Chapter 3

Lia's POV:

I stifled a laugh as I caught Madi drooling over Jake Johnson. Sure the guy is hot but c'mon! I nudged her in the side and pointed out that she drooled. She flushed. Luckily, Jake didn't notice her drooling 'cause he already went inside. We got inside and sat on their couches.

Madi sat on the other one with Jake sitting beside her while I sat at the other one, texting Nik.

Oh, this is soo great! I'm attending a dinner with the devil. I texted her.

Soon enough, their came a reply. I think you're gonna have way more fun than me.

Why so? " Hey Lia!" A voice said. I literally dropped my phone before I can send Nik the message. I flushed.

"Uh, sorry to startle you." The handsome boy said.

"Matt!" I said while hugging the boy. "You're still so cute since the last time I saw you!" I ruffled his hair. He stuck his tongue at me.

"Hey! I'm cute too, y'know!" an annoying voice said, smirking.

"Shut up! Matt's way more cuter than you!" I snapped back, lightly pinching Matt's cheek.

Matt beamed at me while he glared at Christian.

Before someone might die here, Aunt Cecile (Mrs. Johnson) interrupted us, saying that it's already time for dinner.

We ignored her and continued on giving each other glares.

"Is something wrong?" Aunt Cecile asked us.

"Of course not, mom. Everything's just peachy." Christian replied, smirking at me.


Matt took and my hand led me to the dining room. My eyes literally popped when I saw that there's plenty of food on the table.

Chicken, Ham, Salami, Pork…..

You name it, they have it!

"Should I leave you and the food some time alone?" Christian said behind me.

I gave him the coldest glare that I could muster.

He chuckled, pointing at my mouth. Dang it! I wiped my mouth consciously and sure enough, there was a drool. I flushed while his mouth twitched. "Shut it." I whispered, nudging him on the side.

I went on to take a seat, planning on how I can kill Christian. Madi and Jake sat beside each other with Aunt Cecile on Jake's other side. I sat beside Matt. To my surprise, Christian sat beside me.

"I'm so sorry for not entertaining the two of you earlier. Dinner wasn't ready yet. My apologies." Aunt Cecile said, indicating me and Madi.

"Oh, don't worry, Aunt Cecile… It's not a problem." Madi politely said.

We all went to eating.

Hmm… What should I get? The steak? The chicken looks good too! Eggs? Ohh! The Salami looks good!

I thought as I pondered on what food I should get. I decided to settle for a steak.

"Jenelle! My, my! How you've grown!" Aunt Cecile gushed as I was midway in eating my steak. I placed the steak down and smiled politely. "You're even prettier since the last time I saw you!" she continued.

Aunt Cecile is so nice. How the hell did such a kind woman gave birth to the spawn of Satan?

I glanced at Matt and I swear I saw him blush. But why? I shrugged it off; he's still a kid anyway.

I continued on eating on my steak.

"So Jenelle, how's school? Any boyfriends yet?" Aunt Cecile said.

I choked on the steak that I was eating. Christian patted me on the back and made me drink some water.

Since when was he kind to me? Oh, maybe because his mom's watching!

'Oh, Jenelle. Sorry for bringing that up. You're still the same as always." Aunt Cecile chuckled.

"Pssh, same? Yeah, right…" Christian muttered. I kicked him under the table, causing him to wince in pain.

'What it's true!" he retorted.

"You jerk." I mumbled.

"What was that?" he answered back.

I pasted my sweet smile. "Oh nothing, you're big head will worry about."

"See mom! She changed!"

Aunt Cecile chuckled.

"You're so immature. And what makes you think that I've changed?" I challenged him.

"Uh, well. The Lia I knew was a crybaby!"

"Stupid! It was like when we were still kids! Well since you put it that way, the Christian I knew was the one who pees in his bed!"

Christian blushed like a bright tomato. "I do not!"

"Sure you don't." I said my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I don't."

"Who says anything about you doing it?"


"Really? I didn't say anything."

"Will you guys just freaking shut up!" Matt said. Aunt Cecile gave him a disapproving look. "Well, let's continue eating." She said. I gave Christian one last glare before turning back to my now-cold steak.


I glanced at the atmosphere in front of me. It looked so happy. Everyone talking, laughing and sometimes stealing each other's food. I think I saw this atmosphere before? I thought.


"HEYY! Stop stealing my steak, Alex!" I snapped.

Alex chuckled. "I'm not stealing it. I thought that you didn't want it since you didn't eat it after all." He said.

"I was gonna eat it but you stole it!"

"Hey, Alynn. Can you help me get my steak back?" I whispered to my twin sister. She hesitated but nodded.

"HEY! Alex! Lynn and Lia are planning how to get Lia's steak back!" my younger brother, Alec said.

"Good work, me matey." Alex said, grinning.

"That's it!" I said before tackling him.

"No fighting while eating! Alex give the steak back to Lia. Now all of you behave! Alycie can't eat if all of you are noisy." Father said.

I gave Alex one last glare and he chuckled. I sighed and went back to eating my steak.

~End of flashback~

"Ha-ha! I got it!" Christian said, which caused me to go back to reality.

My chest tightened. I couldn't speak. "Uh, Lia?" Christian said, nudging me.

A few tears started escaping from my eyes.

"Geez… I'm sorry, Lia. There's still plenty of steaks here." He said while eating the steak. Aunt Cecile shot him a warning look.

"What's wrong, Jenelle?" Aunt Cecile asked. I wiped the tears from my face but it's like it's the tears won't stop from flowing.

"Uh, Lia? What's wrong?" Matt said, his words lacing with concern. "I-uh, it's nothing. It's just…excuse me." I said, standing up and running towards the door.

Tears then flowed down from my face freely.

"Stop stealing my steak, Alex!"

I clutched my heart-shaped necklace. "I'm not stealing it! I thought you didn't want it since you didn't eat it after all."

I wiped my tears furiously, and went to my very safe place—our old tree house. "Hey Alynn. Can you help me get my steak back?"

"Stop!" I said, already on top of the old tree house. "HEY! Alex! Lynn and Lia are planning on how to get Lia's steak back!"

"No!" "Good work, me matey!"

"Please, no." "That's it!"

"Why is this happening to me!" I said, tears sliding down from my face. "No fighting while eating! Alex give the steak back to Lia. Now all of you behave! Alycie can't eat if you're so noisy!"

"No... Please stop..." I said, lying down while clutching my locket.


"Lia! Where are you?" Madi shouted while entering their home. "Lia!" she shouted again, waiting for a response. But, alas, no response came.

Damn it, Lia. Where are you?

"Lia!" Jake said, standing by my side. "Where could she be?" Jake asked. I shrugged. "I don't know if I should be telling you this." Madi said. "Tell me. I'm your best friend after all." He said. "Well, promise me you won't tell Lia or anybody else about this." She said, holding up her pinky. Jake smiled and laced his pinky with hers.

"Well, when we were still young, she always does these things. I already told you that she was separated with her family due to their family problems and that made her live with us, right?" she paused. Jake nodded.

"Whenever she dreams or remembers her family, she would cry and go in a daze. She does it for days and sometimes even weeks. Whenever she does that, she would run away and cry. The places she goes can be so random. The park, in her room, anywhere! After that, Mom got worried of her and made her attend counseling. After that, her dazes and cries were becoming seldom. Years went by and she never cries anymore. But I don't know what's happening now. This morning she was on a daze. But she snapped out of it when we came over for dinner so I thought that she'll just be alright. And now, look at now! It was so stupid of me! Lia's nowhere to be foun—found and it's all because of my fault!" she said, choking back tears.

"I'm sorry I never told you. Lia just doesn't want anyone to know." She said, tears sliding down her face.

"Oh come on now, Madi. It's alright. Don't cry. We'll find her soon." Jake said, soothing her.


Christian's POV:

"Lia! Where are you?" I said, frustrated.

Where the hell did she go?

"I'm sorry for stealing your steak." I muttered. I went to their house, hoping Jake and Madison has found Lia.

"Well? Where is she?" I said, coming in. Madi jumped and shook her head, her eyes swollen from crying.

"C'mon. Let's go back to my house and rest. We'll look for her." Jake said. Madi tried to protest but she decided against it and went with Jake.

I sighed and searched for her in their home. I searched the entire perimeter of the house but found nothing. I went to their backyard.

"Lia!" I said. I walked around and heard a faint noise. It sounded like someone crying. "Lia? Come on Lia!" I muttered. I followed the noise and it led right up to the old tree house.

I climbed up very slowly and carefully since the tree house was so old already that it might crack and break. I finally made it to the top.

"Lia! There you are! We've been looking everywhere for you!" I said, getting closer to her.

"Go away. I don't want to talk to anyone right now especially you." She said, softly.

I touched her shoulder but she pulled away. "C'mon, Lia. I'm sorry for stealing your steak."

She turned around and faced me. I can't believe that she had been crying! She still looked beautiful. WTH? What am I thinking?

"It's not that. Just uh- go away!" she said and stood up. I grabbed her wrist gently.

"C'mon. Tell me what's wrong."

She thought for a second but shook her head. "It's nothing."

"Well, if it's nothing, why are crying?"

"Just mind your own damn business, Johnson! I told you to go away!" she said, her eyes swollen and red from crying.

I whipped her around to face me and hugged her. "I'm sorry." I said, gently.

"It's…it's not your fault." She said her voice barely a whisper.

"It's… my family's." She said her voice almost inaudible.

Her family?

"What?" I said, straining to keep my face gentle. I glanced at her and saw that she fainted. I sighed.

How will we go down?

I can't just jump since it's too high and I can't go down and carry her at the same time. I thought.

*Crack* Oh no….

In one swift move, we fell down.


Despite my throbbing shoulder, I went to Lia to see if she had any injury. She had a few bruises but she was alright.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.


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