I can't believe that I lost again,

Into the darkness that seeps into my bone.

No longer is my arms my own control.

I can't see the depth of external's well.

Why can't all this just be?

Why can't you just open your eyes and see?

To write this all into words,

Is something hard to do.

Without the ability, to do what I have to do.

I can't let all this be.

The eyes blazing, acrosing the sunny evening.

The external stars in the night sky.

The bleeding keys in the right mind.

All time is lost now.

And lust is gone now.

Life is just a piece of empty shell.

Without the ability to comprehend all this,

Without my love by my side.

Without my guys by my right side.

Life seem to lost all it's blazing hope.



To turn back this life-piece,

Is like to rewrite history.

It can't be.

Can't be.

Before you judge this piece, I'd just like ya to know that I haven't really consciously compose this.

I sung random lines under my breath while typing it out on my computer.

I mean, I just want to see what I was singing all these time, since I can't remember it, if I just randomly sings random stuff.

So, yeah, I decide to write it down. So, now you know.