Chapter 2

A month later, just like they said, the pictogram came while I was reading a book. The pictogram stated the time and date as to when I was to be cloned. Once I'd gotten the pictogram I got onto My World and sought out Adam.

"There you are! Have you gotten your pictogram?" I asked finding Adam where I expected him to be, the arcade.

"Oh, yeah, I've gotten mine."

"And you're not upset or anything?"

"Nope, because I'm not going to go." he said easily

"You're… what?" I asked completely caught off guard

"Yup, I'm going to ignore the summon." said Adam still playing the games like a little kid.

"You're going to just, not go? But they told us 'If you refuse to come when called, you will be forced to come.'" I repeated back to him

"I know, and I don't care. I don't think it's human to 'clone' someone. It's not only inhuman, but just down-right wrong!" he said finally turning away from the game.

"Well, yes it is, but it doesn't seem like we have much of a choice."

"Too bad, at least I'll have tried."

"Oh come on, look, just go so you don't have to tell your mini you not to go when he's grown. What's the worst that could happen?" I asked not knowing at the time how wrong those words were

"The worst?" he asked incredulously, "I can think of many things."


"Well, like, what if since the clones are exactly like us, but we get to advise them, what if they decide to take over the world? Especially because they will know our weaknesses, or our world becomes so corrupt because many of us tell our clones that they don't need to worry about school or work or anything like that? Have you considered that?" he asked leading me outside to the park.

"Look, I think you're blowing this all out of proportion." I said

"You'll see, when you get your smaller you, and see how unnatural this is, you'll believe me!" he said looking completely serious. I felt like I should believe him, but at the time the program seemed so innocent, even good.

"So what are you going to do when the Authorities come to Outer Space?" Outer Space is the name of his house. Each of our homes was named after their looks. Mine is all about modern things so my house is referred to as Things of the Future. Adam's is black with stars all over it, and the inside is amazing. Each of his rooms was designed after one of the 14 planets, or at least 8 of the 14. One room was even the sun, which meant that it was a very bright room. The best part about his house was you had the option to turn off the gravity and float around!

"I'm gonna throw meteors at them." he said joking, "No, I'll give in because I don't want to get into trouble, but the Authorities will have to put up with a lot to get me to come."

"Ok, but try not to do so much that you're put into the Sponge." the Sponge being our jail. Each cell is covered in soft sponge-like material. Also, the outside is yellow and has many small holes that are windows. There isn't much crime in our little world, so the Sponge isn't very full. As a matter of fact, our country hasn't been in was for over 300 years.

"I won't, don't worry" he said getting up and stretching, "I've got to go. Don't want to spend too much time in My World, may pick up a virus. I don't really feel like going to the doctor to get my Dev. fixed. Or maybe I do, and then I could put off going to get my clone a few days."

"Ha, good luck with that. But I should get going too, see you later." I said logging off and going to, as you call it, bed. Going to bed for us getting into our sleep pods and letting it re-energize us; once we're in one and relaxed we fall asleep, then once our bodies have gotten enough energy we wake up. But I'll just say I went to bed.

Chapter 3

Five days later was the day that I was supposed to go and get my clone. I was told to go to the hospital, which has remained the same through all of these years, and I was lead to a room where they took some blood and told me to wait in the waiting room. In the spare time I got onto the web and downloaded the information on the Redo program, like Adam had told me to do. It only took about two minutes to download, and then I was able to read and learn about it. It was just what I had heard about at the meeting at city hall, but I noticed one thing that caught my interest; it said that the program had never authentically been approved of by the government. I didn't really worry about it because I thought they must have had it approved of before they could test it on us and mustn't have updated the page.

"Jane Wyatt?" called a nurse

"Yes" I replied logging off and getting up.

"If you'd follow me" she said leading me into the back, "room 10." she said gesturing to the room.

"The doctor will be with you in a moment, and you will receive instructions for your clone."

With that she left and I sat down in one of the squashy chairs. About five minutes later Dr. Brain Walter came in.

"Hello Jane, I'm Dr. Brian Walters." he introduced shaking my hand

"Hi, it's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too. Now, we have successfully cloned you, and you can see her in a moment. Here is the chip for your use; it tells you all about your clone and how to properly take care of it. There's not much to learn because your clone will be just like you and you just need to raise it like your parents did." he said handing me the chip in a small box, "Now, you can follow me to the cloning room." We got up and I followed him out of the room and down the hall to a room that had no windows or signs, almost like it was a secret.

The first thing I thought when I entered The Cloning room was this place is very depressing, the entire back part looked like a warehouse, but then when I looked more carefully at the enormous room, I changed my mind and thought this is amazing! There were hundreds of, almost huge egg-like containers where little embryos were growing. The room's lay out reminded me of a show I once saw called the X-Files, it was a show from the way past, but has become popular again in my year. As we walking down the rows I saw sleeping children under five at many different stages. Each were asleep and as I looked closer I saw them growing! I could see their hair growing and their limbs growing too.

"Each of them is a friend of yours, and all of them are nearly finished growing to the age of five." he said looking back and noticing me looking at them.

"Really" I asked looking back at the girl in the container.

"Yes, actually this is your classmate Jennifer Austen." he said continuing to walk, which meant I had to follow.

After a few more steps we passed into another room that had small cots lined up against the wall with little five year old children sitting on them with nurses tending to them. The nurses were giving the children check-ups and then some of them were being given tests. One girl was sitting on the cot and a nurse was holding a small screen in front of her with pictures of animals and their names. Then the child was told to match the name of the animal to the picture of the animal by touching the picture and dragging it to the title, or the other way around.

"As you can see this is the room where we test to make sure the child's senses are correct and functioning. Then we give the children tests to make sure their brains have correctly developed. We give each child the information they need by this age and then we let you come and see them and take them home to care for them." he said showing me one of the boys who was learning about words.

"Wow, I never knew technology could be this advanced." I said amazed

"Yes, we have advanced quite a bit in technology. Now, here is your clone." Dr. Walter said leading me to the last cot in the room where a little girl with a very slender body, slightly wavy brown hair, and very fair skin was sitting. As I approached she looked up and I looked into her electric blue eyes, innocent but, there was something else I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Hey" she said looking me up and down

"I'll leave you two alone, whenever you want to you can leave, just make sure you stop at the office so you can set up a return date so we can check up on your little girl." he said leaving us alone with the nurse.

"Hi, I'm Janie's nurse." said the blond woman who had the high tech see through clip board

"Sorry, but Janie" I asked, slightly confused.

"Yes, that's what we're calling her so you two won't get confused." she replied in a whisper

"Oh, alright, I'll just need to remember that."

"Are you my mommy?" asked Janie looking at me

"Um, yes sweetie. I am your mom." I replied awkwardly looking at the nurse who smiled encouragingly.

"What's your name?" Janie asked

"My name is Jane, Jane Wyatt" I replied sitting next to her on the cot

"Really, that's like my name."

"Yeah, I know, it's pretty cool huh?"

"Alright, well I think we should test out Janie's reflexes and ability to walk." said the nurse, "Ok, Janie, could you stand up for me?"

She slid off the cot and attempted to stand, but had a bit of trouble. Eventually she got the hang of it and was able to stand. Then the nurse took out her glass clip board and found a picture of a ball, and then she reached into the clip board and pulled out the ball!

"Wow how did you do that?" asked Janie amazed

"It's a trick sweetie."said the nurse laughing and winking at me, but I didn't know why, I had no idea how she had done that either, "Alright now, do you see this ball?"


"Now can you catch it when I throw it?"

"I'll try"

"Ok, now try to catch the ball." she said throwing it lightly, "Good job!" she said when Janie caught it, "Well, I think you're doing just fine. You two can leave whenever you want. Try to keep practicing throwing the ball to make sure her reflexes keep up." she said handing me the bright red ball.


"I'll lead you two out if you're ready." I nodded and Janie took my hand because she was still having a little difficulty walking successfully.

As we walked back down the aisle I saw some of my classmates being led down on another aisle towards the room with the cots. As we walked past the containers with the little embryos I noticed that they had been placed on top of little boxes so that the children being lead out weren't able to see into them, unless they were unnaturally tall, which Janie was not. As much as she tried like standing on her toes she couldn't see into the oval-sphere-like container, which was probably a good thing.

Once we left the cloning area and entered the brighter, happier part of the building Janie had to squint her eyes for a moment, then her eyes grew wide.

"Ooh" she said looking all around, turning her head this way and that.

"Come on Janie." I said when she stopped to look at one of the desks. We followed the nurse, not to the place where I had entered, but to another checkout desk.

"I hope to see you again soon." said the nurse leaning down and looking at Janie. Janie, a little shy smiled and looked at me. Looking into that innocent little face, I had this sudden feeling of emotion for her, but there was something in her eyes that seemed to be very… wise… or something.

"The doctor has scheduled a return in a little while. We will send you a pictogram when the day comes." said the woman at the desk window after I'd signed a few papers. Then we were shown out of the office through a door that was almost out of the way and lead to the back of the Hospital.