Title: The Past Is Dead but Still Alive

Characters (All are 16):

Troy- Aria's Ex, Katie's new BF

Ari- Troy Ex

Katie- Troy's New GF

Summary: Troy and Aria dated for 2 years before this story started. Now Troy and Aria are juniors in High school. Troy and Aria broke up, and found someone new named Katie. Aria still hasn't found anyone, but she's moved on. 2 years after Aria and Troy break up, Katie believes her and Troy are perfect for each other. Aria still could have feelings for Troy, but if she did, she wouldn't have the heart to tell him, because he's so into Katie. Whenever she passes Troy and Katie in the hall, and cringes thinking and remembering when she and Troy used to do together. Aria just wishes Troy and her could be together, but instead he loves Katie now.

Chapter Preview: As Troy walked through the halls, hand in hand with her, I cringed as I glanced over to see Troy whispering into Katie's ear, kissing her forehead, and then hearing her laugh. I get sad sometimes because I remember when troy and I used to do that. People would say we were perfect for each other; but we were different in ways to. I liked the plan things ahead of time, while he'd liked to live in the moment; but somehow we always got along with each other.

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