Randomness is GOOD .

When danger passes,

BoreDOOM comes

to take its place.

When boreDOOM goes,

Fear comes for a visit.

When fear left,

Anger begins to take root.

When anger less,

tireness seeps over.

When tireness goes away,

optimism shoots up.

When optimism lowers,

boreDOOM comes again.

So I punch the walls,

kick the textbooks,

smack the pillows,

bite the bedsheets,

pluck a cockcoach,

boil some ramens,

and sit down for a rest.

While I am eating ramens,

I see a bird fly across the sky.

I squint at the bird,

the bird squawks at me.

I pick up a rock,

the bird aims at me.

I yell, and I throw,

The bird dodges,

and poops all in my hair.

And I give up and go back to sleep.

BoreDOOM comes again.

Dum, Dum. Dee-Dum.