Chapter 1

It all began in the year 2110. The world was prospering with all kinds of new technology and ideas, but most importantly, cloning. The idea of cloning has been around for many years, but had not been thought of for the reason that I'm about to inform you of. I was told to write about this and send it to your time so that you could spread the word and make sure that this would never come to be.

I was about to turn 20 when I received a pictogram, which is a message, to come to the city hall for a meeting. I left my house and got into my second hand Homer and typed in city hall onto the pad and sat back to enjoy a nice ride. Since city hall was so far away I decided to log onto My World to check to see if anyone else was going to city hall, or if it was just me. First I changed my avatar to look how I looked, and then I went into My World where I found Adam Quinn, my best friend.

"Hey Adam, what are you doing?" I asked

"I'm heading to city hall, got a pictogram saying to come, you?"

"Same here I wonder who else is going." I said interested

"I heard that Amanda Jenkins was going, but I haven't been on My World for a while." he said sitting down next to me on a bench.

"Hmm, I haven't heard anything from anyone in a while too." I said looking around us at the exact replication of our real world.

"Have you downloaded the latest information from ?" Adam asked referring to our version of how we learn about the news. I believe you use something called a telvison or something, but we use our minds. All of our brains have been hooked up to a small device that is on us at all times, as an earring, necklace, etc. Since it's connected to our brains it is told what to do like an arm. Your brain tells your arm to move and it does, well this device is the same. We call the device, very creatively, Dev. It can be used to search the web, get into My World, download information, and download music.

"No, I haven't been on for a while" I replied wondering what had been going on

"Well, I have. There's this new idea I read about that's called the Redo program."

"So, what does that have to do with us being called to city hall?"

"Nothing, or at least I hope not. I was just wondering, because it sounds horrid."

"Well then, I won't download the info. I'm here, see you in a minute." I said

"Ok" he replied as I logged off.

I got out of my Homer and pressed a button that made it fold itself up to the size of a small 1 by 1inch cube that I dropped into my pocket. I looked down the tracks and recognized Adams' Homer coming, so I waited for him. His Homer was elaborately decorated and covered from the top to the hover device on the bottom with all kinds of neon colors and a lot of other interesting pictures. Even though he was 20, he was defiantly still a kid at heart.

Once he had placed his Homer into his pocket we entered the city hall and looked around. Our eyes instantly went to the flashing arrows floating on thin air, which we were told to follow. They led us to a huge room full of squashy chairs with robots next to each to tend to our needs. Adam and I sat down next to each other towards the front; it only took a few more minutes for everyone to arrive. Once everything was there the lights dimmed and a woman came onto the stage in front of us carrying a small baby. That was when it all began.

There was a movie showing the Redo program. When the title came up I glanced at Adam who gave me a look that said 'I told you so,' I looked back at the screen worried. It was all about how scientists had come up with a new idea of cloning. In your day you know about cloning, well this was even more scientific and scary. The scientists' idea was that everyone in the world should be able to correct the wrongs in their life which was a good idea at the time; it sounded pretty interesting, actually. The plan was that everyone in our year would be cloned and would take care of their clones. This is sort of how the presentation went:

"You will be able to redo everything, anything you've ever regretted. Each of you will be cloned, and then you will be responsible for your little self. You will go through the exact same life, but you will be able to change little things. Your teacher Ms. Betty, robot 227, will be reprogrammed as if the past 15 years have never happened. Each of the clones will start off at age 5, and will be the exact same as you. They will have the same tastes same ideas, but they will have you to guide them."

Everyone around me seemed to light up at the thought of redoing their bad decisions. The only problem was that we couldn't change big things like where we went to school; we had to stay at Jameson elementary, middle, and high school. No one seemed to care about that because they had grown up in that school and all were relatively happy with it. I looked over to see how Adam was taking this, and saw his expression of disgust.

The lights came back on and the woman with the baby came into the spotlight. She had been the tester. They had begun this cloning process many years ago and she was the second clone and her baby was the third. The original girl was currently 70. She said they had started the cloning process when the original girl had been 40 and hadn't been able to have any kids. Then they had cloned the second girl when she was 20. The scientist who had thought up the idea of Renewal was named Dr. Brian Walter. He had hypothesized that the younger you are cloned the more you will remember and be able to help your clone through life. After a little while, I completely zoned out and went to looking at my fellow, for one of a better word, classmates. Especially since we had all been out of school for about 5 years.

From what I have learned, in your time you have to go to school for twelve years, then more if you go to college. In our time, we combine college and regular school. We do have our own extra schools for people who have already graduated; these schools are for people who want to do work when they're older. Mostly, people who want to do that earn more money and choose to go to extra school and have a major job like being a doctor.

About 15 minutes later the lecture had ended and we were all told to expect a pictogram in a month about when we would be cloned. With that we all rose and left.

"So, what do you think of this Jane? This, cloning, business?" asked Adam as we were walking out of the Town Hall

"Well, I think it would be a great way to correct all of our mistakes in our lives, but it seems weird. Also, I think it's rather, out of the ordinary." I replied thinking it over

"I think it's completely stupid. It's not natural! This isn't the way the world is supposed to be, and did you see those scientists? They were acting like this was the greatest thing ever, but it's not! The invention of arcades was better!" he whispered

"I agree, but I do think it's an interesting idea, but one that shouldn't be tested, on animals or people." I said pulling out my Homer and placing it on the tracks that are what used to be streets. As technology improved and advanced some scientists came up with Homers instead of cars that drive by themselves, provide wonderfully comfortable seats, and don't crash, or rather have an invisible shield that prevent them from crashing. It definitely helped reduce the number of car accidents.

"Well, I've got to go. I'll see you on My World soon." I said getting into my Homer

"Yeah, see you." Adam said getting into his own Homer looking grumpy.