The humble teddy bear

A baby is born, be it a boy or girl, one of the first gifts it receives is a teddy bear.

When the child is upset, and in need of a cuddle,

when the tears are all wiped, what do we give it, a teddy bear to hug.

The affair with the teddy bear ceases for a small time while we are growing up,

teddy bears don't really have a place at school.

The loves affair with our teddy bears at this time is kept well hidden at home,

as they remain at the top of the bed waiting to greet us on our return.

When we begin to date what is one of the first things a boy bring to his girl,

maybe chocolates, maybe flowers, more likely than not a teddy bear,

to show her how much he cares, something to hug when he is not about to remind her of him.

In times of sorrow what do we do, lay on our beds and sob

telling all our woes to the ever loyal, the ever silent ever faithful teddy bear.