Mistakes October 10, 2010 to January 16, 2011

"Never again." I groaned, throwing an arm across my eyes to block the light pouring in from the window. Stiffly, I rolled onto my stomach, hissing when my back cracked and buried my face in a pillow though I knew I wasn't going back to sleep. After a few minutes, I got up and adjusted my midnight blue silk pajama bottoms, and rubbed my sore mark as I headed for the kitchen, hoping Curt made coffee.

"I take it your mark is still sore?" Curt quipped. I glared at him through my hair, cursing the youngling for being so…young. "Does that mean you won't go tracking with me again tonight?" I winced, thanking whatever god was taking the morning shift that my shaggy brown hair hid the action. The very thought of morphing for a second night in a row literally made me feel sick, but I nodded to my dark haired charge.

"Of course I'll join you." I took my mug of coffee and stalked back to my room, managing to collapse on my bed without spilling. I shifted until I was comfortable, took a sip of scalding hot liquid, and laid a warm hand across my irritated mark, a low whimper vibrating in my throat. I wish I understood why my mark was doing this. Sure I hadn't morphed in a couple months, but this was karma hell.

After I'd drunk my coffee, I wandered into the bathroom to shower. Right as I stepped into the spray, I yelled several curse words in French and German as the water pounded on my sore body. I couldn't believe I was planning on doing that again. I washed myself as quickly as I could, the water relieving little of my tension.

Back in my room, I pulled on a holey t shirt and a pair of black cargo pants before crawling out the window and padding barefoot around to the overgrown front yard. Stretching briefly, I jogged the forty-some yard fenced in space to the corner we'd cleared for meditation. I'd just reached a decent state of tranquility when something heavy landed on my chest, knocking out my breath, and causing my head to bash against a badly placed rock.

"Damn it Curt! What have I told you?" I growled, tossing the boy into the overly tall grass, "you're lucky I'm required to watch and teach you." I spat, rising to my feet and standing over him.

"You said you'd spar with me." He murmured, not meeting my eyes.

"I did, but I changed my mind." I shook my head to clear it before I morphed spontaneously, and stomped my back to the small cottage. I snarled under my breath and went down the stairs to the basement I'd turned into a gym. Making my way to the weight bench angled in the corner, I swung my foot into the punching bag, bashing it into the cracked brick wall. Halfway through my set, I heard a timid knock on the door.

"What?" I snapped, letting the bar fall back into place. "I'm not a patient person Curtis."

"Are we still going tracking?" came the nineteen year olds voice through the door. I took a few calming breaths, damning the boy for poking my patience. I had to remind myself destroying something wouldn't help anything.

"Yes Curtis, we are." I listened carefully to his fading footsteps before taking out my anger on the faded red punching bag.

"Curt!" I yelled, "Get out here or I'm leaving your ass." I tapped my foot impatiently and toyed with the idea of a cigarette while I waited, but decided against it. By the time Curt came out, I'd already thrown my shirt into the tree I was leaning against.

"Sorry Hayden."

"Just hurry up. I've got things I could be doing," I sighed. I watched him fling his shirt onto a branch near mine and drop to his hands and knees. I followed suit, biting my bottom lip as I began to morph. Even after fourteen years, my muscles still spasmed as my bones cracked and shifted into place, and sleek fur covered my skin. Within minutes, my lynx form was sitting gracefully sitting at the base of the half dead willow tree in an ocean of dead grass with an exasperated look on my face as I watched my companion chase his tail.

I stood and gave a low growl to Curt and shook out my fur. I slunk quietly though the weeds, my ear twitching forward upon hearing an owl hoot and the never quiet Curt pounce into the yard behind me. With a quick motion, I spun around and cuffed the cub on the head without using claws, knocking him over just as he was about to pounce onto my twitching tail. I gave him a low growling hiss, and continued through the yard. Stupid cub! I'd been his care provider for only three months, but the damn boy just wouldn't face facts. I wasn't a sociable person. I didn't cuddle or play. I was a shifter, a warrior, not a babysitter for immature cubs.

I bounded over the fence and sat at the edge of the woods, licking my right paw, waiting for Curt to join me. I looked at him annoyed as he bounced over the fence, almost flipping head over ass trying to skid to a stop. I let out a mewling laugh and walked into the dark woods, pupils dilating quickly to allow me to see and my ears twitching at every sound.

Eventually, Curt caught up with, me and we walked through the trees shoulder to shoulder. My nose twitched as the scent of a small animals flitted enticingly through the air. Trying to keep my human side alert, I warned myself not to do it. That old blood and raw meat was not a pleasant taste to wake up to. Unfortunately, before I realized it, I was crouched on the leaf littered ground crunching on the bones and staining my muzzle with the blood of a small bird. Several feet away, Curt lay gnawing on a gray rabbit in the grass.

Once I finished my "snack", buried it and relieved myself as Curt disposed of his. I ran out of the shadows and jumped on him at his cub-like roar. "You wanted to spar." I told him through our bond before running off. "Come on cub, spar." I climbed into a low tree branch and closed my luminous green eyes as he thudded by. I smiled, leaping from my perch once he was out of site, heading for home. Curt would figure it out; I was tired.

I'd just come from the edge of the woods when something hit my right flank. Instinctively, I tried to fend off my invisible attacker, my vision becoming blurry. As my conscience faded, I saw boot covered feet come next to my face. "Lookit there, we got ourselves a were."

"Laura, the were's waking up." I heard a girls' voice first thing when I woke up. "Go get dad." I cracked open my eyes in time to see a blonde girl, Laura maybe, run off. The entire right side of my body was on fire and once I'd registered the heavy metal collar around my neck, it made sense. So this would be what it felt like when a shifter was force to morph. Ugh, and I thought I hurt yesterday.

I attempted to turn marginally, biting my tongue to keep from screaming. Never in my life had I ever wanted to be my lynx then that second. While I tortured myself, the other woman sat cross-legged a few feet away from the cage I was in, watching me. She looked nice…ish.

"Could I have some water?" I rasped. I was thirsty and this damn collar was a milli-inch away from choking me. The blonde blinked her brown eyes slowly before getting up and turning on a garden hose that was snaked out on the concrete floor.

"Here," she made the trickle come close enough for me to reach. Greedily, I gulped the cold liquid until a voice made her drop the hose.

"Morgan, what have I told you about the things I catch?"

"You'll kill anything I get attached to." She said monotonously. "But I'm the one who shot him! I think I should get to keep him." I winced at her statement. Shot down by a female hunter. How degrading.

"Keep him? If it wasn't for the collar I designed for those beasts, you'd be dead and Laura would be down here alone with that monster." the man barked. I was liking him less and less. "If I gave him to you, you'd go soft and have that collar off in ten minutes and be locked in your bathroom crying in twenty." My eyes flickered between the father and daughter, almost smirking at the defiance sparking in the younger's' eyes.

"If you're so sure, let me try."

"Fine," he tossed her a large ring of keys, "take him, I'll be waiting to rescue you." He and Laura walked off. Once they were gone, she approached the cage and placed a small gold key in the lock.

"Can you walk?" she asked as the door swung open. I shook my head a fraction of an inch before deciding not to show her any weakness. My breathing deepened and held onto the cage for support; but I was up. "Come on then." She said briskly, walking away, leaving me to limp after her. She led me to a set of rooms, closing the door behind me. "Sit down." I perched on the edge of her bed confused as she ordered Now that she was alone; she was nothing like what she was like around her father. She moved with a feminine grace, getting soda from a small fridge and handed me one as she sat next to me she stared at me as I gulped down the drink and crushed the flimsy, empty can between my hands before she spoke.

"If I removed your collar, you wouldn't hurt me?" Her voice had an airy tone to it now. I nodded.

"As a general rule, we don't hurt people who do us no harm." I explained, "Though I would like to morph." A smile played at her lips.

"And you'll stay here? For now." I nodded, wondering if I was still high on the lydocaine for the dart. I jolted from my thoughts as her cold fingers brushed my neck and the collar fell away. I sprang to the floor and morphed, purring contentedly as the pain in my side ebbed away. Gratefully, I rubbed my head against her leg in an uncharacteristic thank you, then leapt onto the bare top of her bookcase to rest. I was certain she'd let me go to defy her father.

Once I'd been alone with her for the allotted twenty minutes, her father barged in holding a gun. "You dead yet?" he growled. The blonde, who'd been reading a book, rolled her eyes, which I took as a hint to have some fun. Swiftly, I slid from my perch landing silently on the floor and padded in front of him. He paled ever so slightly as the sight of me, so for effect, I yawned, showing off my massive canines.

"I thought I said to leave the collar on Morgan." He stammered.

"You said a lot of things," she shrugged, this time not looking up from her book.

"Morgan, you will put the collar back on that beast." I sat in front of hiss, ready for a good argument.

"No, it hurts him."

"If you won't, I will." I watched him through narrowed eyes as he pulled the collar off the bed and approached me. I rose to my haunches and bared my teeth, giving him a warning growl. If he came any closer, I'd bite him. Luckily, he understood and dropped the device. "Young lady, we are going to have a talk with your mother." Morgan sighed heavily and followed her father out of the room with her book, slamming the door behind her.

Alone, I curled up on her bed and closed my eyes. I figured I'd spend a few days here resting, and then leave. That Morgan girl was soft, she release me in no time. The father was the problem. I'd kill if I had to but I was a registered shifter and if it was found that I killed a human, I'd be killed. I opened my eyes, shaking the thought from my head, and swiped my tongue across my paw. As I groomed myself, I wondered what Curt was doing. Probably having a party.

I paced my sparsely furnished room, worried. Hayden hadn't come home yet. I was still considered a cub and I wasn't sure if there was a protocol for a missing mentor. And on that note, if there was; what was it?

"Aw! He's so cute!" my ears flattened against my head at the squealing voices. "You're so lucky you get to keep him." This made my ears perked up. Keep me? As a pet? Maybe I wouldn't be able to go home.

"I know I love mom." I rolled onto my stomach and trained my gaze on her. "Oh, he's awake. Go away Laura." The high pitched blonde squeaked and ran off, leaving Morgan and I alone.

"Could you be a guy again? I'm feeling really stupid talking to a cat." I growled but shifted, grasping my side as I did so, curling into a ball.

"What?" I hissed, Jesus Christ, I fucking hurt!

"Mom said I could keep you, but there is a stipulation." I raised my eyebrow, curious. "You're going to have to wear this." She removed her hand from behind her back, showing me the light blue collar dangling from her fingers. My shoulders shook with silent laughter, making my side burn worse at the sight. I think I could grow to like this girl; she had a sense of humour.

"No," I stated, sobering and moving against the wall. "I'm not wearing a collar like a fat house pet." I crossed my arms to indicate the end of our conversation.

"Let me put it differently. Either you wear it or you'll be killed." She too crossed her arms and glowered at me with a ferocity I'd never seen. "Besides, you only have to wear it when you're a lynx. It's a piece of cloth. Period. You have to put it on before supper or it's back to the cage." She tossed it at me and turned to walk away. I didn't trust it, but my stomach would never forgive me if I kept missing meals.

"Okay, but I'm going to need a shower. And a toothbrush." I informed her, just then becoming aware of the stale taste of blood mingling with soda in my mouth and my stench.

"You'll find everything in the bathroom." She gestured to a door and walked out. Squinting my eyes, I stood and mad e my way to the door and dug through the cabinets until I found a new toothbrush. Using copious amounts of toothpaste, I scrubbed my mouth until the taste of mint was almost unbearable. After, I stripped off my pants and stepped in the shower, standing under the stream long after the water went cold. I dried myself off and pulled back on my pants, cringing at the thought of the filthy cloth on my skin, and returned to her bed.

When she came back, I returned to my lynx form, sprawled out on the bed, chewing on one of her pillows out of boredom. She hadn't had anything good to read.

"You're wearing the collar and eating my pillow. Wonderful." She groaned. I glanced up at her with a strip of cloth hanging from my teeth. "Cute, but spit it out. It's dinner time." I slid off the cushy bed, mentally comparing it to the bare mattress I had at home and followed her. She led me down several hallways, eventually arriving at a dining room. I watched her flash her parents a snide look before sitting. Deciding to play "good pet", I sat next to chair and begged.

"It does look rather calm." Her mother observed as Morgan dropped half of her hamburger in front of me which I gobbled up. I hated myself. "Don't forget to name it so I can have tags made." I cocked my head and looked up at my captors. I didn't remember agreeing to this damn collar and definitely not any effin' tags. Dropping my act, I disappeared from the table, making my way back to her room.

I returned to my human form and threw the collar across the room, smiling at the sound it made upon hitting the wall. Not satisfied, I looked around for something to kick. There was nothing. I missed my gym. Hell at that moment, I even missed Curt and his blackberry waffles. Damn! I'd made myself hungry. Sighing heavily, I dropped on the bed and growled into a pillow. After I'd finished my fit, I sat up and stared at the gargantuan mound of pillows that girl had on her bed. It irked me. No one needed twelve pillows to sleep. In a fit of OCD, I grabbed two in each hand and began tossing them into random places in the room

"Really?" Morgan shook her head. "Do you happen to have a third form that you could change into that won't destroy my bed?" she'd walked in as I was attempting to make a snow angel in the light dusting of stuffing I'd scattered. A blush already spreading across my face, I leaped to my feet, trying to regain some of my composure.

"Nope." I informed her.

"Just pick up the pillows. I need a bath." she entered the bathroom. Grumbling to myself, I squished all the pillow remains into the tiny trashcan and morphed, noting happily that the transformation caused no discomfort. Arching my back, I slipped under the bed to doze.

I woke to the sound of someone singing. Something about sunshine and pink daffodils. Yawning, I surveyed the room; stopping on…she was naked! Thank you Jesus! She was standing in front of a full length mirror, singing softly while she brushed out her damp, shoulder length blonde hair. Taking care to be quiet, I turned back into a human, appreciating her body.

I hummed appreciatively at her slight hourglass figure, my hand slipping past the waistband of my pants. I didn't think I'd ever watch internet porn again. I watched satisfied, as she turned and grasped her ass as though berating herself for any body fat, giving me a wonderful view of her beauty. Even if I was ten years her senior, I'd tap that. My free show was going fine until a particularly loud moan on my part alerted her of my presence.

"Oh my God! You disgusting pervert." She screeched. I winced, why did females have to be so high-pitched? "I have half a mind to let dad deal with you!"

"Well excuse me for enjoying a view. You knew I was in here, so you obviously wanted me to see." I argued calmly, crawling out of my hiding place.

"I thought you went to get something to eat!"

"That's what you get for thinking." Flustered, she stuck her tongue out at me and stormed back into the bathroom, leaving me once again to my lonesome. Once I'd stopped laughing, I walked down to the kitchen. I proceeded to dig through the fridge, settling on a link of sausage and a half full tub of strawberries. As I meandered my way back to the room, I heard several grunts coming from a cracked door and stopped to spy. Oddly enough, I saw the younger girl beating a dummy with a sparring sword. I'd figured she'd be the one to play princess in the family. I stood there watching until her gaze trained on me.

"Aren't you suppose to be in Morgan's room playing good little lap dog?" she snarled.

"Aren't you suppose to be daddy's little princess?"

"Touché." We left it at that, she went back to sparring and I returned to the room.

Ah! It felt so good to be outside after three days of monotonous nothing. Crouching in the well manicured grass, I pounced on a leaf, ignoring the snickering girl behind me. I sharpened my claws briefly on a tree and slammed my paw down on the end of a mouse's tail; fully intent on playing with my food.

"Morgy! Dad wants you in his study!" Laura called. Noting her smirk as she watched me dangle the mouse above my mouth, I chomped the creatures' head off and ate the body. Laughing inwardly at her sickened look.

"Okay, but the Lion King reenactment. Dad's not one for patience." My "owner" strode off, leaving me to follow her. I licked the blood from my jowels, disliking the idea of having any traits shared with her father.

"You wanted me?" Morgan asked as we walked into the office. The room was cushy looking with dark red carpet, and a large desk that looked mahogany. Her father was sitting in a large wing-backed chair that made him look considerably smaller then he truly was. He had a fire going as well despite it being at least eighty degrees outside. For a while, I stayed standing near Morgan's legs as she talked, but I was getting hot standing too close to the fire and the window above the desk was starting to look really inviting as I got hotter. Panting in an effort to cool myself off, I jumped onto the desk and attempted to get out the window, only to be hit with something heavy.

"That was the wrong thing to do bastard." I glanced up at him from where I lay on the floor. He was standing above me holding the fireplace poker he'd hit me with. "Morgan, you can leave. I'll join you outside as soon as I've dealt with out little pest here." I didn't like the sound of that; I thought he'd broken my back leg so I wasn't going anywhere quick.

"You can't kill him. He's my pet." I refrained from growling at the degrading title, considering she was trying to save me from a fate I wasn't exactly thrilled with.

"It tried to attack me Morgan."

"He. He is a male, and he was trying to go outside. It hot in here."

"Well then if he's your pet, why haven't you named him yet? Hmmm?"

"I told mom I'd have a name for him at dinner. Now may I take my pet?" I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen. Thankfully, it was Morgan who picked me up and walked off instead of her father impaling me like a shish kabob.

"Okay, time to be human again." She chirped, placing me on the bed. Hissing, I morphed, immediately looking at my left leg, relieved to see it was only going to bruise. "I need your name."

"Hayden," I mumbled. I didn't like giving out information one could use against me, but she had just saved me. Plus I didn't want to end up with a name like "Biggles" or "Pookie".

"Okay." She took a long look at me before going to a dresser and throwing a pair of flannel pants at me. "Get dressed," she ordered, going into the bathroom. I got up and stretched, taking care not to agitate my leg further and gave the fluffy looking pajama pants covered in prancing ponies a scathing look. I was not wearing those or any like them. Grabbing the pants, I shoved them back in drawer and dug around the neatly folded clothes until I unearthed a pair of plain white pants. Not my colour, but they would do.

"Wonderful. I'll have the tags made up in the morning." Her mother gushed that evening at dinner once my name had been revealed. I wasn't thrilled about being , but my trip outside proved no other option. There was an impressive brick wall surrounding the house and from what I got to see locked gate and no trees near the wall. Then after this afternoon's episode, I knew I wasn't getting outside alone anyway. My only option was to use Morgan.

I glanced up from the hambone I was gnawing on when Morgan said something to her father about my leg, unsurprised at his grunt of indifference. My tail twitched in exasperation. I still didn't understand why I had to attend the family's charade of dinner each night. I'd rather eat outside with the dogs then subject myself to this torture seven day a week. It was such a relief when we got to leave, that I almost chased my tail; almost.

I waited until she fell asleep, then morphed and slipped out the door. I was quickly getting bored of being here, but some insane part of me didn't want to leave Morgan. The monotony was the reason I liked being in the middle of nowhere where no one bothered to see what I was doing. That and I despised the city.

Softly, I knocked on the door, listening for any movement. When I toppled into the workout room, I gave Laura credit. She was quiet, and excellent skill for a hunter…er…huntress. But could she spar?

"Need a partner?" I asked, looking up at her.

"Why not?" she shrugged. Before I managed to fully pick myself off the floor, she sent a practice sword flying at me that I barely managed to catch. Tossing it to my right hand, I took my fighting stance in front of her. "Come on old man."

"I've beaten more advanced things than you princess." I retorted. I waited for her to get into a fighting stance, not planning on hitting her hard enough to leave marks. Then she hit me. Damn girl was stronger then she looked and she had to aim for my left leg.

"Here kitty kitty kitty." She taunted. Exhaling with a hiss, I took a swing at the side of her stomach, angry yet impressed when she dodged it and smacked my arm.

Twelve minutes later, I was once again lying on the floor, glaring up at her smirking face. "More advanced than me eh kitty?" she snickered. I kept my mouth shut. I'd underestimated my opponent and she'd managed to knock my legs out from under me in less than fifteen minutes. I deserved the ridicule. I rolled onto my stomach and clamored to my feet, ignoring the fifteen year old as I took out any "hard feelings" about having my ass handed to me out on the training dummy I'd originally seen her beating the stuffing out of.

"So my cocky little friend, where did you learn to fight like that?" I inquired between punches.

"I took a few fencing lessons at school until mom found out and put a stop to it. She said at least one of her children was going to be a respectable member of social standing instead of a hunter." So the princess wasn't as much of a princess as I'd originally thought. I gave the dummy one last kick and walked out of the room feeling much better.

Morgan had locked me in her room when I had supposedly "attacked Laura in front of their father. So that afternoon when she came to attach tags to my collar, I was laying on her bed watching a cheesy horror movie. Apparently, she wasn't expecting me to be human if her squeal and run tactic pointed to anything. I paused my movie and stared at the spot for a few seconds then stood up and retrieved the set of shiny tags she'd dropped. They were simple discs coloured green with my name and previously unknown address of this place on them. I grabbed the collar I sat next to me in the bed, noting the clashing colour scheme; I put them on the d-ring and resumed my movie.

"Hey," she murmured when she finally returned to the room.

"Ya know, most people would be more perturbed by walking in on a wild animal destroying a pillow then a human watching stupid eighties movies." I snorted, grinning at the pretty pink blush spreading across her cheeks.

"Can it furball."

"Make me." My smirk faded when she started toward me with a determined look on her face. She cam and stood at the edge of the bed and went to place her hand over her mouth. Without looking, I grabbed her wrist and yanked her down on top of me, crushing her lips to mine.

"You bastard!" she yelled, pulling away. She glared at me and slapped me across the face, leaving a painful sting. Shocked, I stared at her as she grabbed clump of my hair and forced me on the floor, keeping me there with a boot clad foot. "You need to learn your boundaries you asshole." She spat, "I should've let dad take care of you when I had the chance."

"Then why didn't you?" I wheezed, she weighted more then I'd thought. "Exactly, you don't have an answer do you?" instead of answering, she grabbed my arm and began dragging me down the hall. "Where do you think you're taking me?"

"For me to know and you're to figure out." She bit at me, not looking back. She was kinda sexy when she was pissed. While I contemplated her sexiness, she'd arrived at her chosen destination, and my arousing thoughts were shattered when she forced me into a cage instead of tying me to a bed.

"Come on sweetheart; this won't be any fun for either of us. There's no way we'll both fit in here." I crooned to the blonde as she locked the cage and kicked the side of it.

"God, you are such a pig. You can just stay in there until you can learn to keep your nasty pervy thoughts to yourself. Okay sweetheart." She rolled her eyes to compliment her mocking tone. Before I'd managed to come up with a decent comeback, she was already walking off, leaving my brain malfunctioning at her ass in those tight jeans. Dressing like that and getting offended when someone brought attention to it. Psht, women.

I discovered some two hours later exactly how infuriating being caged up could be. I'd never look at the zoo the same way either thanks to this experience. To top it off, my sour mood took a turn for the worst when Morgan's father came in as I was pacing the small area of the cage as my lynx. He was holding a very impressive gun. When he saw me staring at it, he laughed.

"Don't worry, my daughter still refuses to let me dispose of you." Ignoring him, I bowed my head and licked my chest. "Personally, I think killing were's are a good to society. You're such dangerous creatures." I looked up from my grooming and shifted.

"I'm not a friggen'were. I'm a shifter. There's a difference. Understand?'

"Doesn't matter. Either way, you're still a blood thirsty beast and not worth the oxygen you breathe. Actually, you wouldn't be worth the silver it'd take to kill you." His know-it-all attitude pissed me off; a lowly human telling me I was useless. My kind wasn't the one who destroyed an entire planet. I glared at him angrily, pleased as an uneasy look took over his face. I wanted the fear from him. The fear of something I could destroy as easily as one could rip paper. It was times like these that made me wonder why I stayed in this realm when I could just as easily live in another. I hated humanity and would take great pleasure in getting to watch them burn for eternity. As I thought, my expression had become more twisted, more demonic, and he was backing up slowly as though I'd snap through the bars. Not a bad thought, but I had other ideas that would get far more entertaining reactions.

"KCH!" with that, I moved to face the opposite wall. A few seconds later, I heard him snort and walk off. Looked like I was back to being bored.

It was over four hours later when someone broke the silence. It was Morgan. "Come on furball. Mom said I can't leave you down here all night, so get out," she opened the cage. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut or I'll shut it for you. I know how to sew." I raised an eyebrow at her threat but followed her back to her room before making a beeline for the bathroom. When I emerged as my lynx, I found her in extremely short shorts and a low cut tank top that left nothing to the imagination.

Growling faintly, I closed my eyes and jumped blindly onto the bookcase. I wasn't even going to deal with that right now, not when I'd just gotten out of that damned cage. Unfortunately for me, the was in this room was even less interesting than the one in the basement. I was beginning to want out of this hell hole, but every escape plan I devised was never going to work. Why did fate have to hate me?

"Hayden, you hungry?" I heard her ask, but ignored her. Turning around and acknowledging her presence was going to help anything, so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Rrrrraaaaahhrr!" I yowled as I hit the floor the next morning. From the floor of the room, I glanced up to meet Laura's eyes. She'd pushed me off the bookcase. Bitch, that meant war!

"Hello sleeping beauty." She cooed. I shifted and got up, glowering at her pleased smirk. I still hated humanity and it wasn't trying to change my mind, nor did I have enough caffeine in my system to deal with people. That may have been my problem since I'd been caught. Deciding to forget her indiscretions, I faced her and smiled sweetly.

"Do you want to be a dear and bring me some coffee with cream and sugar?"

"You have hands."

"Your father won't enjoy seeing me at his table drinking from one of his antique china mugs."

"You wouldn't be able to drink from a mug, you've got your cute little kitty dish."

"Was it yours from back when nobody knew if you were human?" I managed to grab her forearm before it made contact with my crotch and swung her around, throwing her on the bed. "Now now, daddy wouldn't approve of his baby girl fighting with the big bad were."

"I'm sure he'll forgive me if I turn you into a nice fur rug." She grunted, struggling against me.

"Come on sweetheart; don't be like that, you're such a nice person…" I knelt on the bed next to her and leaned over her, lowering my face closer and closer to her, only to swipe my tongue across her face and dash to the other side of the room.

I smirked as she wiped her face on her shirt sleeve. "You're the nastiest person in the history of ever!"

"Ohhh, I passed Dracula. I'm so proud of myself!"

"I hate you." I smiled and picked up a pen to twirl between my fingers.

"Ah, isn't it such a pity that the line between love and hate must be so blurred.?" Before I realized what she was doing, she had me tackled and pinned on the ground. "Come now, I know I'm irresistible, but really."

"You are so narcissistic."

"I love other things besides myself." I tilted my weight so she was pinned under me.

"Laura, I don't care what, or who you do in you free time, but please refrain from doing it in my room." The two of us looked from where we were fighting on the floor, blushing and quickly separated. "Anyway, I'm going to run into town with dad, so Laura, do me a favour and watch Hayden, I don't trust him."

"No problem sis." The younger smiled evilly at me. "Come on kitty, let's go to my room.

I'd waited a week and now I sat in a rickety chair awaiting audience in front of the High Council. I'd been scouring the woods near out cottage since he hadn't returned home, but there was no sign of him. Frankly, I was worried. Then to top everything off, I was out of food and I'd managed to break the washing machine. Shifting in the extremely uncomfortable chair, I stared at the wall. Even if I wouldn't admit it, I missed Hayden.

"Curtis Dominic Alejandro Raducan, you can go in." grimacing at the use of my full name, I stood up and walked over to the pretty wooden doors that led to the meeting room. Upon entering the room, I almost ran into a large table that took up most of the room. Sitting at the table were four people. And old woman, an extremely buff looking man , and a middle aged man and woman holding hands.

"You requested an audience with is young one." The older woman rasped. "Now, where is your mentor?"

"That's the reason I'm here actually. He…well I think that he got captured." I said sheepishly, flinching when the buff man slammed his palms down on the table.

"When did this happen?" he demanded.

"Seven days ago."

"Seven days?" he repeated, spluttering.

"Marilyn, calm yourself." I snickered quietly as she shuffled through some papers and the guy sat down back in his seat. "Now, Curtis, why has it taken you so long to inform us of this disappearance?" she looked over her tiny glasses, loose strands of her white-blonde hair falling in her face.

"I figured I could find him since Hayden hate to seem weak."

"Of course, Hayden Dexter Marquette. Still a conceited hothead then," she mused. "Ludwig, Diane, gather a search party. Curtis, you wait here until I return." The four shifters left the room, leaving me to sink into a vacant chair. Hayden's middle name's Dexter?

I yawned and leapt from my sleeping spot on the bookcase, morphing as I hit the floor, heading to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth, it surprised me how routine my life here had become in just two short months. After my failed attempt at escaping two weeks into captivity that landed me in a cage for almost a week, I'd accepted living here; it was safe. I just got to lie around and relax instead of worrying about money, food and bills. I'd even started wearing my collar as a necklace whilst human.

Exiting the bathroom, I crept stealthily over to Morgan's bed and soundlessly slipped under the covers next to her, wrapping my arm around her waist and yawning. "That was wonderful darling, but how about a refresher course on some of those positions you showed me, eh doll face?" without a word, she shoved me to the floor and hung half off the bed hold a muzzle.

"One of these days, you're going to have to realize that the pervert act is getting you nowhere."

"You sure doll face? Cause it looks to me like I'm already in your pants. I smirked, gesturing to the pink track pants that were more like Capri's on me. Sighing heavily, she slid off her bed, knocking out my air as she used my stomach as an unnecessary stair, dropping the muzzle on me as she did so. Glowering at the leather torture device, I shoved it under her mattress to hide it. I was not wearing that demonic thing ever again.

"Okay furball, I'm going to shower, you know the routine, get out." She ordered from the bathroom. Shaking my head in response to her precautions; I walked out of the room and down the hallway. I didn't know what she was so worried about, shower sex never made sense to me. I waited until I was outside to change into my lynx, and launched myself at the only tree in the spacious yard that hung over the fence. I settled onto my favourite branch and closed my eyes, figuring I'd doze until someone came to get me for whatever reason.

I woke up drowsy what seemed like days after I'd closed my eyes on the bowed, overhanging branch. I blinked slowly, trying to get rid of my pounding headache and figure out my bearings. I wasn't in my tree or in Morgan's room for sure. Actually I wasn't even the house I'd begun to call home, and I found that this worried me. I was wondering where the hell I was, when I noticed the pictures. Me, assumingly in front of the house I was presuming I was in.

Damn! That meant I was in my old house. Well that answered many questions included who'd taken me. But why in the name of fuck did they have to shoot me with a lydocaine dart. Bitches. It also told me that I was expected to resume my duties of taking care of Curt and being an adult. Angry and upset, I grabbed the first thing that I saw and threw it against the wall. I sat on the bare mattress and glared at the unbroken alarm clock sitting on the too clean floor; mocking me. I only looked up from the shiny metal object when someone knocked on the door.

"What!" I barked, watching the door open. In stepped a young girl, probably around thirteen, fourteen years of age. At first glance, I couldn't tell if she was a shifter, but puberty was treating her nice.

"I heard a noise, so I figured you were up. I made you some food." She sat a tray holding a sandwich, soup, and juice on the floor at the foot of the bed, giving ,e a decent glimpse of breasts, which she had apparently dubbed small enough to be able to walk around without a bra. "My name's Danielle; dad left me here to make sure you were taken care of."

"Thanks." I retrieved the food and watched her as she watched me. I wondered why she was taking care of me instead of Curt. He was capable of doing that task as least. I guess whoever Curtis had gone to for help didn't believe he was and thought I needed a woman's touch. Although, if this girl was the one doing the touching, I may have to thank Curt.

"So, dad said that I was supposed to keep you in this room and not let you kill yourself before him and that Curt guy get back from dealing with those nasty hunters. I wanted to go, but dad made me stay here and play babysitter to your suicidal backside. I'm going to watch Netflix. Holler if you need anything." she walked out of the room. They were going to deal with the hunters? I hope they didn't realize Morgan was the one who caught me and just killed her father. I'd hate to see Laura or Morgan get hurt. Turning my attention to the food she brought, I sniffed it cautiously. A tuna sandwich and tomato soup. I hated tuna and since when did smelly fish go with tomatoes? Disgusting.

Holding my breath, I dumped the food out the unlocked window an drank the juice that turned out to be grape while sitting on my bed. I was bored. Maybe Danielle would keep me company if I called.

"Danielle, come here." I called out the door, also unlocked. The whole escaping concept was so lost on these people, it wouldn't even be fun to try. Al least Morgan presented a challenge.

"What do you want?"

"I'm bored."

"So? What am I suppose to do about it?" she put her weight against the doorframe and stared at me. "Dad said to feed you and keep you alive. Entertainment is not in my job description, and I was watching the Notebook."

After she'd left, I decided that if she wouldn't keep me company, she make excellent company. The question was, how did I get her close enough to me to do what I wanted? I glanced around the room, my eyes landing on the plain mahogany box sitting on top of the wardrobe. I wondered if anyone bothered to search my room and clear out the weapons… Curious, I went over to the shelf, and pulled out the decent sized box; it still felt heavy. I plopped onto the bed again and unlatched it, pleased to see the silver dagger still in its silk nest. My coming of age gift from my mentor.

Smiling, I placed the knife on my index finger, watching it balance for a moment before flicking it in the air and grabbing the handle. I always marveled at the irony of using silver for a shifters' first blade because of our weak cousins, but it made such a wonderful looking dagger. Pulling off the shirt I know I never put on, I began to exact my plan, taking care not to make any noise.

"Danielle, help me!" I glanced up from my computer where a flashback had just started when I heard my name. What did he want now! I wouldn't have agreed to come out here and help if I'd known this guy was as mature as a four year old. Sitting my computer off to the side and pausing the movie, I started my way to the bedroom.

"What the hell do you want now?" I demanded, opening the door. The idiot was laying sprawled out on the mattress with blood all over his chest. Thanks dad, leave me here with a suicidal weirdo who wouldn't leave me alone. "What in the name did you do?" I ventured farther in the room, glancing around for what he'd hurt himself with. The only thing lying out was a dagger, so that had to be it. Geez and my dad thought I was stupid.

"I'm sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time." I took my eyes off the knife for a second when he spoke. I swore I'd kill dad if this creep turned out to be homicidal as well.

"It's okay, let's just get you patched up and then you can come out into the living room with me and watch a movie. Okay?" I plastered a fake smile on my face and talked softly. Picking up a towel from the floor, I knelt next to him on the bed.

"Okay." He smiled up at and moved his arm so I could get closer to him. Breathing heavily, I leaned over him and used the gray towel to wipe up the blood; I uncovered a good dozen or so shallow cuts that wouldn't have made that much blood.

"Would you mind telling me what you did?" I asked sweetly, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Not speaking, he reached to his chest and swiped a bit of the blood I'd missed onto his finger and licked it off.

"Taste it darling, it's cherry flavoured." He smirked, wiping more off with his finger and holding it toward my mouth.

"I'm just going to go now. Dad should be back pretty soon, so you just stay put and you can talk to him." I stood up and turned, only to have his hand grab my upper thigh, his nails digging through my jeans. "Jesus, cut it out, that fricken' hurts." I tried to pull away, but his hand constricted more.

"I don't think I want you to leave just yet." He yanked me down on top of him and wrapped both his arms tightly around my chest, his right hand squeezing slightly around my boob.

"Let me go you creep." I ordered, struggling against him. This was too awkward for me. If I got out of this alive, I was never help dad ever again.

"No," he shrugged, "I was gone for two months and I'm very…deprived." He whispered the last word into my ear. I was not doing that. Not now and sure as hell not with him. "You're so pretty and… you smell so good…I could just eat you." I felt his tongue run up the side of my neck and halfway up my cheek. Instinctively, I reached up to wipe away the spit, only to have my hands forced down against my sides.

"My dad is going to kill you."

"Only if you say something. We'll just have to make sure you enjoy it enough that you won't need to say anything to anyone." This was scaring me. I hoped dad came back here. Now would be absolutely awesome. I kept my mouth shut. Everything I'd said so far had only dug my hole a bit deeper.

He stayed sitting for a few minutes, his hands fondling me, then flipped around so I was lying face down on the bed. The only plus side to this position was I had my hands free. He rolled me over and pressed his lips to mine, making me repress a shudder. As he tried to get me interested in making out, his hands trailed lower and began toying with the buttons on my jeans. That made me remember something dad told me before he left.

"This much will kill a person. Use it if you have to." Dad's voice flitted through my head. After he'd said that, he'd given me a syringe filled with something clear and that Curtis kid said Hayden was an ass, but he wouldn't hurt me. So much for that logic.

Needing to distract him long enough to pull out the syringe, I kissed him back and pressed one of my hands against his covered crotch. He groaned into my mouth, gross, and moved his hands back to my boobs. Humming as though I liked it; I kind of did, I shoved my free hand partway into my pocket and pulled out the covered syringe. Deepening the kiss further, I popped off the cover from the needle and jammed it in his thigh. Right as the needle went into his skin; he stopped kissing me and just stared.

What the fuck did you just do?" he snarled, glancing back at the plastic syringe poking out of his leg. "That was not very bright of you." I stayed silent as he continued to rant about my stupidity, and didn't make a sound when his hand made contact with my cheek.

Eventually the stuff in the syringe made him pass out, his body slumping on top of me. He was still breathing, but I wasn't strong enough to push him off of me. I was stuck under the body of a rapist. Joy. It wasn't long after he went silent that he stopped breathing all together and became complete dead weight on top of me.

Dad and Curt didn't arrive back to the tiny cottage until well after sundown, and by the time that they came into the bedroom, everything below my neck had basically went numb.

"What happened?" dad asked concerned when he saw me, standing in the doorway instead of helping me up.

"Nothing much, he tried to rape me and now he's dead and killing me with his fat ass!" I yelled, losing any patience I'd ever had.

"Oh…" the two said in unison. They made their way over to me and hauled the body off of me, then Curt helped me up.

"Thanks. I'm never babysitting again." I brushed past both of them and went to the kitchen; I was hungry. They were the men, so they could take care of the body.