Meet Harley and the gang

Harley looked around the small box she called a room, her sea of clothes covering the floor, the cupboards and the chair. The room was just one huge mess .She smiled bitterly, story of her life really. Everything had turned into mess this year...well not this year. A couple of years ago when she started college, all her little flaws ate the bright clever child she had once been leaving nothing but an extremely shallow desperate insecure lazy little girl named Harley.

She turned her head as she heard loud heaving knocking on her bedroom, cringing as she smelt the sweat from her dirty sheets. She needed to wash them today badly.

"You awake?" Robert asked, she rolled her eyes with all the heavy knocking he had done, had he really expected her to still be sleeping, she thought to herself.

"Its 6.45pm in the evening, yes I am" She replied, Robert casually opened the door, his little elfin smile on his face. Harley gave her own little forced smile as she looked at her 19 year old roommate and friend. Robert Robinson was one of Harley's good friends who she had come to university with, a bit of bitch at times but still a very good friend.

"Just wanted to say, Hey" he said, adjusting his underwear. Robert in a vest and briefs, Harley internally cringed, despite the fact this was technically not her house did not mean she had to be forced to see such things.

"Well...I'm just going to go. I'm going out" He said, she gave a smile and watched as the door shut. There was only one thing Robert went out for and that was sex. She laughed to herself at the memory of him preaching celibacy.

"Celibacy, my ass" she muttered, reaching over to look at her phone. No new messages, not that she cared. She only really wanted to talk to one person and from what her phone was showing her not only had he not messaged her back, he hadn't even read it. She grunted in frustration.

She rubbed her hands against her rough face, she really had to start looking after her skin or these break-outs wouldn't stop. She stood up and walked over to mirror to look at her reflection...she looked awful. Her skin covered in spots and scars, her hair a matted carpet. She swallowed hard as she struggled not to lash out at her reflection. No wonder he hadn't replied, when there was other prettier girls giving him their attention.

She turned around to look at the small table covered in make-up. Harley silently thanked God she had been born a girl. At least there was a way to hide all the horrors of her appearance.

"Harley, Mp3 charger" Jack demanded as her entered her room once again without knocking. She sighed and stretched over her suitcase to get it for him. Jack watched as the tall girl stretched herself, her bum showing slightly.

"Hot ass" He stated, Harley laughed slightly as she placed the charger into his hand.

"My sister is your girlfriend, mate" She replied climbing back into bed.

"So..." Jack replied, shutting the door. Typical, Jack she thought. Not even considering the fact that Rachel might be annoyed or offended if she heard him say stuff like that to her. But I guess Rachel knew him well enough to know he wasn't flirting. Just merely making an observation and to be honest Harley didn't mind it. When Jack, Robert or even any guy said stuff like that to her. Harley felt just a little bit better about herself. It meant all the starving and walking she had been doing this year had been worth it.

She picked up her phone, he hadn't replied nor read it. She had already checked at least ten times in the last two hours. He was either busy or hadn't wanted to read it and have to respond. Harley sighed liking someone to the point of desperation was a disgusting thing. Especially when that person didn't always treat you the best and didn't like you as much as you like them, liking someone is complicated, Harley thought to herself as she looked at her phone, again.

Harley grabbed her stomach as it growled, she was starving. She had been for the last two hours or so but she was broke and there was no food. Her mum had given her the little money she had a while back and she wasn't going to start asking her Dad again knowing him, he probably wouldn't do it anyways.

"Wish I hadn't quit now" Harley muttered she had been working up until a while back. Then she found out she had failed probation and quit before they could fire her. It had seemed smart back then she had over £400 in the bank at the time. Now two months later only 0.38p to her name now that she had some huge outstanding bill to pay for gas and electricity back in that hovel she had called home for the last seven months or so.

Her stomach let loose another roar; she looked at her phone and considered texting her dad. Still no messages, she thought to herself, pathetic Harley. She walked over the door looking at her messy room for one final time before leaving. She was bored and hungry, one may be out of her control but she lived in a house with four other people, she refused to be bored.

Harley had only been living in Robert, Jack and Pearl's yard house for the last month or so. After exams had finished the routine was pretty much the same every day. Everyone woke up late, the boys bathed, the girls possibly bathed. Everyone ate, hung out and then everyone all did their separate things at night time then sleep.


Rachel's loud screeching giggle filled the house, Harley shook her head. Despite all the arguing that went down those two were too loved up. Must be nice to have someone, Harley thought to herself as she walked past their room. She looked at her phone once again as she entered the kitchen. She let out a grunt of annoyance and turned the phone off before placing it on the table.

" Let's see what I have left" she said as she opened the fridge, her heart saddened slightly as she saw all she had was some cheese, a bit of Soda, half a bag of baby potatoes, canned Tuna and chopped tomatoes. She grabbed the soda and quickly guzzled it down; hoping the gas from the drink would fill her hunger pains. She stared greedily at Pearl's pot of beef sauce, she quickly checked over her shoulder before hungrily picked pieces of beef from the sauce. She moaned in pleasure, the sweet taste of actual proper meat in her mouth was lovely. She quickly licked her fingers before washing it all down with more soda.


She turned around to see Rachel enter the kitchen. Rachel McCormack and Harley were sisters not by blood but by friendship. They had known each other since they were very small and had drifted in and out of closeness over the years but they were sisters, best friends and occasional singing buddies.

"Hey" Harley replied, picking her phone up and turning it back on. No messages. It was 7.56pm already. She couldn't keep doing to herself all she was asking for was heartbreak.

"I'm starving" Rachel muttered pulling out a container of chicken and rice; She was so thankfully she had cooked the night before. The kebabs she and Jack had in the afternoon had left Rachel, with a slightly dodgy stomach yesterday but she was better now and all ready to eat. She spun around to ask Harley what her plans were to find that her friend had already left the kitchen. She shrugged and went to put the food in the microwave; Jack was hungry and waiting for her.

Harley crashed back onto her bed with a large thump. Four pieces of beef and good three glasses of soda later and her stomach had calmed down. Her bed vibrated slightly as Robert's loud music began to play. She sighed, that music wasn't going off for another few hours.

"Stupid Robert, Stupid Speakers" she grumbled as she climbed under her duvet cover. She looked at her phone again, still no message from him. Her heart tensed a little at the thought of him with another girl entered her head. She smacked her palms on her forehead as she tried to remove the image of him from her head. She looked at her phone and unsurprisingly there were still no messages.

"Rob, turn it down" shouted Pearl, Robert's housemate. Harley smirked to herself as Rob's music only seemed to get louder. She personally didn't know why Pearl bothered every day. Rob didn't listen to anyone. Harley reached over, against what her common sense was telling her and looked at the phone again. No messages, it was 8.15pm and still no messages.

This must be love, she thought to herself, unrequited love

She had actually lost track of how many times she had looked at her phone in the last few hours. Her stomach wickedly growled again. Harley bit her lip, the skin broken and dry. Her she was a jobless twenty year old, pining after a guy who wanted nothing but her body which was currently starving. She looked at her phone, not only had he responded she could also see that he had read it ages ago...


"Hey Mum, No...Yeah, I'm good...umm well uni is finished and well I'm coming home next week. Nah, I'm bored...promise it will be different...No drama. Thanks see you soon. Love you too.'

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