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Ari's P.O.V.

I was down at my locker to receive my Physics book as swarms of students fly through the hallways. Exiting to my right with the less of crowed people I see him. As Troy walked through the halls, hand in hand with her, I cringed as I glanced to see them together.

She's so beautiful. I think to myself.

Biting my lip, I continue to register Troy whispering into her ear, kissing her forehead, and then hearing her light laughter fill the air. Deep down I feel my sadness, remembering that use to be Troy and I.

What went wrong with us?

I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn to my close friend, Jessica.

"Are you alright?" she asks. Nodding my head I begin to walk towards my class, until I feel another tug on my arm.

"Seriously, Ari, I know you too well and you can't just push off you feelings like that," Jessica stated.

"I don't like him. I'm over him. Done. Finish," I pulled away from her grip again. School just started, and I wanted my first day to be absolutely flawless; although the gossip brought down the prep in my step with hearing Troy has moved on with Katie.

Jessica continues to stare me down and smiles slowly, "I just-I just want you to be happy this year. No more drama, alright? We are not going to stop talking to our friends because of him." I shrugged; honestly I'm happy I have someone like Jessica in my life. I'm not sure how I would have made it through my breakup; even if I was the one who did it. I glance up at the clock, 2 more minutes until the first bell of the year would rang.

"Jess, we can't be late on the first day," I began.

"Lighten up" she jokes, "we're practically adjacent to the door."

"Adjacent?" I repeated slowly and laughed.

"You really love my vocab choice, don't you?" Jess questioned as her eyes widen towards the classroom door.

"Something in your eye, my friend?" I continued to smile. She quickly readjusted her eyes and tugged down on her shirt.

"No." Jess looked down. I frown from her short reply while we walked into the class room.

"Hello students!" the teacher who looked like she was in the wrong department shouted. Dressed in long gray trousers, a button down green polo, and the most hideous box-framed brown glasses; seemed to be dressed more as a librarian. "I am your teacher Ms. Brody…. No 'Ms. B' 'Ms. Karen' or 'Yo teacher'" I was ready to laugh at her accent, but then realized the serious toned in her voice. She continued, "I do not tolerate students who think they can cut my class and leave out the first semester with at least a C."

Is this lady crazy? I can't be the only one who thinks she's lost her mind. She doesn't play.

I zoned out and looked at my other classmates. Susan, Brittany, Chad, Cameron, Nathan…

"Jessica Ramirez," I move my attention to Ms. Brody who's calling out assigned seats.

Now why can't we choose our own?

She continues down her list and gets to, "Tony Kingman," My jaw instantly drops and I find it hard to focus on him walking in front of me.

Before I had time to react I hear, "Arianna Green." I didn't move a muscle towards my physics partner. "Ms. Green? Is there a problem?"