A Note To Myself,

When I started to write, my stories revolved around you. My friends asked for me to continue writing my heart out for their amusement. I couldn't find myself to continue one story (Just Switch) that many enjoyed and viewed. I used to blame it on this thing called "writers block", but weeks continue to pass and the story was still left up online.

I told myself at the time that leaving you would make me stronger. You've even dated two other girls after I left you. I thought I wanted you back, but now I can come to say that I do feel stronger without you. I had almost everything built around you, and I can even look back now and smile because I'm happy we had those times to share.

Now I know the story I revolved once around you, means I don't have any feelings. I mean the feelings for you are completely different now. I know I still love you, and I'll keep that away from my close friends. But writing has helped me connect with my feelings in all ways possible. With that I'm happy I ended it, I learned so much a lot about myself. With that said I love writing. I Love It. I Love it. I Love it.