My fairy tale was supposed to go so differently… I was supposed to be kidnapped by an evil sorcerer! That's what I've been training for since I was old enough to talk! I was supposed to be saved by the handsome prince, fall in love and live happily ever after. I was not supposed to get kidnapped by a lunatic of a prince!

I should probably explain the situation. You see, I live in a place called Fairy. Not a very original name, I know, but there you have it. In Fairy there are dragons, witches and, of course, fairies. It is also a place of fairy tales, the kind that someone read to you as a child, like Repunzal or Sleeping Beauty.

In Fairy, everyone is given a fairytale of some sort. Mine, as you already heard, is to be kidnapped by the evil, wicked, ugly sorcerer and be rescued by the love of my life, a handsome prince.

Preferably brunette.

But as I was saying, everyone had a fairytale. Even if some were grander than others, everyone was part of one in one way or another; if it just so happens that being part of one meant you had to be a villain, you just lived with it!

From the day the fairy informed my parents of my fairytale I have been trained to be the perfect damsel in distress for my prince, and the brave victim for my kidnapper. I had perfected a pretty faint years ago. My lines were perfectly rehearsed. Everything was going as planned! I was only three weeks away from my kidnapping (on the night of the full moon on my eighteenth birthday. I had gotten a new night gown and everything!) When this stupid, lunatic, narcissistic prince decides to meddle! Instead of rescuing like any respectably prince, he kidnaps me! Idiot.