More Than Just Imaginary

By: Dots Mgeez


"Brooklyn you are about to start big girl school. You do not need your pretend friend anymore because you will be making real friends Monday. Say goodbye to your friend." Brooklyn's mother patted her head.

Brooklyn ran outside.

It was Saturday so her best friend Texas was outside. She has known him for more than a year and did not want to say goodbye to him. No one, not even Brooklyn, has ever seen Texas' face. Her older brother, Bronx, told her that Texas is imaginary, pretend or something that is made up of air or made up in her head. He just confused her and she just nodded and accepted Bronx's explanation.

She went to the fence that separated her house and the Connors' house.

"Texas are you there?" She said as she faced the tall red fence.

"I'm here Bee." A happy voice answered back. The voice sounded like a small boy's voice, kind of like what Bronx's voice sounded like in the old home videos her family watched every Thanksgiving.

"Texas. I'm starting big girl school soon. The same one Bronx goes to. Mommy said that we can't be friends anymore because you're not real."

There was silence as Brooklyn touched the fence.

"Goodbye Texas. You were the best pretend friend a girl can ever have." Bee then kissed the fence and ran back inside her house.

On the other side of the fence a little boy stared at the fence with a surprised look in his eyes.
"But I thought you were the pretend friend." He whispered to the fence.

Texas shrugged his shoulders and forgot about the whole thing as he saw his mother's friend bring out his favorite ice cream.