Silver Tie

She made sure all the lights were off. Only the twinkling lights from the cityscape outside cast a faint, silvery glow inside her bedroom.

She walked quietly across the plush carpeted floor to lie on top of the bed. The newly laundered sheets felt cool and silky against the warm skin of her back. She was completely naked.

The fingers on her right hand snaked down slowly to dip into apex of her thighs. Her eyelids grew heavy, her mouth opened slightly.

Where the hell is he? What's taking him so long to arrive? What time is he –

She did not have the time to even complete the thought as she heard the latch of the door click open. A sliver of warm, yellow light entered from the hall, followed by the shadow of a tall, broad-shouldered man. Within seconds, the door closed in on the obtrusive light and the room was again shrouded in darkness.

She lay unmoving on the bed, watching his every move.

He was evidently familiar with the layout of the room. His actions were deft and unhurried, knowing she had her eyes fastened on him. He carelessly tossed his car keys on the desk as he stepped out of his shoes.

She noticed idly that he wore the silver tie she had bought him ages ago. He was now taking his time loosening it, staring unflinchingly back at her. He unbuttoned his shirt and eventually slipped off his trousers. His clothes were left wherever on the floor they fell.

He silently crossed the room to the bed. She felt its edge give as he slowly lowered his now naked body on top of her own. He was hard and rigid against her abdomen.

She looked up into his familiar tiger eyes and felt her heart stir.

"Hello Rob."

"Hello Kara." He smiled that slow, sexy smile, the one she always had a difficult time erasing from her memories.

She lifted her head slightly to whisper into his ear. "Fuck me," she commanded, her voice low and throaty. "Hard and fast, the way I like it."

He growled. She knew he liked it when she spoke dirty. "With pleasure."

Their mouths met in a hard, crushing kiss, their tongues dancing wildly together. His hand found what hers earlier did, and his finger thrust deep into her. She moaned against his lips as her own fingers tangled themselves in his hair.

"Now, now, now. Please."

He needed no further prodding. She was more than ready.

It was fast, mindless, rough. Loud, unashamed. It felt so good, so familiar, so right.

His body, now wrapped in a sheath of sweat, slowly slid off her and collapsed on the bed by her side.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she panted. Her eyes were closed but she was smiling. "That was so good. Too good."

He didn't answer immediately. She thought for a split second he had already fallen asleep. Her heart slowed down to a steady throb and her breathing quieted.

When he finally spoke, his tone was serious, slicing through the thick silence. "I'm still in love with you, do you realize that?"

The smile froze on her face, her eyes fluttered open. Say something – and say it quick!

She rolled over, rested her chin on his chest and reached in between his legs. Her smile turned saucy, decidedly ignoring the serious, unreadable expression on his face. "Put this inside me again."

"I know you heard me."

The smile instantly vanished from her face. She let go of his now semi-erect cock and quickly turned away, grabbing the edge of the bed covers and wrapping it around her now curled up body.


"Go away."

I woke up suddenly, my heart beating a fast, irregular rhythm in my chest.

Oh my God, oh my God. It was just a dream.

I didn't know if I was happy or sad that it was.

I can't believe I had another one about Rob Jose, after a long, long time! How long ago was the last one? Been like – what? – two years?

Just because you heard about his annulment doesn't mean you can dream this kind of dreams!

My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. My heart constricted painfully when I saw the handsome, smiling face on the photo on my bedside table. Jon Aurelio. My fiance.

But something else caught my eye sitting next to the framed photo. A long, shiny string on the desk. No, not a string, not really. It looked more like a – like a silver tie.

I suddenly realized I was still naked under the sheets.

It had not been just a dream.

I cried.

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