Farewell fictionpress Morning guys! Now, normally I don't mind if you don't read the author note but this is important this week. EVERYONE MUST READ THE AUTHOR NOTE! Okay, so now that that's over let me explain why. Firstly, I just want to say how awesome you all are. I'm giving you all cyber hugs right now. =) Now onto the reason for my demand. As some of you might know, I have a blog now because apparently all published authors should have one. For those of you that follow my blog you'll know that I wrote about putting my stories on my blog so that I could generate an interest in them that would help them sell better. It's because of this post that I'm talking to you now. Essentially, what's happened is that I received two comments from two different sources regarding my blog post, 'Subscription? Seriously?' Post one from fictionpress reader: Subject: Your books I was reading your blog and you were talking about serialization and that somehow got me thinking of something completely unrelated. If you were to complete a story before posting it on fiction press and make the complete story available for purchase while simultaneously posting chapters week by week, your sales will most likely increase by a lot, because impatient people like me will want the book immediately instead of having to wait months to read it completely. Just a suggestion. Post two from blog follower: I believe that your published works should remain off of the internet. I mean, you worked hard to get them published (even if you did it yourself), and you deserve the money you earn from your hard work and dedication. If you feel that you might not publish your Elemental Passions series, then by all means, post it all on the world wide web. I personally follow your progress on there, this blog, and now facebook. Perhaps, in order to get more people to come to your blog and also keep track of plagiarism (you'll have a list of everyone with access to your facebook and what not), you should post your WIP on your website. However, aren't you updating it on .com? They both make very good points. I am now technically a published author so I shouldn't be making my work available for viewing like I am at the moment. However, fictionpress is where it all began and so i don't want to just up sticks and leave. I know there are some people who genuinely can't afford to be buying books whenever they want but I'm going back to university in September and need to get as much extra cash as I can before I go because I've handed in my notice at work so i'll be unemployed for a year and enrolled on a rather book intensive course which will require lots of spending. The thing is whenever someone types in one of my book titles the first hit on google is here where they can read the book for free even if they've never heard of fictionpress. So here's the plan. I'm going to write like a woman possessed and get Whirlwind of Pleasure ready for publication by mid August. I'm then going to publish it. I'm taking down the other stories in the elemental series today now that I've told you all what's going on. Then I'll put Whirlwind up for sale and then i'll continue to post here until it's finished. If people want to read the completed version they can go and pick up a copy alternatively they can continue to get one chapter a week and read it for free. Once the book is complete I'll leave it up for a week to let anyone catch up on lose ends and then I'll try and do the same process with Submerged in Ecstasy. I really hope you can all understand why I'm doing this. So the long and short of that tale is that: As of today I'm on hiatus for a month, hopefully I'll be back on the 22nd of August with a completed tale! The Elemental Passions books are being removed from here for publication purposes. I hope everyone had enough time to read Whirlwind of Pleasure and I really hope you enjoyed it too. As for Submerged in Ecstasy...I'm still unsure as to whether I'll be posting it online anywhere but I will keep you posted.