This is pretty much a BS story I wrote for class today :/

Kali the Unicorn

Across the skies, past the stars, and right next door to the nine planets (and apparently one dwarf planet which is ridiculous) is a very pretty aqua and pink, purple and blue planet called Haribo. Now, this very girly planet has a wide variety of plants and animals but, like humans, there is a race that has deemed themselves the "dominant" species. They are called, as humans down on earth know them as, unicorns. Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes and all different colors. However, one distinct feature that is present in all unicorns is, of course, the horn.

Now, imagine a unicorn without a horn. What is it called? That's right, a horse. That is all it is, a horse. Without a horn on their forehead, unicorns don't have the magical powers they are supposed to have. Why am I telling you this? It is because there is only one "unicorn" in existence to not have a horn. Her name was Kali and she became the most widely known "unicorn" on Haribo. The next couple of paragraphs will tell the story of Kali because it's not very long.

One day Kali went on a walk down the Path of Wonders so she could think about things. What else would she be thinking about besides her missing horn? This made her very upset. Once she got to the end she was feeling a lot better about herself and was very happy because she somehow came up with the thought that this made her special in some way. But, out of no where, a mystical Rainicorn came down from the heavens in all of its rainbow glory. The rainicorn asked Kali why she was upset earlier.

"Oh mystical Rainicorn, I beg of you to grant my wish and give me a horn like everyone else!" Kali begged the colorful beast.

"But Kali, wouldn't you rather be special other than to conform to what everyone else is?" The rainicorn asked in her sweet voice.

"No. I don't want to be a horse." Kali said in quite a monotonous voice.

The rainicorn thought about it for a while, "What's a horse?"

"I don't know but that's what the narrator said I was." Kali stated.

The rainicorn nodded blankly and accepted that answer even though she had no idea what Kali was talking about.

"All right, I shall give you what you desire." The rainicorn started chanting in a mysterious language. Then, all of the sudden, Kali sprouted a beautiful shiny horn. She whinnied happily and flew off into the sunset living happily ever after.