stop wasting your hot air on me,
don't regurgitate the words I've already heard before,
a thousand times from a thousand people,

really, if it's change you're after,
you've got to allow disappointment,
all these new things you're trying
have only been sampled in your mind
what- about forty eight times before.

no matter what you say
the planet can't spin the opposite way,
nor can the sky get brighter,

you know, this all we got,
the same twenty four hours played over like
a stuck record, a broken cassette,
it dresses itself as a melancholy thought,
but it's the only way the soundtrack will ever play,

you can't hide from the truth,
that everything remains the same,
just because it reopens all those wounds,
you so carefully sewed up with time.

seeing the same faces on exact goddamn train,
there's no more to life than this.