I thought I had mentally prepared myself for meeting the queen, but as I stepped into the large diamond encrusted throne room I found myself utterly at a loss for words.

The sheer size of the queen was enough to take my breath away, as she was at least twice the size of Savrun in both height and girth, but the colors of her scales were absolutely dazzling. Her entire body was encased in different shades of an almost shimmering red; the color around her eyes and neck a dark maroon while her legs and horns were the bright red color of blood on snow.

On the top of her head were two large curling horns that resembled a more delicate version of a ram's, and down the length of her back were large spikes that shifted with the rest of her body. She kept her large bat-like wings slicked down against her back to make more room in the large room, but judging from the size of her body, if she were to stretch her wings out it would have filled the wing easily. Which would have been extremely impressive since the room was at least three times the size of the throne room at my own kingdom.

She was absolutely beautiful, and absolutely intimidating.

I curtsied low before her to show my respect, wishing I was wearing a skirt so the movement didn't look so very, very awkward.

The queen let out a low contented sigh, her large body unfurling from her large couch of a throne. "Good evening, princess. It is a pleasure to finally meet you." Her voice reminded me of a cat for some reason, all velvety and smug. The sheer confidence of the creature practically dripped from her shimmering scales.

"The pleasure is mine," I said, glancing back at Savrun as he reverently backed out of the room with a nod towards the queen and closed the door behind him. "Though, I must say I would have appreciated a little more of a warning than… oh, I don't know, being snatched out of a forest to be brought here. A letter would have sufficed in getting my attention, Your Majesty."

At that, the queen laughed, the booming sound shaking the giant sapphire and diamond chandelier above us.

"Most people would think twice before addressing me in such a casual manner, princess." She leaned her large head down to look at my face more closely, her hot breath rushed over my body, and I was once again overwhelmed by the size of the queen. I would have fit inside her mouth with plenty of room to spare. "But hopefully you are not like other people."

I bet it took quite a few cows to keep her fed properly.

"I would have preferred to send some sort of warning to you, of course." The dragon queen purred. "That had actually been the plan before the prince had taken you out of your kingdom. Your gallivanting has made it extremely difficult to pin point your location to deliver a letter. However, what we have to discuss is far more important than the social niceties of sending a carefully constructed letter and besides, my methods are faster even if they do tend to step on a few toes."

Dragons, while known for their undeniable wisdom, are also extremely forward in their thinking. The social behaviors that I had been taught my entire life are completely lost on them and it was unbelievably refreshing.

The queen motioned me towards a large couch-like seating area (which was big enough to fit at least seven different humans on it, laying spread out without touching), and watched silently as I climbed my way up onto it as gracefully as I could.

I was beginning to see the benefits of pants, it would have been impossible to sit anywhere in this castle without climbing and skirts are not conducive to that sort of thing.

"Since it was important enough for you to kidnap me to discuss it," I began, sitting cross legged and facing the giant dragon. "Maybe you should start explaining things to me. Why beat around the bush?"

The queen smiled (which looked more like she was baring her razor sharp teeth at me, but I choose to believe otherwise) and settled back to begin.

"As you know, the staple to Fairy's ability to function as a society is the fact that every person is given a role to play in a fairy tale. Within days of being brought into this world, the person or creature is handed the script of their entire life, all they must do is follow it. Our world has been functioning in this way for so long that I doubt humans, or any other mortal creature, can even remember how it even began. You are aware of all this, obviously, as fairy tales have always been much more prominent in the world of aristocracy."

The dragon blinked slowly at me. "It is no great shock for anyone that royalty are also given the better roles in fairy tales. The weak princesses marry the brainwashed princes, and then they go on to have equally brainwashed children to continue these roles over and over again. The more powerful creatures, wizards, orcs, sorcerers, dragons," She hissed the word dragons with an agitated sweep of her tail. "are given the roles of villain, destined to be destroyed by the handsome prince or valiant knight who is almost unquestioningly assisted by their own personal fairy helper."

The queen paused to look at me questioningly. "Do you understand where I am going with this?

Honestly, I had no idea. I was insulted, being called weak and brainwashed can do that to a person, but I was still curious as to why she was telling me all this. So I shrugged noncommittally before I answered. "I'm quite sure, actually. I was told by another, very old creature, that the fairies were very important in keeping our world safe. I figure that the princes and knights having fairy helpers in their quests is just an extension of that."

"Yes, well…" The queen seemed disappointed by my lack of understanding, and waved a clawed hand as if dismissing me before she continued. "It is true that the fairies were extremely helpful, at one time, in defending the humans and other creatures from darkness. I do not like to think about what our world might have been if they had not stepped in so long ago." I really hoped that one day someone would actually explain that to me, in detail. "However, there comes a time when every ruling class must step back and make room for the next. But the fairies refuse to accept that fact, and are doing everything in their power to make sure that that switch never takes place. There is a reason why the most powerful of these creatures are given the roles of villain. They are threats to the very structure of our world, because they have the ability to turn it on its ear completely. If these powerful creatures were left alone long enough by the princes, the knights, the fairies," Again, the queen's lizard tongue flicked out in a hiss of anger. "They offer the possibility of becoming the new superpower of the land. They would have the power to overthrow the rule of the fairies."

"Wait." I interrupted, my hands coming up in a 'stop' motion. "what on earth do you mean, 'rule of the fairies'? Fairies don't rule over us, the just… guide us. Show use the paths that we are meant to take!" my mind turned to the ditzy fairy who had gotten my fairy tale wrong, all because she had gotten too drunk. "I honestly don't think they have the capabilities to be smart enough to pull something like that off." I shook my head. "And besides, why would we want those creatures to take over? They are, more often than not, power hungry beings who only use their gifts for personal gain. I have heard of very, very few instances in which they actually helped anyone else."

The queen snorted, smoke slivering out of her nostrils as she did so. "A naïve, aristocratic thought. Why are these creatures bad in the first place? Because they are given the roles to be villains from the day they are born. No creature, raised to believe they are bad and that one day they will be killed by some moron with a sword, would feel the need to help others. They want to figure out a way to stay alive! Villains are barely ever given the choice to become outcasts! They are persecuted from infancy, what else could you expect from them other than a selfish need for self-preservation?"

She had a point… Not that I was completely willing to admit that quite yet. I crossed my arms over my chest, but remained silent to allow her to continue her ranting.

She began waving her clawed hand at me again before she continued. "And to address your argument that fairies are not clever enough to pull off such a thing… Of course the fairies would not send their political members out to do the dirty work, telling the outside creatures what to do and handing out tedious role after role… they give those types of assignments to the idiots! The silliest creatures they can find! What kind of kingdom would ever believe a drunk, pink winged, giggling little snit could actually hold the control of the entire world in their hand?"

Point number two for the queen of dragons…

"No." She continued, rising from her chair to pace back and forth through the large throne room. "The ringleaders in all this are almost never seen, a bunch of cowards hiding within their own kingdoms, lavishing in the knowledge that they hold power over all other creatures and knowing that they will never be overthrown because they have manipulated every other creature into submission."

Her large head suddenly swung towards me suddenly. "What happens to the creatures that rebel against their destinies?"

My thoughts immediately turned to Wolfe, the bandit leader who had taken my first kiss. "They become outcasts from society, no longer under any type of protection from anyone… they tend to die off quickly if they don't find some sort of group to join and even then…"

Finally the queen nodded at me in approval. "Exactly. Any creature that rebels is shamed by their own kind, denied by their parents, and outcast by law. Anyone who wishes to go against their destiny," she sneered the word with contempt. "Is denied by everyone, and everything, that they know and love. No one has a choice princess, do you understand that?"

As I opened my mouth to respond, there was a loud boom that rattled the gem covered chandelier above us and shook the room so violently that I was nearly thrown to the floor.

"What on earth was that?" I demanded, clutching the cushions of the couch beneath me as another loud crashing noise could be heard from somewhere in the castle.

It sounded like it was coming closer.

"Ah" The queen smiled, tilting her head to the side to listen to the crashing noises that were coming closer, and closer to the throne room. She smiled her cat-like smile as the door slammed open, jewels sliding out of their sockets in the wall as the menacing figure stood in the doorway, hands glowing purple.

"It seems your sorcerer has arrived."

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