The Philosophy of a Pessimist

If we are to take a pessimistic worldview, I would say that war is indeed the norm and peace is the anomaly. What with the nature since life was born, competition permeates the earth. The temporary time of peaceful photosynthesis ended with the advent of predation. The cold, cruel world with all of its agonizing tortures, whether biotic or abiotic have shaped life in its own image. And this does not escape us. The dominance of anarchy and amorality in the primitive world has shaped our mentality to this day. Kill or be killed, no truer words have ever been uttered. The relative stability and peace is but a means of more bloodshed and domination.

Life is not sacred. There is nothing sacred. There is only the necessity of selfish survival. One can only expand the need of survival, from individual to family, family to community, community to nation. But there is no universal assurance of survival. The so called world peace is but a utopian fantasy to keep us sleep at night comfortably. The promise for universal peace of politicians are lies, behind your backs they are plotting for the blood of the foreigner. The voice of the anti-war community is but a self-delusion. Like wise is the promise of eternal peace and justice in heaven, ignoring the victims of holy wars and hell. An opiate for the masses to keep them from discovering the truth.

Morality is a sham, one that is created only for the parochial members of society. The norm not to kill is for the members of the society, outside the society it is trivial. Survival always trump morality, that is the truth of the ages.

For all its existence, life is paradoxical. To sustain life, there has to be death. The continuing dance between life, peace, morality and death, predation, amorality shall end with life can not sustain its self through its own evil and shall be killed by its own means of persistence.