Because dying is worth living

I want to die.
I want to feel the blood seep between my fingers,
The knife between my heart.
I want to see the darkness,
The flashes before my eyes.
I want to fly away,
Gone are the days I need to get up.

I want a day with no today; yesterday or tomorrow.
I want the clock to stand still,
The hands frozen in place,
Signifying my end.

Because nothing feels right.
Everything's going to end up wrong.
Because I never care,
Everyone's going to try to prove me wrong.

I want to see the earth move with one less lonely person,
That way there's less negativity in the world.
More happier people.

And maybe it's the hormones,
Or maybe it's my constant thought of death.
But baby. No matter what,
The grace needs to die.