As the days of Jesus' second coming rapidly draw near,

Satan's team of rebel angel demons shift in higher gear;

And our culture turns to craziness, reflected in the laws.

You can see 6-6-6 on a Hillsong screen, if you press pause.

Then the Radical Response Squad says to take a video

Of yourself denying Christ and Holy Spirit, and then show

Such a dangerous rejection of the Lord on internet,

As they sneer at all that's Godly, making Christians quite upset.

And to push the madness further on, the networks never stop

Running TV shows with blatant sinful titles, like Wife Swap.

Why can't someone make a feature length cartoon, which would adapt

All the Revelation prophecies, and leave the viewers wrapped?

If that's not enough to tell us that we're in the final days,

There's a man in Queensland who has just begun a fatal craze,

Known as planking, where one photographs oneself in some high spot,

Posts it on a site and sees how many viewer hits he's got.

Someone's accidentally killed himself already, when the stunt

Saw him fall from some tall building, and his body met the brunt

Of the concrete on the pavement. Then the warnings from police

Haven't led surviving plankers into making this fad cease.

They will criticize the safety views of people who object,

While their perilous behaviour seems to callously neglect

What the Bible says, which I'll now paraphrase, in such a state,

That I'll bring its message into application up to date:

If the Lord was here on earth, he'd say, before you criticize

Any SPECK-TATOR, who doesn't think that planking's very wise,

You should first remove the PLANK in how you choose to sit or lie;

For the soul that FALLS from grace (without the Lord) will surely die.