The flag bearer declares:
I hate you, I love you

I love how you use language in absolute terms
trying to make the intangible, tangible
brick heavy, a huggable notion

she hangs around him like a mood
and I find myself speaking in tropes
the wheel splinters and I acknowledge the pain for what it is
not what it could be or what it seems
someone's lake likeness cannot produce new breathe
nor can it house memories

And I
trying to find the right words
trying to turn them into touch

I want to be... i need to be...
and then: oh shit, fuck.

But surely, surely…

Eyes flash
cut through a riot of color

Grappling onto this live wire
communication becomes unsound
and as we turn sounds into signals
which become alarming in tone, hyperbolic in nature
I can hear in the near distance a storm brewing
a battle blazing

and the drama of our lives
steadies itself like the glint of a sword
suddenly there
before quickly, quickly it disappears.