of last night. I'd had a lot of time to think about this. Laura was silent for a time.

"So … what are you going to do now?" she asked. "Call the police?"

"No." The answer was quick. Id already considered that too, at least to let them know about the murder, but what would I tell them? That the vampire terrorizing me had killed a vampire hunter and torn out her eyes because she was trying to save me from him? They'd want to know why I hadn't told them about my 'vampire's' continued presence. Then, when they heard I believed he was a vampire, they'd send me to the loony bin. There'd be no getting away from Joshua then.

Better to stay quiet.

Thankfully, Laura seemed to have similar thoughts as she nodded. "Are you still running?"



"Sunday. Just after finals." It actually seemed kind of fitting. This whole thing had started on a Sunday. Why not end it on one too?

"Do your parents know?"

"No," I answered. "I don't want them thinking about it with Joshua around. I'll just tell them I'm taking a trip, that I have to get away for awhile. They'll understand."

Laura looked skeptical, but she offered no arguments. I almost wished she had.

My parents took my impending road trip rather well, actually. They'd noticed how I was flounder and jumping at shadows (their words, not mine), and thought time away would do me some good.

There hadn't been an official sighting of Joshua in weeks, but they knew it was all I thought about. There were days I just stared at nothing until someone grabbed my attention.

When I came back, they told me I was going to see a therapist. I'd nodded and agreed, knowing there was no other way they'd let me leave, not with their blessing. Maybe by the time I returned, they'd forget their conditions. If not, maybe I'd think of something believable to tell them.

Regardless, bright and early Sunday morning both my parents helped me pack my clothes, and the other things I hadn't packed until sunrise. I hadn't wanted to give Joshua any idea about what I was doing.

"You take care of yourself," my mother said.

"I'll call you in a week," I told her, hoping to reassure at least some of her fears.

By the way she held me when we hugged, I hadn't. My father grabbed my shoulder briefly and nodded. His eyes showed the same worries, but I was glad he wasn't voicing them. I had enough of my own to worry about.

"Keep up with your school work," he told me.

It was Laura who told me to be careful, the words soft and worried as she hugged me.

"And if you miss so much as a week, I'm telling them everything."

She pulled away before I could respond. The look in her eyes told me shed do it too, and without any hesitation. I nodded once.

"Every week," I told her, and something in her gaze relaxed. That made one of us, at least.

As I drove away, I glanced in the rear view mirror. My parents still stood in the driveway, watching me go with Laura beside them. She'd take care of them; she'd already promised she would.

I will see them again, I assured myself, forcing my eyes back to the road. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, a chill of foreboding swept down my spine. If Joshua found me, I'd never see anyone, or do anything again. He'd kill me for this.

"Just get far enough away," I told myself sternly, hands clenching the steering wheel. "You have hours until nightfall, and he doesn't know where I'm going. I just have to get far enough away, and I'll be fine."

Unfortunately, as I turned the corner, I couldn't help doubting myself. It wouldn't stop my attempt, however, but I couldn't help wondering just how angry Joshua would be if he managed to catch up to me, and how much pain I'd be in before he finally allowed me to die.


Part two will be posted sometime next month, and in this same story file. So, there's no need to worry about missing any of the next few chapters. It's all one story and therefore will stay one story until it's over.

One another note, Joshua kissed him! Briefly, but it still counts. And Christian was practically naked when it happened.

Also, sorry it took me so long to get this one up. For some reason, this chapter did not want to be written. I'm mostly okay with how it turned out, but I finally decided I needed to get it up before people thought I'd left again.