Predator and prey. Both run after one another in an endless circle of pursuit and escape. That is the way it has always been. The prey forever flees, running from the ever-lurking threat. The predator runs as well, relentlessly and tirelessly chasing down its target. At times, the prey triumphs, eluding the predator; other times, the predator tastes victory. It is Nature's balance, a great cycle no one can ever hope to fathom. Predator chases prey, prey runs from predator. It is as simple as that.

So what would happen if predator and prey were to fall in love?

It is unheard of. Such a thing has never happened in all of Earth's long history. Predator and prey were never meant to feel anything for one another except bloodlust and fear, respectively. All living beings must obey the ordinance of Nature. If not, if one chooses to deviate from the preordained path, only disaster could follow, for Nature would not be content with their poor choice. All must respect and obey Nature, or suffer the consequences.

So what if predator and prey fall in love, regardless?

That is unknown, but it is known that no good can come of it . . .