Three Os in under five minutes, baby
And I'm writhing on my sheets
Playing dress up in my head
And trying to ignore the pictures

Deep men in front of my eyes
Curling their fingers around my throat
The one I choose today wears a mask
And I'm not myself

Bending me in two and
Screaming inside my head
Have to be silent
The pictures don't like the noise

Talking into my ear
Dark promises of what could never be
What I don't joke around with
And the pain

The pain is brilliant, baby
In my thighs, my stomach, my feet
My throat
Beating blood through my veins

You've always liked strangling, haven't you?
I've always liked you snarling
But you don't want to be viewed as an animal
I think?

You're my whatever, baby
I don't have words for you
I just have arousal
And that's always enough

You're a character
Taken off screen, stripped down, and stuck in my head
I didn't ever think of you as a real person
And now you've joined I. Lead (he's fucking real though. Never mess with that) in my collection

Men that I've taken in to use and lose
Love on before you die, babe
Or you might just find something you like here

Because I dreamed before you and I'll dream again
It's not you, or any of the previous ones, that I've wanted

It's the idea

The loss of control, of power
I'm at your mercy, trussed up in chains and feeling far too high for my own good

I'm loving every minute of it and I want you inside me
Come fuck me, love, I'll make it worth your while

Cause I ain't sick, mate
I just need something different

I'm at your mercy

So what the fuck you gonna do to make me feel good?

AN: I don't want to live in the past. I'll keep thinking about the future. I'll stay stuck. ...Least I know myself.