Illegal activities

The moonlight didn't reach the dark and empty street, but it was seldom, anyone but the rich could afford natural light. Tom leaned against the only working lamppost. His pale skin looked strange in the purple light. His grey eyes scanned the street for life. Where was Becky? He wondered.

"Tom, over here" a female voice yelled. Tom looked around for the source of the voice. He saw Becky's waving figure standing in an alley. Her dark skin was almost invisible in the dark, only her blue hair stuck out. "Come on, hurry up" she yelled.

Tom walked over to Becky. "What was it, you wanted me to see?" Tom asked. "You said, it was urgent, has something happened?"

"I guess, it wasn't so urgent, but you have to see, what Phil got, follow me" Becky said and dragged Tom with her through a maze of alleys and back-streets.

"This is, what you wanted me to see?" Tom asked. He and Becky stood in a broad and long alley. The houses surrounding the alley was over-painted with graffiti. Phil and some people, Tom didn't recognise, stood next to two big boxes.

"Hi Becky" Phil said and gave Becky a one-armed hug. "Hello Phil" Tom said.

"Hi Tom, you're here for the race? Are you going to drive or watch?" Phil asked. "Start unloading the boxes" he commanded. Phil opened one of the boxes. A girl with illegal piercings opened the. other. From the boxes they pulled two scooters.

"Um, sorry guys, but I'm a little too old to race on electric scooters, they can't drive more than 10 km/h" Tom said. The piercing girl and Becky grinned a little. "Who said, the scooters were electric?" Phil asked and smirked.

Tom stared at Phil. Was it possible? He thought. Did they drive on? "Yes, these babies drive on gasoline, and Scott has tuned them, so they can drive 130 km/h" Phil said smugly.

"How did you get gasoline?"┬┤Tom asked. Phil annoyed him, but the prospect of driving 130 km/h.

"I have my sources" the piercing girl said. At least that's something, Phil can't take credit for, Tom thought.

"Are you going to stand there and talk all day or what?" a tall guy with illegal tattoos on the arms said. While Tom was talking, a track had been established.

"We're ready?" Phil asked. The tall guy nodded. "Then let's burn some tires"

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