A small reflection written over Chinese and a single light overhead…

Supposed To

If I didn't know better

(And I'm not saying that I do)

Then I could have sworn that I'd met you before.

You were wearing a backwards Yankees cap even though

You'd never seen a game.

You had on an ironic pink polo shirt, and kaki cargo shorts.

Your sunglasses did not fit your eyes, and you keep

"cool" in other ways.

Yes… I know you.

You were supposed to be my husband.

We were supposed to have a 2 story house

With 2.5 kids;

(I guess the third didn't make it.)

And an SUV with TVs in the back

So we wouldn't have to parent.

I was supposed to stay at home

And amuse myself

Go shopping for sweaters and live at beauty parlors…

And you were supposed to cheat on me.

Then we were supposed to get divorced

And then I was supposed to kill myself;

(What end could there be without you, of course?)

I'm just glad I never do what I am supposed to.