She feels him like a shadow,

Looming overhead.

She hears him like the monster,

She knows is under the bed.

She screams inside her head,

As his hand runs down her spine.

"Slowly you'll belong to me," he says.

She screams, "You're no friend of mine!"

He's under her skin like a virus,

He laughs at her demise.

She seeks shelter from his voice,

Covers her ears to his lies.

"Give it up, girl." he tells her now.

"You'll never win against me.

I always come out on top,

After all these years, can you see?

See how helpless you are now?

See how far you'll fall?"

She shakes and screams because she knows against him,

She can truly do nothing at all.

NOTE: I'm on a roll, and not about to stop lol.