Chapter One

"Checkmate" Adam says with that smug smile, that makes you want to break his nose. I don't say anything, my face is expressionless, but my brown eyes are cold. On the inside I'm raging and killing Adam in all possible ways.

"It was a good game" I say as the polite loser, I am.

"So what's the score now, or should I say, how many times have you lost?" Adam asks. He's holding a black notepad in his pale hand. He turns a page. "Adam, 158 wins, Gemma, 36" he reads out loud.

I don't say anything, I know, what's coming, it's like a ritual. In a minute he's going to say 'Why am I even playing with you Gemma?'.

"Why am I even playing with you Gemma?" Adam says. See I told you so. "I mean, I could clearly use more challenge" Adam says. That's not new Adam, a little originality please. "The truth is, I'm doing it to help you" I've heard this a thousand times. "I want you to get better, and what's better than to play with a great player like myself"

Usually I just go along with it, nod and smile, then I go home and call my best enemy Chloe and take my anger out on her. But not today, today I feel slightly suicidal, you have to be suicidal to argue with Adam. Therefore I say "No"

"No what? What do you mean?" Adam asks. His blue eyes give me a confused look.

"I don't think, you're playing with me to help me get better at chess" I say. This is going to be fun, I think and rub my brown palms against each other.

"What other reason are there?" Adam asks.

"Um, what about your ego?" I ask giving Adam my best confidence look. He doesn't answer, so I just continue. "I think, you need me. I think, you're insecure and hates losing. I think, you need to do something, where you're sure of success" Take that Adam.

"Listen Gemma, I'm sure, this all made sense in your delusional little girl brain, but it is not the truth. I am not insecure, I can take a defeat, and I certainly don't need you" Adam says while shaking his head. He talks to me, like I'm a little girl.

"Now you just listen, you dick, you have no right to say those things about me and talk to me, like I don't know, what two plus two is!" I yell.

"Your pathetic excuse of an insult isn't hurting me Gemma" Adam says like the annoying smartass, he is.

"Do you really want to know, what I think of you?" I yell.

"Yes, please tell me, I think, it will be quite interesting" Adam says.

"I think, you suck. You're annoying and overconfident, and you don't give a damn on other peoples feelings!" I yell.

"I think, you're stupid for thinking, you're hot, when all you have is some greasy hair, that hasn't been blonde for years, and some dull grey eyes!" I yell.

"I think, you're naive for thinking, we like you or are impressed by you, when we all trash you and gossip about you, when you're not around. And no, we're not jealous off you, we think, you're going to end up as a fat pathetic loser!" I yell.

"Oh" Adam just says and runs off. I don't know were, he went. I put the chess pieces back in their box. I fold the chessboard together and place the board and the box on a shelf. I place the chairs on the table and pick up my bag. I go home.

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