Walked Into The Night

The night that lies before me
Were thou always so cold
Your frozen winds capturing me
And binding me in rapture

Hath thou always been dark
As if to distance yourself
Intimidate the timid wise
And delight the brave fools

Tis this night I enact my plot
I shall walk amongst the courageous
Venture into the demonic night
In search of danger and the unknown

But as I stand upon this porch
Like a door opening slowly
If only to reveal a wicked killer
My imagination is assaulted

What walks these poor kept streets
Is it the Devil and his demons
Preying on the morally disturbed
Or feasting on the sinners in the night

Could it be the shadows of Death
Who seek to find the lost dead?
Or bring judgment to the living
A final verdict kept in the dark

Perhaps men are plundering men
Possessions and lives taken away
Leaving the innocent cruelly tainted
And the guilty free of their punishment

No longer is the porch my haven
Put weight between me and this night
Let me find safety in my home
For tonight I am a coward all the wiser

Let the candles burn bright
For the darkness calls me to it
With its somberly harsh winds
As I lay beneath the covers and wonder

What if I walked into the night?