Author's Note: So let me tell you right off the bat that poetry is not my forte. At all. Hope you enjoy anyhow. Remember, read and review! Even if it's just one word. Steal and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth as this is copyrighted to me. (^_^)

A Spring Night

Step outside, a cool wetness on the bottoms

of feet. The continuous

bagpipe drone of the crickets,

the tapping of the moths and the beetles,

knocking at windows and doors to come in

to the light. The atmosphere presses down,

heavy and sticky, and makes the sky look

farther away. The dampness muffles the sound of the treading shoe,

the falling leaf,

the turning page. All sound seems to

fade slightly.

A tall black night sky, sprinkled with

tiny shattered suns. A scented breeze

stirs the fireflies up and they mix with

the stars.