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Eros had decided early on that he quite disliked High School.

In fact, in most cases, he absolutely hated it but he knew that complaining to Achilles would be similar to insulting Percy. It would just slide right off.

He hated the endless hours of learning something you already knew and the teachers who pretended to be more experienced when they honestly had no clue just like everyone else but, most especially, he hated the mortals.

Even the oldest mortal was yet but a child in comparison to the age and experience he had gained over the millennia. A mortal in their teenaged years, however, wasn't even a toddler by his standards yet, here he was, forced to walk with them.

He shuddered.

It horrified him to walk near them let alone have actual conversations with them. He had concluded that as soon as he had gained the trust of his target, he would avoid the mortals as much as possible.

When wandering the halls, he kept to the desolate parts of the school, the hallways no one dared to use during Lunch. These halls were often the ones close to the offices of the teachers or the staff room so it did quite surprise him to see he wasn't the only one in this specific hallway.

Two fair haired boys were standing by a doorway to a office, their eyes glittering mischievously. He recognized them instantly.

Hermes and Apollo.

Awe immediately filled him, expanding to fill his entire being. Just seeing them filled him with hope that they would one day rise again, ruling justly. But no. They weren't ready.

Not yet.

He stopped in front of them, knowing full well that they wouldn't be able to see him. He barely needed to think nowadays to keep the glamour intact. When Achilles had first approached him, upholding even the simplest spell took an amazing amount of energy from him.

Now, though, he just had to blink and he would disappear from the eyes of the mortals.

The one with golden hair that shone like the brilliance of the sun, Apollo, was standing precariously on the edge of a chair, trying to sit a bucket of water on the top of a barely opened door. A pair of stark red sunglasses perched at the top of his head, ruffling his blonde locks. He was grinning manically and kept shooting glances at the boy with the pale, spiky blonde hair, Hermes. Hermes was staring down the hallway with an almost scary intensity, his lean, muscular body poised to sprint at a moment's notice. They were younger then when he last saw them, a decade perhaps taken off their physical appearance. Their faces were slightly rounder, their bodies smaller and leaner. Yet they still maintained that aura about them, that alluring pull that made them seem stronger, taller and powerful.

The sound of heels clacking down a hallway reached Eros's ears.

Apparently, it also seemed to have reached Hermes ears.

"Alex," Hermes hissed, "Time's out."

Apollo, or Alex, raised himself onto his toes, fiddling with the bucket for a few seconds longer before jumping lithely down from the chair. Snatching the chair easily with one hand, he faced Hermes.

"Do you have the camera, Henri?"

Eros frowned. Henri must have been the name of Hermes.

Henri smirked, flashing a black metallic object to his friend. "Of course," he grinned, snapping his head to the side as the clacking of the heels grew louder, "Let's go."

Crouching low, they sprinted to the open door of a classroom across the hall, ducking behind the corner. Eros could hear Alex setting the chair down carefully inside the classroom just as a woman turned the corner. She strode down the corridor with an air of purpose, heading towards the door Henri and Alex had just trapped.

She was quite thin with an angular, pale face framed by short black hair. Rectangular glasses sat on the bridge of her nose and seemed to be constantly falling down for she kept reaching up to fix their position. She held a certain authority in the way she stood, the way she walked as if she was completely comfortable in her surroundings, as if being in the centre of the anarchy of High School didn't bother her in the slightest.

Eros stepped to the side just as the woman strode past him, oblivious of the young man she nearly ran into. He smirked.

A short intake of breath emitted from the classroom the young Gods had hid in. He glanced behind him to see a very disturbed Alex and a horrified looking Henri. They were whispering to each other furiously, the camera forgotten. They looked very much like they wanted to undo what they had done but, before they could do even breath, a scream echoed through the corridors followed by a loud clatter as the bucket fell to the ground.

Holding back the urge to laugh, Eros turned to see the woman soaking wet and looking angry enough to kill.

He watched, mildly amused, as Alex and Henri slowly crept from the classroom, probably hoping that they would escape the scene of the crime unnoticed. However, they walked directly into the woman's line of fire. As her gaze fell upon them, it almost seemed as if the temperature dropped a good few degrees.

His eyes not wavering from the woman before them, Alex muttered to Henri, "Should we run?"

"Run," Henri confirmed.

So they ran.

Eros watched them sprint down the corridor as if Hades was chasing them but in the form of the school's principal, Mrs. Burn.

"Alex and Henri Lewis," She screeched, waving her fists, "You get back here this instant!"

Hastily, Mrs. Burn took off each of her heeled shoes, gathering them in one hand before taking off down the corridor. He could still hear her screamed threats after she turned the corner.

Eros smirked.

He felt sorry for the poor mortal principal. Apollo had been arrogantly cocky as a God and Hermes had been infamous for antics as a trickster and a thief. However, to be on the bad side of the Gods as teenagers was infinitely worse. He chuckled.

Well, better her then him.

He almost immediately mentally scolded himself. He wasn't one to get distracted but, here he was, chuckling at human antics. He was on mission. He couldn't afford distractions.

He once again found himself wandering the hallways but this time, he was angling himself so that he would reach the Stadium.

He let the glamour slide off him like water as the hallways became more populated, mortal teenagers stared at him with open interest, the girls giggling quietly behind their hands as if he wouldn't notice. A particularly bold, red headed cheerleader winked at him, puckering her lips as she swayed her hips in one of those ridiculously short cheerleading skirts. Stephanie, he thought her name was.

Though he was always one to admire the occasional women, he had to admit there should be a rule against the length of skirts. Or one that Stephanie Myers wouldn't find a loophole in.

Other girls followed her lead, glancing up from beneath their eyelashes flirtatiously, hoping to capture his attention. He knew exactly what they were thinking, of what they were hoping to succeed in but, he found he didn't care.

He glided through the large, concrete archway that led into the football Stadium, ignoring a particularly possessive jock that had been glaring at him.

He scanned the Stadium quickly, his eyes barely over skimming the group of jocks throwing a football around at the centre of the stadium. He ignored the posse of cheerleaders as they waved their pom poms around in their short skirts, glancing at him appreciatively before beginning to chant. A teenage girl was jogging along the track, IPod earphones dangling from her ears, completely cut off from everyone else.

For a brief moment, he thought that maybe the girl running was the one he was after but he quickly dismissed the idea. She didn't have the silvery hair typically associated with the Goddess he was searching for.

Other kids lounged around on the stands, joking and laughing with each other as if they had no idea whose presence they were in. As if they didn't realise that they were in the presence of Gods.

But none of those kids was the girl he was looking for.

He scowled. Where was she?

He was just about to give up when he saw a jock break away from the group, walking away from the yells of encouragement his friends were giving him while he walked towards the jogging girl. He was yelling something to her, waving his arms in attempt to catch her attention.

Eros turned slightly, straining to hear even with his enhanced hearing.

"Artemis!" the jock shouted, jogging the last few steps to catch up with her.

She slowed to walk before turning to face him, unplugging her earphones as she gazed at the jock with curiosity. With a shock Eros realised that this girl actually was Artemis.

Even though her dirty blonde hair was different to the Goddess's usual silver locks, when the sun hit her hair, it gave it the appearance of finely spun silver. Her angular, elfin face had a creamy complexion, her dark eyelashes fluttering as she offered a small smile at the boy, her emerald eyes wide and questioning. Despite her feminine appearance, muscles rippled through every inch of her skin, her every move like a graceful lion stalking her prey. Eros knew immediately that, despite her loss of true memory, the girl wasn't one to be trifled with

"Darren," she said scolded playfully as he grinned sheepishly, "You know I don't like being called that."

"Why?" the boy, Darren, asked, "It suits you."

She scowled. "It's just a stupid nickname. Call me Mia."

Darren nodded and glanced at her quickly before suddenly looking at his shoes, a blush colouring his cheeks. "So I was wondering," he began, shuffling his feet, "If you would like to go see a movie with me, Friday night?"

Eros grinned. There was nothing he liked better than watching declarations of love, especially ones that came so unexpectedly.

A peculiar expression came across Mia's face. "I'm sorry, Darren," she said carefully, "But I don't date."

Darren frowned. "Oh."

"I'm sorry," she repeated.

He flashed a small, defeated smile. "No worries. Just give me a call when you start to date though, okay?"

She nodded, giving him a pitying glance.

Eros turned to directly face her, barely noticing as Darren returned to his group of imbeciles. He only had eyes for Mia as she popped her earphones back into place and once again took off at a steady pace around the track.

Finally, after endless years of wandering the Earth, hiding from the very mortals who once worshipped him, he had found the Ancient Gods and Goddesses of old.

He had found her.

Now it was only a matter of befriending her. He quickly racked his brains for the name Achilles had told him to use.

Ah. He remembered now.

His name was Eric.

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