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2. Impressions

On my desk, somebody had written the words "I'M HUMAN". I laughed because it was so funny, but then later in the year I didn't laugh at the words anymore. Instead I took a pen and at the start of every class, I would trace the words to make the impression deeper. But I didn't make it deeper for the desk. I didn't do it to point at the teachers or the school, but I did it to leave an impression on the students there. And every day I would watch the students pass by and see if they would notice the words engraved on my desk. But if any of them did it didn't seem to have any affect. So I just penciled it in deeper.

I wanted them to know how unkind they could be, and I would always write stories about school, aimed towards them, and I would drop them on purpose near their desks for them to pick up and read. I saw a plump kid named Toby pick up one of my stories. When he read it he laughed and ripped it in half before throwing it in the trashcan.