Day 4…


Casey's POV

I couldn't believe it. I ended up being friendly with him again! In my defense, it was the French hens yesterday that got to me. Henny-Penny was very dear to me as a child, and ever since then I've had a love for hens. It didn't help that the three French hens were just as cuddly as Henny-Penny was.

And Anthony's little sister Lucy, don't get me started. She's adorable! Especially the way she says Anthony as, 'Antsony'. We're practically best friends now.

Yesterday was definitely fun despite the fact that I was supposed to not have fun. We did this, played that, talked about whatever. Lucy even got me to read her two princess stories, which is something I refused to do the day before.

I've decided though, that for now I'm not going to try to dislike him, I'm just going to go with the flow, let what happen, happen.

Before you start getting excited, no, I still don't like him in that way, and no, I don't intend to, ever.

It's just that, since I have to see him for another nine days anyway, I may as well let some days pass by happily. Especially since, with my lacking in friends, it'll be one of the only times before I start university that I'll get to be around people my age. Otherwise it will just be me and my books, and even I have to admit that reading books day in and day out can get a little boring after a while.

Three or four days won't hurt I've decided. Three or four days of enjoying myself, then I'll somehow find a way to avoid him or something.

I know you might be wondering why I'm going through all this trouble, why shouldn't I just give in and be his girlfriend?

Well, my dear friends, I don't think he deserves it. Do I even need to add that I don't even like him? Well, in that way anyway, I have to admit that he might now be classified as my friend. Only a little. A tiny tiny bit. Not that I'll tell him that, it'll only encourage him.

See what I mean though? Not only does he not deserve it, he needs someone like me to bring him down a notch. The worst part is that he doesn't even like me in that way. He's only interested in me because I'm that one girl that got away, that didn't fall to his charm, the only girl who had ever rejected him.

Makes me feel great I suppose, the only guy who has ever asked me out, didn't even mean it. Well, I have been asked out by others guys I suppose, but none of them lasted more than a week, so it doesn't really count. I think I scared them off, which makes me feel even greater. Did you catch the sarcasm there?

I'm glad they only lasted a week actually. I don't want to be in a relationship that isn't real, (despite the fact that I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with Anthony at all), a relationship that wasn't genuine or involved mutual feelings, because I would probably be tricked into feeling that it was real, only to end up being miserable once he realizes himself that he doesn't actually like me.

And the fact that that we're talking about Anthony Jansen, only increases the possibility of that never happening.

Anthony Jansen is a selfish, arrogant, using, attention seeking idiot, who has broken plenty of hearts before. I don't want to have my name included on that list.

I consider myself different to those girls, for one, I don't like Anthony Jansen like that and I never will.

Why is it starting to sound like I keep repeating myself?

I will never fall for Anthony Jansen! It's the truth, a solid fact, and no one, especially him, will be able to change my mind. I can be very stubborn and strong-willed sometimes. This is counted as one of those times.

Glad we cleared that up.

So, yes, yesterday was fun. Today, I'm meeting with Anthony's friends for lunch, and then we're going to play some basketball. I've never really met his friends before. I only know them through the times when Anthony asks me out in front of an audience. Romantic isn't, when guys ask you out with their friends and practically the whole school being spectators?

If you're starting to get sick of my sarcasm, then too bad, you'll have to get over it. I've been using it too long to change now.

There are four of his friends in total, though if they're anything like Anthony, with the size of their heads they might be able to pass for seven people.

There's Tony, Peter, Jeffery and Samuel. At least that's what I think their names are.

From what I so far know of them, Samuel is the only one I like. It goes to show when we first see them all at McDonalds, this is what the others were talking about…

"Jeffery, if you keep giving every girl that walks in here that smirk, people will start thinking that you're easy. I mean, what am I talking about? You are easy, never mind." That was Tony. At least I think it's Tony, he's one of the ones with the brown hair.

Jeffery, blondie, gives Tony the finger in reply, while Peter, the slow one of the bunch, comments, "You know, I've never understood why it's called giving someone the bird. It's a finger, not a bird. Birds chirp, fingers don't, so why is it called the bird?"

Told you he wasn't the smartest.

Tony may not be the slowest, but I've figured he must be the stupidest, because he answers, "Yours doesn't chirp? Mine does, can't you hear it?" And he starts making bird chirping noises, which starts a big hassle of who can make the most realistic bird sound.

This is how we find them, three squawking idiots, and Samuel just staring out the window, patiently waiting for the others to grow up. I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon.

I look at Anthony in disbelief, whispering, "You're kidding me, you're making me play basketball up against birds? Birds, that don't even sound like birds?"

"They're really not that bad, you just need to get to know them a bit more," he tries to reason with me. "It is time I give them a new nickname though." More nicknames? You're kidding. "Birds," he says in thought, "Talking birds. Tweeting birds. Chirping birds. Greedy birds. Hungry seagulls?" Then, seeing Tony stop chirping to answer his phone he concludes, "Calling birds. What do you think? The four calling birds?"

"Ah, I like it I guess, sounds a little too pleasant for them, but the four calling birds it is. What's with you and nicknames?"

He thinks my question through before replying with, "I have no idea. It just brings something new to the day I suppose princess."

"Makes sense I suppose, you weird-nickname-caller," I say, trying my best to think up a good name.

"Weird nickname caller? Maybe you should leave the nicknaming to me."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," I agree with a smile.

Once we've been giving our food, we seat ourselves down next to the four calling birds.

"Whoa, Anthony man," Tony starts, "Am I just seeing things or is Casey Holloway currently sitting next to you?"

"No, I'm seeing it too brother," Jeffery joins in, "He must have got her brainwashed. There is no way he could get the one girl that he's been wanting for the past few years. That would be just plain unfair."

"Okay guys enough. Give me some credit, I know I can get Casey to realise how much she's in love with me."

"You mean she hasn't yet?" Samuel asks, proving that he isn't entirely mute. "What's she doing her then?"

Anthony goes to answer, but I get there first. "'She's struck a deal with him and now is forced to see him everyday for another nine days." I face Anthony, "And I won't ever be realizing how much I'm in love with you, because there is no love to realize."

"Owww, Anthony, you just got told. Looks like she's going to be a tough one to crack."

"So, introductions," Anthony starts, ignoring Tony's last comment. "Casey, this is Eggman," indicating Tony, "Knuckles," Peter, "Tails," Jeffery, "and Shadow," Sam, "Also known as the four calling birds."

All four of them roll there eyes. "He likes his nicknames, this one. I'm Samuel, that's Tony, Jeffery, and Pete." Pete, Peter, same thing. "Nice to meet you."

I nod indicating that I got it all, then facing Anthony I question, "If their Tails, Eggman, and Knuckles, does that make you Sonic?"

"Yes, didn't you notice? I'm the one who's the best looking, and the one that saves everyone's butts."

"Nope, didn't notice a thing."

Reminding myself to keep an open mind to the four calling birds not being complete bird idiots, I start up a conversation, feeling pretty proud of myself that I'm taking the initiative, "Pete, have you ever heard that not so funny joke about two birds on a wall? The nickname 'calling birds' made me remember."

Before he can answer, Jeffery turns to Anthony asking, "Yeah, what happened to being the four Greedy guts?"

"Or the four Cake munchers?"

"Four Molesting monkeys?"

"Four Wannabe cool dudes?"

"Four Failures?"

"Three and a half Time bombs?"

"Four… actually, I've forgotten the rest."

Anthony only smiles, "You forgot the four Wimpson Wits. I got it off a movie my cousin was watching. Only they said two."

"Is there a reason behind the nicknames?" This time it's me talking. "I mean, seriously, Molesting monkeys?"

They burst out laughing as a whole. "You don't even want to know."

"I'll take your word for it. So, anyway, Pete, have you heard the joke or not?

"Ah, no," he answers, wiping the invisible tears of laughter off his face away.

"Well," I start in my story telling voice. "Two dickybirds, or in this case, two calling birds, sitting on a wall, one named Pete, the other named repete. Pete flew away, who was left?"

"Ah, repeat?" Is his clever and correct answer, only that's not apart of the joke.

"Well, two dickybirds, or in this case, two calling birds, sitting on a wall, one named Pete, the other named repeat. Pete flew away, who was left?"


"Well, two dickybirds, or in this case…" I don't want to bare you with the details of how long it took for Pete to get it. It took a long time. I guess there's a positive in having a really slow friend. By the fifth time, the other three were already pissing themselves laughing at their friend.

I soon find that as Anthony explained, they weren't as bad once you got to know them better.

Pete's slowness ended up being one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen.

Jeffery was the womanizer of the bunch. Apparently his nickname of Tails was because we couldn't keep his 'tail' in his pants. Yeah, I thought I didn't really need to hear that either.

Samuel, was the quieter one, but fit right in with the others because he laughed just as hard at the same random things.

Tony, I still had some thoughts about. His weak attempt at humour was sometimes awful to listen to, and he was the one who always had the lame comebacks, like, "That's what she said", "Your mum's [insert whatever the last noun/adjective was in the last sentence]", and "That's what I was told last night". It got on my nerves after about the second time he used them. We were now past maybe the fifteenth time.

I was quite surprised as to how Anthony acted the same around his friends as he did around me, though without the "Told you I was the one for you Princess". Actually, no, he still said that.

I expected him to put down his charming façade, that I knew he used around girls to win them over, well, it's the façade he used on me, not sure about the others. I thought he would just be 'him' around his mates. It didn't happen though.

My best guess is that since I'm around he's still hiding behind it, only his friends haven't picked it up. Either that or he's usually this friendly and good-naturedly teasing, which is impossible. It must be the former of the two. I never knew that his friends could be that thick though, not to notice him change in personality. With Tony and Jeffery it's definitely possible, and Pete would probably realise it tomorrow, but Samuel I would expect to pick it up straight away. You got this feeling that during his silence he would be watching and analyzing your every moment.

Unless maybe Anthony told them beforehand; that would make sense, it would also be very sad. That man needs to get a better life. Or boy not man; using façades is a childish thing to do.

When it came time to play basketball, let's just say I sucked. I barely new the game to begin with and even when they went really easy on me I would still be at least ten steps behind them. They did grant me my five goals though, for which I was grateful. Anthony had to hold me right up to the hoop for me to actually get the goal, but we'll skip over that fact.

It turned out being a fair game amazing. Pete, like me, lacked coordination, and he was a little bit on the bulky side of things as well and had trouble keeping up with the other guys.

When I said I sucked, I meant it. I missed the ball, I threw the ball backwards, I hit someone in the head (I felt terrible, apologizing several times), and then to end the miserable game I was attempting, and failing, to play, I tripped on my own two left feet, grazing my knee pretty bad. Which is when I called it quits.

I can't say playing with the four calling birds and other wasn't fun, because it was. They made it more laughter than actual sport, but the next time someone asks me to play basketball, I think I'll have to fake sick. Or you know, just say no, but where's the fun in that?

Dragging my poor leg off the court, I sit down and do the one thing I'm useful for around here, I watch.

Only, to my surprise, it only took Anthony about five seconds to notice that I was missing, which was pretty extreme because we were on completely different sides of the court.

You would think that the only way to actually succeed at playing basketball would be to focus absolutely all of your energy into the game, but here Anthony was, heading over to me, the look of complete concern on his face.

Maybe he's just more pro then I originally thought at basketball, it mustn't have been all talk and no truth after all. How else would he know I was offside?

"Princess, you okay?"

"Well, you know me, not exactly a professional on court."

"Go on then, show me your injuries." After showing him my knee he adds, "Hmm, I think you might be right. Better stick to the throne Princess, where you let the servants to tend to your needs."

"Are you one of my servants?" I grin cheekily, "I could do with some chocolate right now."

"No, I'm the prince remember?" He grinned cheekily. "Although, tending to your every need could be fun. Chocolate will come tomorrow, promise."

"Pinky promise?" I hold out my pinky finger to him, smiling. The smile felt completely genuine, it felt good to be able to smile like this. I should do it more often.

He smiles back, and agreeing to the kiddy promise I've made, he links his pinky in mine. Staring straight into my eyes, he says softly, "Pinky promise Princess."

It was kind of awkward. You know that thing they talk about in the movies of feeling the connection, and having a moment? Yeah, well, it was like that, only it wasn't, because we don't like each other, as I've explained. One thing I can't explain is what it was like, simply because it didn't happen, but at the same time it did.

Understand? I don't either.

Of course, he hasn't realized that he doesn't like me yet, so before he does anything drastic, like lean in to kiss me, I start speaking, "Okay servant, just to let you know, I prefer white chocolate."

Snapped out of his little, whatever that was, not looking disappointed of course, he has no reason to after all, he says, "Right, well, um, it will happen, don't you worry Princess. Ah, what do you want to do tomorrow? I've haven't got anything planned."

Thinking fast, I say the first thing that comes to mind, "Can we go to the park? I haven't been on the swings in ages. Then if we get bored, we can go back to your place and play board games or something. Sound good?" It came out a bit rushed, but I don't think he noticed.

"Sounds perfect. Okay, let's get you home then, I think that graze of yours needs a band-aid. That or if you'll allow me to kiss it better?"

"Not going to happen." I say quickly, allowing his words to send a shiver down my back. What's happening? He was joking, at least I hope so. It was only a kiss it better kiss anyway.

Not being able to come up with a realistic answer, I push the thoughts aside.

Saying goodbye to the four calling bird, we headed home.

It was a very awkward ride home, mainly because of me. I didn't respond to any of his attempts at conversation. Actually, the only thing I said to him at all was, "Goodbye."

So, once I got home and Anthony had driven off looking extremely confused, I started thinking…

Overall, the day was great, as I've said, a lot. I got along really well with the four calling birds, although Tony had his moments. Basketball, despite sucking at it, I'm still glad I gave it a go, it was fun.

That awkward moment and onwards however, wasn't good. Or the comment about him kissing my knee better, that wasn't good either. I reckon he was being serious.

Well of course he was being serious, he was Anthony Jansen!

It wasn't great. Worst part was that at his words deep, deep inside of me, I got excited. We're talking deep, deep inside. I didn't actually figure out what it was until the car ride home.

I was confused, as well as visibly upset. This wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to take one of his stupid comments into consideration, if it can even be called a comment. It was nothing! I'm not supposed to analyze over anything Anthony Jansen says, especially something as puny as, "That or if you'll allow me to kiss it better?"

Second worst part was that he sounded genuine; no wonder he had girls falling at his feet when he sounded like everything he says he means.

This called for immediate action. Tomorrow, I will avoid him. Well, I'll fail at that, so I guess I won't talk to him much. That I won't fail at. Stubborn, strong-willed girl remember?

Then the day after that I'll disappear. Not run away or anything, well, maybe I'll run away from him. I'll just not be at home when it's time to pick me up.

Yes, we'll see how that goes. As for now, I need a nice long bath.

This is exactly what I did.


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