Chapter 1: Love letter

I stood there in the grassy field. The dying sun warmed and lighted my face. The afternoon breeze played with my chestnut locks. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling everything before me. When I opened my eyes I saw a figure of a man. His face was indiscernible, only his silhouette I could see and the bright sun on his back. He took steps and every second brought him closer to where I was standing.

Then a moment passed and he was in front of me. His face I could see clearly now. He had sun kissed dirty blonde hair that partially covered his forehead. His jade eyes were very inviting and seemed to sparkle in the afternoon rays. My gaze travelled to his pink lips. They were alluring.

My heart pounded because he was in front of me now.

"I—I" I stuttered didn't know where to begin.

He looked at me, waiting for me to finish.

"Nate I—" I began again.

I mentally berated myself for stuttering. I should just say it already.

"Nate, I like you!" I said almost too quickly.

There I said it. I didn't breathe after I uttered those words. I was too anxious on how he would respond. I stared at his face probing for answers.

His lips curved into a smile. The most captivating smile I have ever seen. I felt my heart thumped faster.

"Adie I like you too." He replied. The anxiety I felt disappeared and was replaced by flutters in my stomach. "But I think I liked you before you liked me." He finished.

At the moment, I've never felt so ecstatic in my whole life. I felt my lips form a smile. He moved closer to me closing the gap between us. I could smell his scent. He smelled like summer. His arms rested on my waist and he slowly pulled me in. Our faces were inches apart and I think our lips would touch almost any second.

A light object hit me which snapped me from my daydream. I looked at my desk and found a crumpled paper. Scanning the room to see who threw it, my gaze rested at the chair beside me. In the chair sat a blonde girl with grey eyes. She was clad in a plaid blue skirt, crisp white blouse and a red tie hung in her neck.

I looked at Liz with a questioning gaze.

What is so important that she had to interrupt my day dream? We were about to kiss.

"What?" I mouthed not letting the teacher her anything.

She pointed at the crumpled paper in my desk.

Following what she pointed, I took the ball of paper and began unfolding it. It said"

Stop daydreaming about Nate. Or you'll fail in calculus.


I crumpled the paper and clutched it in my palms. Then I turned towards Liz and stuck my tongue out.

The bell rang and I was glad. Our teacher mumbled something about homework which I didn't hear quite well. I stood from my seat and slung my backpack. Liz came over to where I was standing.

"You were daydreaming again." Liz said.

I flashed a frown at her. "Yeah, and you just ruined it."

Liz laughed and the corners of her eyes crinkled. "Was it Nate again?"

"Who else would it be?" I said and smiled at her.

"Seriously Adie I think you're obsessed with the guy."

"I'm not." I said defensively.

By now, a red head girl with long legs stood at Liz's side. She too was wearing the same garments as me and Liz. She was staring intently at her newly manicured nails.

"Jillian, don't you think that Adie is a bit too obsessed with Nate?" Liz asked and eyed the red head.

Jillian lifted her gaze from her nails to us. "I don't think so. Adie just likes Nate."

I gave a grin to Liz and she just sighed.

"What do you like about him anyway? He's a playboy." Liz said.

"He's cute, nice—" I was cut off by Jillian.

"Hot." She said emphasizing the word.

"He's smart, has an amazing smile-" I was cut off again.

"And hot." Jillian butted in again.

Liz looked exasperated and I just smiled.

"Come on let's get to our next class." Liz suggested.

Jillian and I followed her out of the room.

We walked in the hallway filled with students. To my left was Liz, the student body president, who was serious about education. To my right was Jillian, the cheerleader, who didn't run out of dates. We three were of very different temperaments; I find it strange how we became best friends.

"Pres, the budget is ready for next weeks program." A guy with curly brown hair said. It was Charlie, the student council treasurer.

"Thanks Charlie, I'll go over it later." Liz replied and we continued walking.

As we walked, almost everyone stared at my friend Jillian. It seemed that each guy we passed was checking Jillian out. This is normal.

At the end of the hallway, I could see Nate. He wore gray trousers, crisp white shirt with a red tie and a navy jacket. I couldn't stop staring at Nate. He was such a sight. I really hate our uniforms but when he wore it, it was almost appealing.

Jillian elbowed me in the ribs. It was our code when our crush was within our sight. I didn't look at her but continued staring at Nate.

When he was near us he said "Hey girls," and flashed a smile. It was that smile from my dream. "Hey Adie," I returned his smile too.

When Nate was nowhere in sight, it was only then that the three of us spoke.

"Seriously Adie, you look like a lovesick puppy dog." Liz commented. She had been always the frank one.

"You really can't blame her Liz, the guy is like a god." Jillian countered.

When I was new to South Crest High, I was a little lost. Nate helped me on my first day. Ever since then I had a crush on him. Later I learned that he was a playboy. He had dated lots of girls, changing his girlfriend every week. But even that didn't faze me. I still continued to like him.

I just kept quiet and kept thinking about Nate.

"Earth to Adrianne, are you there?" Jillian asked and waved in front of me.

I snapped out from my reverie.

"Uh- yeah. What did you say?" I asked not hearing what they previously said.

"I asked if you still plan on confessing your undying love to Nate." Liz said with a mocked tone.

My friends thought that I had been observing Nate for too long, so they told me that I should do something about it. Meaning, let him know that I liked him.

I looked sceptical and said "Yeah. Of course."

"Really?" Jillian asked in disbelief. "I thought you would've backed out by now."

"That's a bold move to do Adie," Liz said.

I just nodded at Liz.

"No offense Adie, but I didn't think you had it in you. I always thought you were too shy and modest." Jillian explained.

I smiled at her for what she said was true. "Yeah," I said and pulled out something from my bag. "Which is why I'm going to do it through a letter."

They both stared at the pink envelope with a red heart seal.

"That's a great idea." Jillian said with a glint in your eyes.

"Yeah," Liz chimed in. "So that when he rejects you, at least he wouldn't do it right away."

I shot a death glare at Liz.

"What? I'm only thinking of the possibilities." Liz defended.

"Anyway, I'm going to slip this in his locker." I said. "Jill, would you please find out what his locker number is?" I said and eyed Jillian.

"Sure Adie. Wait." Jillian fished out her phone from her bag and started typing.

Then her phone beeped and she wrote into a small piece of paper.

"Here, it's his locker number." Jillian said and handed me the piece of paper.

I eagerly accepted the paper and hugged Jillian.

"You're the best," I said.

It was last period and I had asked permission to go to the bathroom. It was only a few minutes till the classes were over. So I had to hurry and do this before anybody sees me.

I walked in the hallway as quietly as possible. My heart beat faster and it was almost deafening to my ears. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

I can do this.

Clutching the piece of paper that Jillian gave me earlier, I opened it.


I kept walking in the hallway taking note of the locker numbers.


I stared at the locker in front of me. It was indeed 191. I looked around making sure no one was watching me. When I was sure that no one was around, I slipped the pink envelope in his locker door and pushed it till it was not visible anymore.

Having accomplished my mission, I walked back happily to my class.

That night I tossed and turned at my bed. Sleep did not visit me. I kept thinking about how Nate would react. I was so nervous I could die.

Does he like me too?

Does he think that it's a stupid idea that I gave him a love letter?

Would her reject me?

Would he say yes?

Would he say no?

Oh God Adrianne please stop torturing yourself and get to sleep. I berated myself.

All will be well. I kept telling myself.

I awoke feeling tired due to the fact that I had little sleep. I showered and put on my uniform. Then I curled my long hair.

I should be pretty for Nate today.

I went down the stairs giddily, my heart beating faster.

"Honey, have some breakfast first." My mom said.

"No thanks mom, I'm going to be late." I called out and went to the garage.

I drove my red Honda to school.

I felt excited. No not really excited. More like anxious, nervous, and tense.

But even though I felt this way, I was still intent on finding out Nate's response. If he likes me too then great, if not then I'll just have to accept it and move on.

Well at least I told him.

I made my way to my locker; students were filing in the corridors. When I was near to my locker, I saw a guy leaning in front of it.

He wore the standard boys' uniform, only his tie was a dishevelled. His hair was black like the night sky and was styled in a messy fashion. And I could see his piercing blue eyes. He was tall and his skin was the colour of peaches and cream.

I noticed he was staring at me and his gaze was penetrating. A smirk played on his lips. On his hand was a familiar pink envelope.

Oh God.