In an enclosed room life can become very real
the heartache of coming to terms with his unnerving bone flesh
mum's the word

Each hollowed breath brought me closer to the earth
dried hands gripped at mud slick
with the possibility of a heartbeat

I feel faint, star-like through the lens of the city
distant in the most door-like way
his lips bruises like a plush rose
caught in the midst of a summer storm
and I only know of wants

I want to hold you like memory
but you are a slippery shape and very forgetful
yet the light blooms when I need it the most
in the darkest of rooms, in the darkest of nights

You: the rain hits against the tin roof
it is dreaming of wetlands, open mouthed crops
your forearms wring out rivers
and your form electrifies the elements
steering the sky in a crazed way

I make out your shadow
and store it someplace warm
I want to keep it close by
the nearness of it, an unspoken joy