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Chapter 1

Sometimes, I thought that I would never control it.

That I would never control the vast amount of rage and energy that always seemed to be inside of me. Before I had discovered my talent of running and archery, I had used to let go of my anger by taking it out on anything I would come across, especially boys. I had been a destructive child, going in and out of the principal's office nearly as often as my brothers, Alex, Henri and Haden. Though I held nothing compared to them, I still felt as if sometimes, even with my archery, I needed that. A part of me desperately wanted to get rid of my energy both physically and violently instead of merely emotionally. I wanted to feel the thrill of flying and ignore the possibility of falling and, for a long time, that was exactly how I lived my life. Then I learnt to control myself and my violent urges.

It was in the past, though, but sometimes, not very often, I still felt as if there was something missing. As if there was something out there that I still needed to do, something so important that everything I was doing was nothing but preparing me for whatever was waiting out there. Like I wasn't living until I found that part of myself.

Like now.

But I had a pretty good idea of what was missing and it sure wasn't some strange enlightening epiphany. No. It was my lack and utter hatred of the opposite gender.

I sprinted the next hundred meters, allowing the burn of exercise to run through me, my legs welcoming the familiar feeling.

Ever since I was in Seventh Grade, I was almost attacked by offers of dates and romantic evenings. And, to the utter horror of my older sister, Phoebe, I had said no to each and every offer.

I knew exactly why the idea of dating disgusted me. The amount of times I had to watch my brothers wolf whistle at every girl, commenting that they were 'hot chicks' was enough to tell me that all men wanted were the body and the not the mind. It sickened me.

Yet still, I had attracted a few decent looking boys before and, most of the time, they were fairly nice, caring people but I just wasn't interested.

A loud, obnoxious beeping noise emitted from the pocket of my shorts, signalling a text message. Grabbing the cell, I checked the ID, sighing as I took in the familiar name.

I glanced in exasperation towards the stands where Phe was standing gracefully by the top. She was raising her eyebrows in a questioning look, waving her metallic pink mobile at me in a wave.

I quickly scanned the message.

why did u turn him down? he was SO into u

Scowling, I typed in a reply before snapping my cell closed. Before I could put it away, however, I was treated to another series of loud beeping noises.

I read the next message.

do NOT say he wasn't cuz he was. im doctor love. i know these things.

if u want to, i can hook u up with him?

I wrote my reply almost instantly.

if u hook me up with another guy, i mite have to kill u. who

do u think u r? aphrodite?

Satisfied I wouldn't get another reply out of her, I glanced at the stands, smirking as I scanned the top for Phe. Before I could find her, though, my cell, once again, began to beep. I glanced down at my pocket in amazement. That girl texted fast.

well, i am EXTREMELY irresistible

I raised a slender eyebrow at her comment, noting dryly that she used a five syllable word. Impressive. For her, I meant.

I once again scanned the crowd at the stands, finding Phe almost instantly that time. Her long, golden hair flew gently in the breeze as she winked playfully at me, bending over in a Playboy bunny pose. She flipped her silky hair back as she blew me a kiss.

Behind her, a boy choked on his lunch as he caught a full view of Phe's backside.

I narrowed my eyes in disgust.

I suddenly remembered why I didn't date. Boys were all sexist pigs.

I grinned at that reassuring thought and, once again, took off at a steady jog, focusing on nothing but the track in front of me.

I had just finally relaxed into a steady hum when I heard someone yelling behind me.

"Hey! Will you slow down!"

I sighed. The voice sounded suspiciously like Darren's and the Gods knew I wouldn't be able to deal with another rejection.

"I've told you, Darren," I yelled over my shoulder, trying to go faster without making it too noticeable, "I don't date."

"My name isn't Darren!"

I froze, closing my eyes briefly in humiliation before turning to face my mystery guy. My mouth almost immediately fell open.

The guy was hot.

Usually, hot or not, I wouldn't give a guy a second glance. I had met quite a few guys that met the Phe definition of hot but never actually guys who I found attractive in the slightest.

So when I said that the guy was hot, I actually meant he could've been a God sent to earth.

He had a lean, muscular build with flawless, sun-kissed skin. The same curly, golden hair as Phe's framed his face, pronouncing his high cheekbones and vibrant blue eyes. A white T-shirt leaved little to the imagination and I found myself eyeing the abbs that were incredibly visible through the tight material.

Then I saw his eyes.

They were like unfathomable Greek Oceans. Crystal clear and bright yet they still hid a depth and intensity that no one could have ever thought possible of a teenage boy, a wisdom that reminded me of elderly college professors.

He jogged up to me, wiping his hand across his forehead as he heaved in a ragged breath of air. He bent at the waist, catching his breath.

Still bent, he extended his arm. "I'm Eric."

A small smile gracing my features, I reached over and grabbed his hand. "Amelia, but call me Mia."

I watched him with interest as he tried to catch his breath.

With those kinds of muscles, he looked like the kind of guy who could run ten miles without breaking a sweat yet, here he was, panting as if he had never been on the ground before let alone at a run.

He straightened. "Alright," he said, his tone determined, "Let's go."

I raised my eyebrows in shock. What was this kid playing at? "Are you sure you don't want to sit in the stands, kid? My goal, today, is ten miles."

For just a brief second, I thought I saw utter despair flicker through his features but it was gone before I could get a better look. He smiled coyly.

"Then what are we waiting for?"

I shrugged. "Just keep up, kid."

I started at a slow pace, occasionally glancing behind me at Eric. He was keeping up fairly well but it was obvious that he was tiring quickly.

I smirked.

Let's see if he could truly keep up.

I pumped my legs harder, sprinting a hundred metres, then two hundred metres. I poured my heart and soul into the lap, feeling like I was treading air. I dashed the remainder of the lap effortlessly, smirking as the cheerleaders squealed at my sudden approach. I slowed my pace, angling for the benches before finally coming to a halt.

I pivoted, snatching my drink bottle from the bench.

Eric was right behind me.

I blinked, my eyes widening in shock. "You're fast," I offered, impressed.

He placed his hands behind his head, gazing skywards. "I," he said, panting heavily," need a drink."

I watched him, frowning, as he snatched my drink bottle from my hand and took a long swig.

Though he had done nothing to offend me, something bothered me about Eric. He was probably a great guy but, every time I looked at him, an uncomfortable prickling flashed across my mind.

"Hey, Mia! Is that jerk bugging you?"

I glanced over at the group of jocks, watching as one in particular broke away from the group, a football in hand. My brother, Zach, tossed it easily in the air as he glared at Eric suspiciously. "Don't worry yourself." I called, "I can handle him."

My other two brothers, Po and Haden, broke from the group as well, Po swiping the ball effortlessly from Zach's hand while saying threateningly to me, "Well, if you can't handle him-"

"-just give us a call." Haden finished, knocking Po on the head and taking the ball as his prize. I shook my head in exasperation as Zach attempted to snatch the ball back but instead tackled Haden to the ground, beginning a wrestling match as Po joined in.

"Who are they?" Eric asked, absentmindedly handing my drink bottle back.

"My elder brothers."

I sneaked a quick glance at his face. He was staring at my brothers with an almost unusual expression. His blue eyes seemed tortured as he watched my brothers' laugh and wrestle, his shoulders tense.

A series of loud shrieks echoed through the stadium, breaking Eric from his trance. Shaking his head slightly, he looked behind me, an amused smile lighting his face.

"And they are?" he asked.

I turned to face where he was looking, scanning the countless people.

"Who?" I asked, clueless.

He gestured to the cheerleaders. Two boys were leaping over a girl who performing the splits, causing the girl to erupt into hysterics. They were laughing hysterically as they dodged and pushed the girls out of the way. Just as the cheerleaders seemed to regain their dignity, another figure pushed through them, once again scattering them. The women was raising two heeled shoes in air angrily, screaming, "Henri and Alex Lewis, this is the last straw! Do you hear me! You will be expelled for this!"

"Those guys." Eric said, gesturing to the two fleeing boys.

I sighed, watching in exasperation as my brothers sprinted towards us, ignoring Mrs. Burn's attempted threats. "Those are also my brothers."

Eric let out a low whistle. "Must suck being the only girl in six children."

"I have sisters too," I said defensively. Alex let out a girlish screech a few metres away as a football sailed towards his head, ducking just in time as Henri laughed is head off.

He glanced at me sharply. "How big is your family?"

"Including me? Twelve." I said, answering my own question.

Henri and Alex past us in a blur, waving cheerfully as if being threatened by expulsion was nothing but a day to day experience. I briefly considered finding out what they had done but quickly dismissed the idea. Knowing them, I probably didn't want to know.

Not far behind them, was a very disgruntled looking Mrs. Burn, and by the Gods, did she look mad. Her hair had escaped from her usual tight bun, the stray tendrils clinging to her cheek. Her clothes were water logged and clung to her body. She looked mad enough to kill and, if I made sense from any of the threats, that was exactly what she was saying she would do to my brothers once she caught them.

I resisted the urge to laugh.

I swear, if Mrs. Burn could shoot daggers out of her eyes, my brothers would be pin cushions by then.

I switched my gaze back to Eric who was looking at me in shock. My grin slowly slid off my face.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Twelve," he whispered, "I so don't want to go to your place."

I narrowed my eyes at him. He said he was surprised yet his eyes told a completely different story. He almost seemed excited about me having twelve siblings. I shook the feeling off. Whatever they were, I was sure Eric's intentions weren't terrible.

"It's not that bad. We get along," I told him as I snatched his hand and dragged him from the benches, ignoring his complaints as I, once again, forced him into a steady pace along the track.

"Step-siblings?" he asked, his voice already out of breath.

"Nah," I answered, resisting the urge to smile, "We're adopted."

Eric nodded. "Right"

The next mile was kept in something close to a companionable silence. Eric managed to keep up with me despite the fact that he constantly paused to rest. I took his distraction to watch him carefully, scanning him for anything that might say a potential threat. I hadn't had someone approach me as a friend since Grade eight.

He kept his eyes trained on the stands while we jogged, his eyes zoning in onto the blonde figure of my sister, Phe. His gaze was a strange mixture of longing and protectiveness. It wasn't the first time I had seen a boy gaze longingly at my sister but it wasn't one that was filled with lust. It was one filled with pain and sorrow.

"Lewis! Get over here!" a voice shouted.

My head snapped up along with Eric's, my eyes immediately finding the source. A few metres away, armed with a clipboard and pen, stood Coach Becking. He was scowling at my three brothers as they all glanced up at him, beginning to jog towards him.

"No, not you three," he snapped, gesturing to me "her."

I sighed. Whatever Coach Becking wanted, I knew it wouldn't be good.

"I'll see you later, Eric," I said grimly, staring at could only be my doom.

He smirked, clapping me half-heartedly on the back. "Good luck surviving an encounter with Coach Becking."

I gave Eric a withering glance, ignoring his answering grin before walking cautiously towards the most feared man in the school. Becking was a tall and imposing man, well over six ft tall. Every ounce of his skin bulged with muscle that could only be obtained from spending hours in a gym per day. There were rumours that the scowl on his face was permanent and that he had never smiled once in his life. But, then again, there were also rumours that he was a Russian spy sent to seduce and marry a CIA operative, whose cover was a teacher here, and then kill her.

Never trust the High School Rumour Mill.

To say he was terrifying was like calling a pit bull, Fluffy. This man was beyond terrifying.

So, obviously, he was my favourite teacher.

"Yes, Coach?" I asked, stopping a few ft away. I didn't want to be within range if he grew angry.

He glared at me. "Tell me, Mia. Did you make it into the Track Team last year?"

I nodded warily. "Yes."

"And did you make it into the Track Team the year before that?"


"And have you made it into the Track Team every single year since Grade Eight?"

I grinned sheepishly. "Yes, Coach."

"Then why, in God's name, are you training?"

I shrugged casually. "I'm not training. I like running. It helps me deal with my ADHD."

"Fine," he grunted, "but that's not the only reason I called you over here, kid. I've been able to convince the School Board to bring in an Archery Team."

I winced. I suddenly knew what he was implying.

He continued on, oblivious to my discomfort.

"Now, it's no secret what you and that twin of yours can do with a bow in your hands. However, I've already attempted to ask Alex but he was a bit occupied with Mrs. Burn at the time. So, that leaves me with you."

He took in a deep breath. "Would you like to be Captain of our school's first ever Archery team?"

This was the break I had been waiting for, the chance to join a team and to get noticed. It had been my dream to be a professional archer since I was small, to make it to the Olympics and win the gold. I already had the talent but I just needed the chance. Something was holding me back, however, a feeling that hadn't left me since Eric had appeared. At that moment, as I tried to see my future, I didn't see five star hotels and archery competitions. I saw something else.

"Can I sleep on it, Coach?" I asked.

He frowned. I bet he thought I would've jumped at the chance he just gave me. By the Gods, I felt like I would've jumped at the chance but, for some reason, I didn't.

"Sure, kid," he said, almost reluctantly, "Tryouts are tomorrow, though, so you better be giving me an answer then."

I nodded, relieved. "Thanks, Coach."

Coach nodded awkwardly, scribbling something onto his clipboard. Sighing he glanced up to where Mrs. Burn was stalking angrily down the stands, clutching both Henri and Alex by the ears, her mouth working furiously as she, without a doubt, yelled at them. If I strained my ears, I could almost hear her shouting. "Do you find this amusing, Mr. Lewis?" she screamed addressing Henri as a grin broke out onto his face, "Because I assure you that this is no laughing matter."

I winced. Though Henri and Alex had avoided expulsion for eleven years now, I was almost certain they had crossed the line this time.

Coach Becking sighed. "Let's ask Alex again, then."

Giving me a final glance, he walked, almost unwillingly, towards the infuriated principal and her latest victims.

I glanced down at my watch, reading the clock hands. I had five minutes until Lunch ended for me to get changed and to collect my books.

Taking in a few deep breaths, I collected my drink bottle from the benches before walking past the stands. The crowd was laughing and snickering at they enjoyed the last few moments of Lunch. The cheerleaders were practicing their routine one more time, the head cheerleader and my sister, Helena, giving the girls a pep talk. I attracted a few wolf whistles from the crowd, glaring at whoever it was. Last year, I would've hunted the guy down and kick him where it would hurt but I was determined to be good this year.

I should've known that it wouldn't have lasted.

I had almost made it to the Girls Changing rooms when I heard the voices. The voices were all too familiar and seemed to be arguing. Again.

Glancing longingly at the Girl Changing rooms, I changed direction, walking towards the sound of the voices. I didn't want to play peace maker but, when it came to these two, they would listen to no one else.

"You're impossible Aaron!"

"You're such a freak, Anna!"

"I can't believe I have to live you."

"Compared to me, you have it pretty good. At least, you don't have to live with yourself."

"You idiot! Of course I have to live with myself. I am myself!"


Finally, my sister, Anna, and my other brother, Aaron, came into view. Aaron was standing by the fence, glaring at Anna while she stood before him, her face flushed red as she yelled at him with everything she had.

It wasn't an unfamiliar scene. The two argued more than Deanna and Haden which wasn't an accomplishment to be proud of. Except, this time, the current fight had Aaron tense, his hands fisted as prepared himself for a fight and, knowing Anna, she would give him one. Despite her size, the girl was black belt in Karate and Judo and had a temper that could rival the Gods.

I wedged myself in between them, pushing them away from each other before anything to serious could erupt.

"Alright guys," I said trying to keep my voice as calm as possible, "What's wrong now?"

"This pig," Anna screeched, pointing at Aaron, "told me that I was nothing but a concubine whore."

I froze, taking in Anna's stormy, grey eyes. She was staring at me as if daring me to tell her she was lying. Her pitch black hair was sticking to her flushed cheeks and she was breathing heavily, smirking slightly. She knew she had swayed me to her side.

I pivoted slowly to face Aaron, murder blazing in my eyes.

He rolled his eyes, throwing his hands up in frustration.

"You called my sister what?" I hissed, taking a step closer.

Almost immediately, he took a step back. "I didn't mean it, Mia. You know that."

I stepped forward. "You know as well as I do that you meant every word of it."

Fire was blazing in my chest. Something was scorching within me, a voice urging me on in the back of my head. Suddenly, the boy in front of me wasn't just a student but also an opponent that needed to be taken care of. I could see him in battle armour, a sword at his side. I didn't ignore the image, instead letting it envelop me, unbelievable fury coming with it. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to see him beg for mercy, to see him plead for his life.

Before I knew what I was doing, my fist was flying towards his face. Swearing colourfully, Aaron caught it, twisting my wrist before I could do anything more. My hand was still trapped by him as I kicked him in the stomach, wrenching my hand away from him as he took a step back from the impact. Before he could react, I kicked him again, sending him flying into the fence. He slid down the fence until he was on the ground.

I lowered myself onto him, raising my fist back. I was aware of Anna behind me, urging me on. She was cheering loudly, shouting for me to leave some for her. Rage was blinding me. I wanted nothing more than to hurt Aaron, nothing more than to kill him.

I was just about to release my fist into his jaw when I heard a voice, a voice that was totally not Anna's.

"What exactly is going on here?" it snapped.

And just like that, the rage left. I was left there, sitting on Aaron's stomach and feeling more than a little empty and confused. Aaron was staring at me in shock, looking barely injured despite my previous best efforts. I could detect just a tiny bit of respect in his unusual orange eyes.

What had just happened?

I didn't face the voice though I well and truly knew who it was.

"Amelia and Anastasia Lewis, you look at me this instant."

I forced myself to look into Mrs. Burn's face, slowly heaving myself from my perch on Aaron's stomach. With Anna, I stood before her, wincing slightly at her absolutely livid facial expression. She was standing before us, still soaking wet but each hand was clutching on to one of Henri's and Alex's ears.

Henri attempted to give me thumbs up, grinning wildly, but was stopped by what seemed to be a particularly painful tug of the ear. I gave him a pitying glance as he grimaced in pain, offering a small smile. Alex was also beginning to erupt into silent convulsions of laughter before Mrs. Burn yanked his ear as well. Then he just glared at her.

Mrs. Burn, however, stared at me.

I was prepared for a look of rage or of horror or even of disappointment. However, I was not prepared for that mindlessly horrible blank stare she was giving me.

"You three," she said, voice devoid of any emotion, "My office. Now."

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