On a black and stormy morning, I was born…

Cursed to wonder through this bewildering place called Life

Wondering about why I am here, and what I must do

To escape this infernal torture.

Am I here for a reason?

Or am I just here to fight?

I know not which it is to be…

Not as of yet…

As of now, the Present, I understand…

I understand that which has been demanded of me,

To protect the life to which I have given the seed

The precious wonder of a child

Who is graced by the Forgiveness of the mother,

And the Selfishness of the father…

I will do the best I am able

For that is, again, why I am here…

I always knew that the Future is undeterminable…

I know not which lies ahead, neither the terrors nor the pleasures

But I am ok with that

For I know that the goal of this place

This…entity called Life

Is to do the best that you can,

To do what is needed to survive,

And to Love.

I have found love in my daughter,

The one I have sworn upon all the Saints of Heaven

To protect and nurture.

I love you, Miley…

You will always be safe

Regardless of what must be done…