The Real Thing

So I figured out Andrew's purpose. My crush on him opened my heart so that I could feel real love. I had dated Newton before and really admired him for the person he was, but I only felt friendship for him. That was, after all while I had my heart locked and closed with a "no trespassing" sign up, so of course it didn't work out. But after my crush on Andrew, when Newton asked me out again, I was more open. And guess what? I grew to love Newton so much that I married him. You see, there is a difference between a crush and actual real love. A crush is like one of those flowers you have to buy every year to plant. But real love is a perennial; it keeps coming back, growing ever bigger and stronger over the years.

So to all you love seekers out there I would give you this piece of advice: While crushes are exciting and may be a springboard to love, they do have a tendency to wane. But if your crush turns into your best friend and love grows like a strong tree and not a pansy, then I congratulate you.

Author's Note: A reviewer for this "one shot" wanted to know what happened after all the crushes, so I decided to add this second chapter. Hope you all enjoy!