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I gaped at Lex, unable to do anything else.

"Everyone always reacts that way," he sighed. "I think it must be because of the mohawk... or maybe this?" He ran a finger over his left eyebrow and the three steel bars embedded in it, then shook his head as if dismissing the idea. "Anyway, this isn't exactly why I brought you here, just part of it." He shifted Charlie on his hip, the child reaching up one delicate, pudgy hand to stroke the two rings through his cartilage, and tug at the crucifix dangling from his lobe. Lex winced a little, carefully pulling his son's hand away from his ear, and guiding it to his shirt instead. He carried him over to a music player set up on a wonky end-table in the corner of the room, fiddling a little with the buttons.

I scoffed a little as Lady Gaga's Judas was fed from the speakers into the room, and raised an eyebrow at Lex.

"Hey, don't look at me, it's Charlie's favourite. Aggie's a bad influence on him, playing all kinds of crap when they're alone. Can you believe I caught her playing Westlife?" He gave an exaggerated shudder, grinning at me, then bent down and deposited Charlie on the ground. Instantly, the small child grabbed at the fabric of the sofa, pulling himself to his feet. Lex turned his back to mess around with the volume of the track.

I jumped as a quiet voice murmured in my ear from behind me, spinning around to come face-to-face with Agatha.

"He doth protest too much." She smiled, tapping her nose. "This track was on an unmarked CD in a box labelled 'guilty pleasures'." She smiled again, retreating from the room.

I turned back to cajole Lex, only to freeze on the spot. Charlie was well and truly standing and... wiggling his hips to the beat of the track, trying his best to sing along, but failing to keep up with the speed of the vocals.

I heard a chuckle and glanced up to meet the smiling eyes of Lex, no doubt laughing at my incredulous expression. He strode across the room and grabbed my hand, tugging me over to Charlie.

"Look Charlie, I brought you someone special to dance with. You decide if he's any good, okay?" He let go of my hand, but Charlie grabbed at it before I could miss the contact. Not that I did miss the contact... okay, maybe I did, but it was nothing to do with Lex in particular, I just... hadn't had much physical contact recently, what with mum and dad bringing up unpleasant topics left right and centre, and Albert studying hard for his module exams. I'm a boy. I like girls. Just...

I lost my train of thought as the track changed, to yet another one of GaGa's tracks. Little Charlie tugged at my hands, his sweet little smile tugging his cheeks into perfectly symmetrical dimples. My body was begging to get lost in the beat, moving slightly without any thought on my part. I giggled a little and gave in. I couldn't deny a dance from such a sweet kid.

Before I knew it, I was completely absorbed in the dance, forgetting my surroundings, only realising my error when the music ended abruptly and Charlie let out a squeal of delight.

"Dance good!" he chirped. I just gaped, cheeks flushing red. Lex approached us and scooped Charlie up, resting him on his hip and ruffling his hair.

"Well of that's not a raving critic I don't know what is." He shot a toothy grin at me, then ran a hand over his hair and motioned for me to take a seat on his sofa.

"Look, think about some auditions okay? You're a good person Alice, and you can dance. You could go places most of us only ever dream of, you just have to let yourself go a bit. Who cares if people don't like you, if you're enjoying yourself? Hey?" He lean over and deposited his child in my lap. "And anyway, you can't disappoint your biggest fan now, can you?" Charlie stared up at me all wide-eyed, thumb firmly and mouth and little fingers twisting in his tufty hair. Fuck. I could never resist babies. I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips.

"I suppose not. We'll see." I murmured, stroking the child's hair out of his face. "Maybe I'll have a go."


It had been six months. Six months since Lex had used a two year old to get me to agree to dance school. God knows how many auditions later, and always the same comments. 'Exactly how tall are you?', 'We're just not sure you'll be able to lift the girls', 'Are you prepared to cut your hair?', 'You just don't have the aesthetics of a male dancer.', 'There's no real strength to your movements, and you're dancing the girl's part!'.


One last audition. And I swear, after this one I am kicking back in bed for the rest of my life. Screw trying to make a decent living, someone will take pity on me, I'm sure. It's not like I haven't tried to do something with my life. Maybe things would just be easier if I... No. Don't go there. Uh-uh.

The waiting room chairs are that type of plastic that makes your arse turn to rock in seconds, and I'm trying not to squirm. It's not even pre-performance nerves. I've been in for that already. No, this is much worse. This is the tense nervous hysteria that comes during the time it takes for them to discuss my audition and call me back to interview... Or in most cases, to insult. I let out the breath I've been holding for what seems like an age, and the girl sat across from me flashes me a smile. I offer a tentative nod in return, which she takes as an invitation to move into the seat next to me and start talking.

"Hi, I'm Kelly! How'd you think your audition went? This is my first one, so I have no clue what they want. Do you think you've done enough? My routine was mostly street stuff but I managed to work some ballet in there, what was yours like?"

She finally replaced her babble with a smile, leaving me space to reply, but all I could do was gape.

"Oh, sorry. I babble when I'm nervous. What's your name?"


"That's awesome! Pretty unique for a guy, your parents must have thought, hmm? Or did they name you after Alice Cooper?"

I shrugged, bemused.

"Look, I know this might be a little forward, but here," she handed me a business card. "My brother owns a club in town, they're always looking for dancers. I know it's not quite of this calibre, but it'll get you on the ladder at least, and he pays a good wage. Think about it if the auditions don't go as hoped, okay?"

I just nodded, tucking the card into my jeans pocket. "Thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome." She moved back to the seat opposite until her name was called, and she disappeared from the room.


I slammed the front door when I got home, flinging my bag at the hook and storming up the stairs, smashing my bedroom door shut in mum's face before catapulting myself face down on the bed.

Shit. Fuckers. Bastards. Bitches. Shit. Fuck!

My mobile buzzed on the floor.



"How'd the audition go?" Lex's dulcet tones. Should have known.

"I wish you'd quit calling me after these things. You know they'll have said no."

"No I don't. I have faith in you Allie, you can do this if you just want it enough."

Maybe he's right, maybe that's where I'm going wrong. Maybe I should be prepared to start anyway and work my way up, rather than starting at the top.

I sighed. "How's Charlie?"

"Oh, he's fine, he's right here, hang on a sec."

"When we dance 'gain Ayie?" Charlie's little voice breathed into the phone.

"Soon, Charlie, soon. I've got to come see you for your birthday remember?"

"I be three!" He exclaimed, his voice filled with excitement. "Daddy's gonna take me to little school with all the big boys!"


The queue outside Xavier's on a Saturday night trails back for a quarter mile. But then, it's the hottest gay club in town. I finger the business card in my pocket, reminding myself of the scrawled note on the back;

'Tell the bouncers Kelz sent you, they'll take you straight to Joe.'


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