Love Bites

By: Phat Models

AN: I've had this story bouncing around in my head for over a year now and I'm finally giving in. The whole mate/werewolf/supernatural cliché is so popular right now and even though I promised myself I wouldn't get caught up in it all, I just can't resist. So here's Love Bites. Hopefully you guys like it.

Rating: PG-13, but certain parts will definitely be M.

Genre: Romance/Humor/Angst

Summary: Being 18 and madly in love is hard enough without adding lycanthropy into the equation. Kaia is sure Brandon is her forever…Destiny has other ideas.

Prologue: Eighteen in Two Days

"We always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first."

- George John Whyte-Melville

"You are such a bitch, Kaia Pearson, and I mean seriously," blonde and almost brainless Johanna Grey spat, crossing her arms over her chest and staring at me as if her words were actually insulting.

Whatever. Yes, I'll admit it. I, Kaia Pearson, am a bitch. Not in the sense that she was talking about, but the irony always kills me.

Bitch – noun


A malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman

She meant that explanation.

Bitch – noun

A female dog

I meant this one.

You're confused, I get that. Let me explain… I am not a four legged house pet. Never have been, never will be. (No offence to my adorable cocker spaniel Sammy.) But I'm not completely human either. I'm a Skin-walker. A werewolf. A shape shifter. Whatever the hell you want to call it. A lycan, a creature of the moon, a human-being-in-serious-need-of-a-wax-job…Point is: I can transform into a wolf.

But we'll get back to that later.

I couldn't help but smirk at Johanna's choice of words. "I have a tendency to get that way when desperate wanna-be prom queens continue to throw themselves at my boyfriend. Tell me, how many times has Brandon shot you down, exactly? I thought the tenth time would be the charm, but it seems you still haven't gotten the message through that pea sized brain of yours."

Johanna's eyes narrowed until they were two tiny slits on her face. "You might have a tight leash on him now, but he won't be your willing little pet forever. And when that day comes, I'll be there. You can count on it." She spun on her heel and stormed off, her best friends Daffodil Brighton and Kayden Carla trailing behind her. Those two flanked Johanna at all times in an embarrassingly noticeable bid to emulate Mean Girls. I'd bet money that Johanna Grey's goal in life was to be this generations Regina George.

Alright, so you guys didn't exactly catch me at my finest moment. I was more than mean to her…I'm not usually so awful, I swear. Let the girl hit on your boyfriend/soon-to-be-mate for months and see if you don't have a few not-so-nice words to say to her.

I was supposed to be in study hall, and I had been trying to work—honest—before Hoe-anna decided to get in my face for the umpteenth time. I'd been working on my latest journal entry for English class. The journal topic this week was aggravating me. 'What are your plans for the future?' I'm in 12th grade and graduating soon, so lately our assignments all have to do with our "goals" and "life after High School". I hated it. Not because the work was hard, but because I had to lie all the time. Can you imagine if I answered honestly?

Well it's my birthday in two days and I'm excited beyond anything because I'll finally get to claim my mate (which I know without a shadow of a doubt is Brandon Ryan) who I will spend the rest of eternity with, because I happen to be a werewolf, and therefore immortal. So you see, I can't tell you about my life after High School, because that would take forever-literally.

Right, that would go over well. I'd probably end up getting thrown into a mental institution or receiving an F for trying to jerk the teacher around. Instead I had lied about being excited that I was old enough to vote. Not an A+ answer, but not one that would get me institutionalized either.

Not to mention I'd be disobeying a pack law. We can't let the humans know about us. I don't like having to lie to my friends, but it's better than our secret getting out and consequently resulting in some psychopath hunting us—which has happened before.

I sighed and closed my notebook. There was no way I could concentrate on school work now, not with my life changing birthday only two days away. I took out my cell phone and held it under my desk so that the study hall monitor wouldn't notice. Cell phones were not prohibited in the building, but everyone used them anyway. I like to think that I am not really breaking any rules, since technically human laws don't apply to me.

I shot off a text to Ria Torrance, my best friend and fellow canine.

911 I'm derob (bored spelled backwards because I was beyond bored) wanna skip and go to Moonies?

I fiddled around with some crap in my purse as I waited impatiently for an answer. Finally I felt it vibrate.

Meet me outside in 10? -Ria

I grinned and began throwing my books in my backpack. There were still two periods left of the day, but it's not like I actually need a human education. Who knows if school will even exist in a few hundred years?

"Shouldn't you girls be in school?" Serena O' Connell chastised as she stopped by our booth to take our order.

Ria and I shot her our best "innocent" faces.

"It's Kaia's birthday in two days," Ria explained, doe eyed.

"My eighteenth," I put in.

Serena laughed. "I know what that's like. So, what will it be?"

Serena was only a year older than I was, she attended the same school as Ria and I before she'd graduated. She was a good friend, though I'd always envied her a little. She was gorgeous and had ruled the school in her day—I definitely preferred her rule to that of Johanna's—and now ruled our little town.

Her mate owned Moonies, so she refused to work anywhere else.

Moonies was the unofficial pack hangout. Humans came in here sometimes but it wasn't as fancy, big, or as popular as the other bars in town (and frankly no one could really suss out how this place stayed in business or why it had such loyal costumers). The pack came here because it was our place, the name of the bar a constant inner joke between us all.

Ria and I ordered our usual and a pint of beer to celebrate. Alcohol didn't effect us the same way it did humans (Ten beers to us is the equivalent of one to a mortal) so Serena usually served it to us even if we were under drinking age. We just hid the stuff if any human townsfolk wandered into the bar.

"How's the packing coming?" Ria fiddled with her cutlery, making conversation as we waited for our meals to arrive.

I grinned widely, my excitement uncontrollable. "All done. I'm all set to move into Brand's place." I sighed. "I've been begging my mom to let me move in already, but she says waiting two days won't kill me."

Ria pouted. "Consider yourself lucky. I still have to wait three months for my birthday to roll around. And I have no idea who my mate will be. Tommy came of age recently. I really hope it won't be him." She made a face at the mention of Tommy Ducat.

"Yeah well…Brandon and I aren't officially mates yet. What if-" I couldn't even choke the words out.

Ria cut me off so that I didn't have too. "Oh please, you and Brandon belong together and everybody knows it," she stated vehemently.

"You're right." Of course she was. Though sometimes my fears snuck their way in…

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Have I explained yet why my 18th birthday is so important? Why every skin-walkers birthday is so important? No? Good.

(If you haven't yet guessed I love talking about it) When I said I could shape shift into a wolf, I wasn't lying. I just left a few not so small details out.

I can change into a wolf, that much is true, but I won't be able to actually make the transformation for two more days. Here's how it works: I was born a skin-walker, both my parents are skin-walkers, as were their parents before them, etc, but we don't gain our ability to shape shift until our 18th birthday-which coincidently always falls on the day of a full moon. With the exception of our first turning, we can transform at will. Still with me?

This is where mating and Brandon Ryan comes in. Every skin-walker has a mate-one person in which they will spend the rest of their lives with. Most of us find our mates on/ shortly after our 18th birthdays. Mates are naturally drawn to each other and once two mates have come of age they tend to find each other almost instantly. We don't exactly know how it works, but the wolf in us takes over and all it takes is a flash of gold. When two mates look into each other's eyes for the first time after they have both come of age and their eyes flash gold, their life bond snaps into place. They are eternally bound, eternally connected, destined to love that person and only that person for the rest of their immortal lives.

Brandon Ryan is my boyfriend. He came of age about a year ago. His eyes haven't flashed gold for a single female skin-walker in the pack nor have their eyes changed hue for him. I know that when I look into his eyes on the night of my 18th birthday, I will be the girl to finally make his eyes blaze gold. I know it in a way I can't explain, yet I would bet my life on the feeling. He is mine.

In general unmated skin-walkers aren't encouraged to engage in serious relationships because problems could arise if they fall for one person and then end up mated to another. My friends and family were worried about this happening when Brandon and I first started growing closer. Eventually my friends stopped being so wary and my parents stopped forbidding me from seeing him. Everyone could see that the two of us were special. That it was right.

It's happened before; two mates finding each other before they were officially old enough for their bond to come into play. Ria is constantly telling me how romantic it is that Brandon and I were able to find each other before our time.

Alright, now that you've been elaborately informed (see why I gave you the short version earlier?) we can finally move on from my long winded explanations. I tore myself from my thoughts and focused back on my best friend.

Ria twirled the straw around in her glass. "So have you felt anything different when you've been together lately?" she asked nonchalantly.

I shrugged. "I think we're already so connected that it's hard to really notice." Apparently if two mates interact shortly before they are predestined to claim each other, things are suppose to go wonky. New feelings arise, a pulling towards the person, an unexplainable connection/urge to be around them…All of which Brandon and I have in spades. I shrugged. "I'll pay closer attention tomorrow, but I don't think it's possible for us to grow any closer."

Ria sighed wistfully. "God, you guys make me so jealous." She paused to take a quick sip from her straw. "So, besides making it official with Bran, aren't you excited about the change? I'm always wondering what I'll look like."

I laughed. "Brandon's always teasing me that I'll be an undersized wolf because I'm so short." I used to hate being 5'2 and a half, but since I'll be that height for eternity I had to let it go, no point in being bitter forever.

"He might be right. Apparently our human appearance is supposed to play into how we will look when we shift."

"Here you go, girls." Serena appeared beside our booth, placing our plates down in front of us. She gave us a large white container that was supposed to contain "juice" (but really contained beer) and winked. "Let me know if you need anything." We nodded and thanked her before digging into our meals.

I greedily cut into my steak, my enhanced sense of smell making my mouth water. And no, I did not order my steak rare. Just because I happen to be a werewolf doesn't mean I don't like my meat cooked.

Only two seconds into my meal I began to feel strange. I wasn't hungry anymore, or maybe I was hungry and the weird flip flops my stomach was doing was making it hard to tell. I put my fork down and stared at my plate. Was something wrong with the food? I discarded the thought as soon as I had it; Serena would never allow that.

But…why did I feel so odd? The back of my neck began to tingle and my stomach continued to assault my insides with more unpleasant acrobatic summersaults.

Ria noticed the strange look on my face. "Kai, are you okay?"

"Yeah…I guess." I must have been tired or something. I'd been so excited that sleeping lately was almost impossible. But I didn't feel sick…just….I couldn't explain it. "I'm feeling weird."

Ria swallowed a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "Could be a wolf thing."

She was probably right.

Serena, who was serving the table behind us, noticed me and walked over. "You okay, Kaia? You've hardly touched your plate."

I brushed off her concerns. "I'm fine, I'm fine. The food is great, as usual." I didn't want her to think I didn't like the cooking at her mates bar, she'd be mad at me for days. Mates are overly protective like that.

Ria was looking over my shoulder. "Serena," she drew the older werewolf's attention from me. "Who is that?"

I turned my head around to see who'd caught Ria's attention. "James Waylee?" He was sitting in the sports section of the bar, having some drinks and watching some boring football game on the small ceiling TV.

Ria shook her head, her eyes still locked on whoever had her entranced. "Pfft, no. I know who James is. The yummy one in the black."

Serena finally understood who Ria was talking about. "Oh. You mean Zan?"

"If that's what his name is, then yup."

Serena shrugged. "He always comes here. What do you want to know?"

I looked over at the bar again, this time I knew who to look for. My eyes ran over James and his friends, some other skin-walkers I was less familiar with, and finally landed on the hulking figure in black. A dark cloud seemed to hang over him, the despair so strong it was almost tangible.

That was Zan De'man for you. I recognized who he was although we'd never interacted. What I knew about him was purely word of mouth and other than the fact that he was in our pack, he was more or less invisible. He was a bona fide loner. Something had happened to his mate (the rumour was that she had died, but no one knew for sure) and so he was staring down eternity alone.

Ria raised her eyebrows. "I've never seen him here before and he does not look like someone I would fail to notice."

Serena smirked slightly in Ria's direction, bemusement on her face. "You two brats are usually in school at this time and he never sticks around any longer than it takes to buy wolfsbane." Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as we watched him take a seat at the sports bar and order a beer. "Huh," she muttered in awed uncertainty. "That's new."

"What is?" Ria inquired.

"He's not leaving." Serena finally turned back to us, looking at me in particular. "And he's looking at you."

"Me?" I squeaked. Why would he be looking at me? I snuck another glace at him, positive Serena had it wrong. Our eyes met and the strange feelings I couldn't shake intensified tenfold. God, his eyes were so sad. My heart broke a little just looking at him. Eternal loneliness wasn't a future even the most heinous person deserved.

I guess he would have been attractive if the doom and gloom atmosphere that rolled off of him in waves wasn't so distracting. Somewhere underneath the hardened planes of his face lay model-handsome good looks. It was strange seeing him now, almost like I was picking up on a whole bunch of little things that I never would have caught before. I bet his smile used to be beautiful; it's a shame he looks like he could never crack one again. My cheeks flushed a little, the thought that crossed my mind stunning me. I had no idea where that had come from.

A weird warmth began to grow in my chest. It was rapidly becoming clear to me that the way he was staring at me wasn't normal. I wasn't acting normal, but I couldn't seem to pry my gaze from his.…Deep gray eyes looking into me for something I couldn't understand, prying into me, invading me as if trying read my mind-and all too abruptly I was suddenly able to turn away from him.

A life of solitude was probably driving him insane. There was something strange about him, that was for sure. I felt like his misery was so consuming that just being in the same building as him was dragging me down. Second hand smoke-hah! Try second hand heartache.

I decided to ignore him, though the back of my neck continued to prickle and somehow I knew his gaze was still fixated on me.

"He's really cute, don't cha think?" Ria giggled, blushing as she continued to sneak him glances.

"Not that I ever notice other men," Serena laughed, "but he's definitely not bad looking." She motioned for Ria to move over and sat down beside her, squeezing her way into our booth.

Ria nodded, playing with a lock of her hair almost dreamily. "He's the Lone Wolf, right?" Some of the pack nick-named him that for obvious reasons, though no one said it to his face. "So then, it's possible that I could be his mate? I really don't want to end up with Tommy."

Serena smirked. "If you did end up mated to Tommy, you'd love him. Trust me. That's how it works. Stop worrying."

Ria didn't look convinced. "But he's so much more-dark and dangerous than Tommy. Definitely better looking. Being his for eternity? I wouldn't hate it."

I laughed a little. Ria was always like this. She'd been trying to pick out her mate since she was four and a half. She needed to dissect any single wolf that crossed her path even though it was relatively pointless.

Serena was also amused. "Whoever your mate turns out to be, he'll be the best looking wolf in the world in your eyes." She knew from experience. (Yet another reason Brandon and I are mates, I've always thought he was the best looking guy/wolf in the world.)

Serena was still talking so I pushed away my lusty Brandon thoughts and turned my hearing back on.

"Dark and dangerous is right…" she was saying in a low tone, "But dangerous even more so. He buys a new bottle of wolfsbane every day."

Wolfsbane is a medication of sorts. Sometimes we have a hard time controlling our inner "wolves"-the not so human side of us is easily aggressive-and wolfsbane helps calm down those of us who can't do it on our own.

See, I knew he was crazy.

That little tidbit of information seemed to lessen Ria's growing interest. Serena jumped up suddenly. "Crap, I still have tables to wait."

I grinned cheekily. "Don't anger the Boss man now or you'll have to make it up to him later. Maybe I should make a complaint-you could very well be fired."

Serena rolled her eyes at me before heading to the front to see if any new customers were neglected. "Real cute, Pearson."

Considering the love of her life was her boss, everyone knew Serena could be the worst waitress in the world and never lose her job. She was constantly teased about being 'Boss's pet.'

"He's still looking over here," Ria whispered, leaning closer to me. Only now she didn't look completely smitten, she looked smitten with a touch ofwary.

I hoped he was looking at her.

But I felt him looking at me.


"Whatever," I muttered, eager to change the topic. Sure, I felt bad that The Lone Wolf was…well alone, but it wasn't my problem and since these weird feelings started when he came into the bar, pretending he wasn't here sounded like a good idea. "Anyway, have you seen that new movie everyone is talking about…A Tale of the UnBeating Heart?" Chick flick talk could keep romance junkie Ria busy for hours. She began to babble about all the parts of the movie that made her tear up and I turned my attention back to my meal.

No more talking about Crazy Zan. No more thinking about Crazy Zan. No more paying attention to the way the back of neck tingled as he stared at me. Let him gawk at the back of my head if he liked…My ponytail isn't very interesting, besides, he's bound to look away eventually. I'd just ignore him and not think about it…

Err…thinking about not thinking about him isn't really thinking about him, is it? I will stop thinking about him, I ordered my insubordinate brain. I was starting to wonder if I'd get any peace of mind tonight.

Stupid, stupid, very ho-No, uh very sad, very crazy werewolf. Did I mention crazy?

He will stop staring at me sooner or later; the back of one person's head cannot be this interesting. He will stop.

He will.

And I will stop thinking about his staring problem.

I will.

I will.


"What time is it Ms. Wolf?" Ria joked, punning an old schoolyard game we played as children.

"Time for us to get our asses home before my mother kills me," I warned, only half serious. She wouldn't kill me, but a pissed off werewolf mother is way scarier than your average pissed off human mother. Trust me on this.

Curfew was eleven on school nights. Normally I wouldn't push it, but I would be officially living on my own in less than 72 hours, so I wasn't too worried.

By now Moonies was emptier; a lot of the younger crowd had headed home. Serena was still here.

Ria and I were definitely still here.

Oh, and Crazy-Staring-Wolf- Freak was still here.

I wasn't the sole purpose of his attention anymore-thank whatever god werewolves are supposed to pray to. But every once and a while the back of my neck would prickle, and I would know he was watching me again.

I was considering heading home or staying out and drinking some more with Ria when the doors to Moonies were shoved open and two drunk teenage boys stumbled their way inside.

Ria and I shared a look. These two idiots went to our High School. I knew the taller 'would be cute if he wasn't such a manwhore' one was Clyde, but I had no clue who his pudgy friend was.

Clyde surveyed the bar, noticed Ria and I, and sauntered over to us. Unfortunately we were the only girls here (besides Serena) and that did not go unnoticed by McSleezy and Co.

"Wanna get out of here?" Ria hissed under her breath.

"Definitely," I replied. Moonies was never any fun when it had human customers. Everyone had to act normal. Also, I had no desire to interact with Dr. Jekyll and Mr Clyde.

We had just grabbed our bags and squeezed out of our booth when the boys reached us.

"Can you believe we were kicked out of 99 Bottles?" Clyde slurred. He wasn't standing all that close to me, but my canine senses made up for the lost distance and his entire body reeked of scotch. It was times like this when I wished I didn't have such heightened senses.

"Actually, yes," Ria snickered. "You smell like the floor of a brewery."

"That's sweet, babe." Clyde laughed, but stopped when he noticed that we were putting on our jackets. "You're not leaving already, are you?"

"Actually, yes," Ria answered again.

Clyde sneered. "Do you say anything else?"

Ria grinned cheekily, "Actually-"

"Save it," he cut her off, his eyes glinting creepily. "I'm not interested in you, anyway." He pointed at me, "It's short-n-busty I'm interested in. You can have Chubs here," punching his quiet friend on the arm. "You're right up his ally."

Ria looked a little hurt and I knew I felt a little sick. Tonight had to be a new record-I caught the attention of Creepy Crazy Wolf, and now Clyde Owen was bothering me. (In a mocking overly cheery cheerleader voice) Yay me!

"I have a name," I corrected, looking at Clyde and resisting the urge to plug my nose from his overpowering stench. "But since we're leaving, you have no actual use for it. Goodbye."

Ria grinned at Clyde's shocked expression and I nodded towards the doors. "Excuse me," I spat rudely as we walked by the two losers and out of the bar.

"Human men can be such dogs!" we said as we exited the building, and cracked up because it came out simultaneous.

Ria rolled her eyes once our laughter died down. "And they have the nerve to call us animals."

I made a face. "I thought I was going to pass out from their body odour alone. At least we 'animals' have good hygiene."

Ria chuckled a little before moving on. "Do you want to get a taxi or would you rather walk?"

"Whatever you want."

"I wore my good shoes today, so I'm thinking taxi….though the walk isn't that far and it is a nice night…then again, these shoes were really expensive—I just don't know if I should risk it…"

A shadow suddenly appeared beside Ria, unnoticed to her as she kept babbling.

"It wasn't very nice of you ladies to walk out on us like that." Clyde swiftly materialized, moving at a speed that should not have been possible for a drunken fool. "Was it, Chubs?" He looked at his friend for confirmation.

"No," Chubs grunted/confirmed.

"We were being all gentlemanly, politely trying to make conversation with you pretty girls, when you decided to ditch us like a couple of uptight bitches."

"Bitches," Chubs grunted/agreed.

I inched closer to Ria and glared at the jerks. They had followed us out of Moonies? Was dissing and ditching them not enough of an indication that they should try their "charms" elsewhere?

"Don't you have an else where to be?" I snarked, quoting one of my favourite TV characters.

Clyde grinned maliciously. "We're going wherever you're going, baby, so don't bother ditching us again, because we'll just follow you."

"We'll follow," Chubs echoed. I was starting to wonder if he ever had an original thought of his own.

Ria and I could outrun them. Easily. We might not have access to our full supped up wolf powers yet, but even in our human form there were perks. We were faster than the average human. And I'm talking, 'I could be a serious contender in the World Olympics if I wanted to' fast.

And while we could almost certainly tear out of here, leaving nothing but dust in our wake-Clyde and Chubs were drunk enough that they'd probably think they imagined us moving so fast-there was no point. Yes, I was calling Clyde's bluff.

"You're so drunk you won't even be able to tell what direction we're going in," I shot back.

Chubs pouted at Clyde. "She might have a point."

"Shut up," Clyde spat without turning to look at his foolish friend.

Chubs obeyed his master and fell silent.

Clyde put his hands up in mock surrender. "Com'on, Shortie, we just want to get to know you better." He leered, leaning in closer to me. "If you catch my drift."

I did, but I also caught a whiff. God, my nose might shrivel up and die if he didn't get the hell out of my face soon.

"Let's just go," Ria muttered, pulling on my arm. Her eyes conveyed her thoughts clearly to me. They can barely stand and they think they can keep up with us?

"Don't die of alcohol poisoning while we're gone." I smiled sweetly and paused as Ria pulled me along beside her. "Actually, please do."

"Please what?" Clyde growled, grabbing onto my arm before Ria could pull me any further away. "Are you begging me now, do you want me that bad?" His other hand came up to palm my breast.

Alright, I know I'm under strict orders to act 'normal.' I know that no ninety-five pound, seventeen year old girl can fling a six-foot adult male five feet into the air, but screw that. His slimy sleezy jerk hand was on my breast. I would never feel truly clean again.

Even Ria could tell I was about to blow. "Kai, don't," she tried desperately. But what else was I supposed to do? Sure, I could easily pull my arm free with minimal damage done to Mr. Gropey, but where was the fun in that?

A second before I could toss Clyde off of me and into the wall-I was aiming more for the trash can-a feral growl pierced the air and a large hand came down on his shoulder from behind. The rest was a blur. The next thing I knew the two assholes were laying on the ground. Unconscious.

Slowly I raised my eyes to meet a pair of angry blood red ones.

Crazy Staring Wolf to the rescue. Sort of.

Zan was here. Staring and standing directly in front of me. I was going to hyperventilate.

"They had too much to drink and passed out," Zan half growled. He closed his eyes and I knew he was willing himself to calm down. When our eyes turned yellow–or in his case: red–it was because we were losing control, and the wolf was coming out to play. When he finally opened his eyes, he must have won his inner battle, because they were gunmetal gray again.

"Okay," Ria whisper-gulped. I was glad I wasn't the only one he unnerved.

I didn't say anything.

It was almost like I was in a trance. He was taller than I'd realized, or maybe I was just shorter (though I really hope that's not it, I'm short enough as is) and his presence felt even stronger than earlier inside the bar. Something was clearly wrong with him. I watched as the rims around his irises flared red again before dulling back into that safe gray. Back and forth; it occurred a few more times. What was making him lose this much control?

He was probably as nuts as I suspected.

The warmth in my chest from earlier came back with a vengeance. Strong enough to burn a whole through my heart though physically I knew I was fine. This was only the second time in my entire existence that this feeling had come over me. I didn't know yet if I liked it. The sensation was too foreign, strange and unexplored.

Hot. Everything was hot. Like my entire being was on fire. It was different…but not necessarily bad.

One thing was clear: my central nervous system was definitely out of control today.

"Thanks for…um…" Ria's voice caught our attention and he dragged his gaze away from mine. She looked down at the ground, almost pleased to point to the unconscious morons.

An actual emotion almost showed itself on his face; he looked at Ria for a moment before giving her a small nod of acknowledgement.

I expected him to look my way again but it never happened. All night he'd been looking at me and now…..He walked away without giving me a second glance. I almost felt disappointed. Maybe I was the crazy one.

I watched as he disappeared into the night.

And as he left, so did the warm feeling in my chest.

And when he was gone…

It turned cold.

AN: Hey guys! I haven't written anything in a while, and though it also feels a bit weird, it feels good to be writing again. I'm not sure this new story is my best work, but I'm having a ton of fun writing it. The next chapter is already completed and should be up as soon as I revise the spelling/grammar. As always I love, love, love to hear from you guys and hear your opinions so drop me a review and let me know what you think so far. Hope you are all doing well!