the eyes of the innocent whisper "I do"
and the endearing stare of a man in a suit
proclaims "I promise to take care of you
and forever be faithful by your side."
but it is easy to forget through the ocean of
white dresses, ardent passages, champagne
bubbling over the top - the view from the
top of the mountain may be great,
but honey, the drop is a long way down.

this is the happiest day of my life!

darling, did you forget about your man's
love for strip joints and lap dancing
(naturally, his penchant for being on
the receiving end of such performances),
that sometimes, even with a prevailing
band on his knuckle, lying through one's
teeth is always a path to take,
those bad habits cannot be washed down the sink
in a single day, no matter how pivotal
the vicar, the hats and the cake make it.

I loved you at first sight, my golden dove.

do you choose to allow the memories slip away?
or is it part of the dress code of this momentous day?
he spotted you across the bar,
you weren't even looking at her face,
but allowed your eyes to travel down
to the 'golden doves' beneath her necklace
where, even to this day, your eyes are drawn to
and you will watch the taped legacy back,
see yourself transformed to a bone-picking vulture,
or you'd be too ignorant to notice because
all you'd cope with thinking was how glorious
you looked with your slicked back hair and armani suit.

til death do us part.

it is a prospect that this may be
the one true declaration of the occurrences in this chapel,
but remember, twinkle toes, it's one in three
which fall flat like the berlin wall
and maybe it's your dream, to spend your life
with a cold, oily fish
but reality could come knocking on your door
in the form of a Thai masseuse.