What happened to us

There was something about him.

Something real.

I don't know how to explain it.

He made me so angry.

No one could work me up like he could.

I'd give anything to fight with him one more time.

To have him in my arms.

That passion.

That fire.

I miss that.

I miss him.

What happened to us?

The breach between,

The distance…it grows.

I am alone now.

I am the observer.

No longer in the show...

Watching from the sidelines...

I know his story, his life, like the back of my hand…

And yet I cannot reach him.

He tried to save me from it all.

From the kind of life he lived.

That's why he left.

My days are numbered.

I grow weaker…

Not enough time to say the one thing I should have.

I love you.

What happened to us?