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The Unspoken Truth

Vyvienne was over fighting with her fiancé David. If he wanted her to show that she supported him then she would. He had asked her to meet with a new client of his seeing that he was out of the country on business so she was going to meet with his damn client. They had argued about him hiring a partner since his job required him to be in two places at once several times within the past few months but he didn't listen to her and she knew why. David wanted her to be his partner. He wanted Vyvienne to drop her dream of becoming a lawyer to work for him.

Vyvienne was an upcoming lawyer and even though David had paid for her to go to school she just realized it was his way of pretending to support her dreams but with the intentions of having her join in his business. It didn't matter that she knew a lot about what he did as a contractor. Vyvienne needed to become the best lawyer around for three reasons.

1] To prove to her mother that life didn't end once you became a young mother.

2] To show David that even though he had supported her financially throughout her adult life that she didn't want to depend on him for the rest of her life.

3] To prove to herself that not everything she believed in was a lie.

Vyvienne believed her parents; Abby and Shane would do anything for her. That slapped her in the face when she got pregnant and didn't want to follow her mother's rules. Abby had given her the ultimatum to either do what she said or leave. Vyvienne left. Her mother had been too demanding and her father refused to say anything about it. She also once believed in love. But that evaporated when she found herself pregnant and alone since her phone calls were being ignored by the father of her child. Her final belief was something she had since she was a child. She wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a lawyer. Now even that was hanging by a thread by someone she trusted. Why was it that the people she cared about played with her life as if it mattered more to them than her?

As for now she would do what he needed to calm the tension between her and David again but then they would have to talk about it. She was not going to marry him if he couldn't accept that she wanted to do something for herself. If all her loved ones were destined to disappoint her then he would just be joining the line.

"Sorry I'm late," a very familiar voice interrupted her thoughts. "I got lost on the way here because….," his words stopped when he saw her. She looked back and saw one of the restaurant staff walking away. Obviously the person who showed him to the table and not someone who can make this night easier by also joining them. So that meant that he was alone. Out of all the people in the universe, she was stuck with HIM.

HIM = Blake Morienne.

Blake Morienne = Kendal Blackwood's father.

Kendal Blackwood = Vyvienne Blackwood's daughter.

"Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to sit down some time in the near future?" she decided this was a job so she had to be professional about this. No matter how much it tempted her to pick up a fork and use it to make contact with him in a painful way she needed to be civil. Her emotions should not be involved in her job. That was one of the rules of becoming successful. She would take her anger out on David instead.

He was the only person currently in her life who knew the name of Kendal's biological father and he had gone out of his way to do this to her. It couldn't have been anyone else because her parents didn't like Blake and his parents didn't like her. Also Kendal had one feature like her father but it was nothing good enough for anyone to guess who he was. If someone did ask she would just say it was a feature Kendal got from her mother.

For the past few weeks David had been hinting that it was time for Kendal's father to pick up the slack. Vyvienne had argued with him since she wanted her daughter to have nothing to do with that man but David just kept pushing so she just said okay to dismiss the topic. He should have known that she didn't mean it. David had just restarted a war she had ended years ago between the Moriennes' and the Backwoods' and he didn't even know it.

"It's nice to see you again Vyv," Blake sat down trying to make himself comfortable. Then it happened. Lightning struck, thunder roared, hell opened and the titanic refloated. The bastard smiled. If leaving a girl with your baby was a joke then Vyvienne did not get the punch line.

"It's Vyvienne," she pulled the menu to distract her hands and her mind. She had ordered a glass of wine as a starter when he wasn't here but she needed to order a bottle of scotch or else she would do something she would regret. Not the actual doing it, but what jail she might end up in if she did go through with it.

He was quiet for some time but it wasn't enough for her to forget that it was him sitting across from her. So Vyvienne chose to silently pick out a casket that would match the color of his eyes. Then she realized no one would see his eyes after she killed him so a grey casket was out of the question. A black one would be better since that was the color of his heart. They wouldn't see his heart either but she could use the fork to make a hole in his chest so that she could ensure that the black casket was the right color she was considering.

"Vyvienne I'm sorry," his breath hit the hot coals beneath the pot in which her anger towards him sat dormant for the past eight or so years. The coals were fanned to life.

"For what?" she breathed refusing to look at him. She needed to keep this professional.

"For not saying goodbye that day I left. I tried but…" his voice trailed off causing her to look up.

"But what?" Vyvienne was confused. Why did he think she cared about him saying goodbye?

"So many things were happening and when I tried calling...you weren't answering your phone."

"I never cared that you left without saying goodbye Blake."

The waiter came back to deliver her glass of wine (thank heavens) and take their orders. He looked at her in shock when she ordered an entire bottle of scotch. When he was finished writing everything down and walked away Blake chose to talk again.

"So then why are you still angry with me?"

"Honestly Blake you weren't this talkative when we dated. Did we date? Or was it just sex that one time?"

"Vyv you know how I felt about you. How could you even question that?"

"I swear if you call me Vyv one more time I will make you regret it."

"My feelings for you were genuine."

"Why do you care so much about what I think you felt for me eight years ago anyway?"

"Vyv I have always-"

"It's Vyvienne!" she said through clenched teeth and glared at him to add effect. He wasn't allowed to call her that anymore. No one was. It brought up too many memories. It hurt.

"I have always cared about you and you know that."

"When are we going to start talking about business? I am tired of hearing you talking about something that really isn't making any sense to me at all."

"Business?" his confused expression occupied his face.

"Yes business. You know that thing you and David were planning on getting into?"

"David? David…..who?"

If he didn't know who David was then that would mean one thing. Carbrey Morienne. There was no way David could convince Blake to come here and not reveal who he was. Blake didn't work that way.

"Why are you here Blake?"

"A friend of mine was supposed to be setting me up on a blind date-"

"Does that friend have a name? Because in order for me to commit murder that would be helpful," she drank down all her wine in one go. "I can't go and kill the wrong person right?"

"Willing to spend the rest of your life in jail because someone set us up on a date?"

"I was told to be here for business."

"By whom?" he knew she wouldn't tell him so he continued talking. "A few years ago you would have done anything for us to be like this in public."

"Pssht. Don't flatter yourself."

"What happened between eight years ago and now that make you feel this way about me?"

"It's been eight years Blake. That's exactly what happened."

"Vyv-" she glared. "Vyvienne you've moved on. You have a family. I wasn't here. What's the problem?"

"One word Morienne. Kendal."

"Is that supposed to make things clear? Who the hell is Kendal?"

Vyvienne looked at him until he became nothing but a blur and a tear rolled down each cheek. Did he really just ask her that?

"Please excuse me," she took off towards the ladies room. If he didn't know David, then fine. Blake could forget her name for all she cared. But to not know your daughter's name was a sin of the highest. He was an even bigger bastard than she thought. She needed to pull herself together and leave before things got worse than it already was. Vyvienne had stopped crying that day in the hospital when she accepted he was not coming to see their daughter. Not even during arguments with David she had shed a tear and that had bothered him. Ten minutes with Blake and she was crying already. It was confusing how one guy could have so much control over her emotions and no one else could even make her wink.

The women who were in there the instant she entered chose to walk out as soon as they saw her entering in tears. Vyvienne leaned against the wall of the washroom and started taking deep breaths. Was this some sort of bad dream? Kendal already didn't have grandparents. Why did he feel being an ignorant ass was going to make her feel sorry for him?

"Vyvienne," his voice got to her the same time his thumb brushed the tears from a cheek. She didn't hear him come in. What was he doing in here and why was he touching her? She opened her eyes meeting Blake's face inches from hers. His gray eyes showing he wanted to make things right between them. Did she want him in her daughter's life?

"Please move," she used to like looking into his eyes. She would try to guess what he was thinking. A silly game they played just before she made the stupid decision that changed her life eight years ago.

"No," he leaned his forehead on hers and closed his eyes. "Tell me how to fix this Vyv."

"Let's just have dinner and call it a night," she pushed him away gently and went to the sink. Blake left knowing he shouldn't be in there.

She was sure her face was a mess. Luckily she had gone for a more natural look and had just used minimal make up. It took her about twelve minutes to build the courage to leave the ladies room. By then dinner had arrived and Blake refused to look at her. Vyvienne picked at her food but did the opposite with the scotch.

Blake only observed. Vyvienne could hold her liquor for a girl who never used to drink but he knew what she was trying to do and he wouldn't stop her. It took a while for the alcohol to take it's course. What did he do that was so bad? Who the hell was David or Kendal and why did Carbrey do this to him knowing it would upset her? After deciding they could leave without causing a scene he called for the cheque. Blake paid as she tried to keep herself awake. With the waiter's help he got her outside where her car was waiting. He had already told his driver to not return for him as he planned to drive her home before doing the same for himself. Her car would be returned tomorrow.

Since Carbrey had set this up Blake knew his brother should be able to supply an address for her. Unfortunately his brother was not answering his phone, knowing that Blake had a few choice words to tell him as well. Blake dug through her purse and got out her driver's license knowing her address should be there.

The twenty minute drive took him ten minutes. As he pulled up in her front yard a female neighbor came over holding a little girl who was asleep.

"Is Ms. Blackwood going to be okay?" she asked as soon as he got out of the car. Wasn't she supposed to question who he was and why was she driving her neighbor's car?

"Yeah. She just had too much to drink," he thought about Vyvienne's condition and knew he couldn't leave her with her daughter. He knew she had a daughter because he had seen her with her husband and their daughter several times on his way from work when he moved back here some years ago. He never tried contacting her because it had hurt seeing her happy with some other guy. Where the hell was he anyway? It didn't matter. The neighbor could keep her for the night.

"How much for you to keep her daughter for the night? I'll double it."

"I can't. I have a flight to catch early tomorrow morning. And i am already losing sleep because I was only supposed to be keeping her until ten."

"Is there anyone else-" she shook her head before he could finish. "How can I reach her husband?"

"Her fiancé is out of town as usual."

Blake sighed. He had no choice but to take Vyvienne and her daughter home with him. Hopefully the devil he lived with was asleep. If Vanessa wasn't then he would have to occupy a guestroom also. Carbrey had a lot of explaining to do for putting him in this position. That and he needed to know why his Vyvienne hated him to the point where she preferred to drink herself to death than talk to him.

Blake knew Carbrey. He only did things to get reactions from people. And Blake was really going to react whenever he saw him. If he didn't visit then he would go look for him. Simple as that. He never expected Vyvienne to wait for him to get back but at the very same time he thought he left on good terms. Taking the little girl from the neighbor, Blake placed her in the car. He didn't look at her because to him she was supposed to be his daughter. They were supposed to grow old together. Not be whatever this was.

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