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They were fighting again.

Eros honestly didn't know why he even bothered to watch. It was always the same. Percy would insult Achilles or defy his orders and would then run for his life while Achilles proceeded to chase him with a sword.

It was incredibly amusing, though. Despite Achilles being the better swordsman and fighter, Percy was an incredibly difficult prey to catch, always stepping out of the path of a sword a split second before it hit him. They were resuming their duel in the back garden, Eros lounging across a chaise while he lazily watched his two 'brothers' clash.

"Now," Percy said, hands in the air as he backed away from Achilles, "I know you're mad but-"

"Mad?" Achilles hissed, narrowly missing Percy with his sword, "Mad! You fed the eighth key to the Hydra, defied my direct orders twice and assisted Heather in sneaking out of camp. Now, why in the Gods names, would I be mad?"

He lunged towards Percy, a wild gleam in his eye as Percy ducked underneath his arm and stood behind him.

"Hey," Percy said defensively, as Achilles twirled, swinging his sword in a wide arc causing Percy to take another hasty step back, "If you've ever been on the receiving end of those puppy dog eyes then you would know that you can never say no to her."

"I," Achilles snapped, keeping up a constant wall of attacks, "am able to withstand those eyes. It's just you, Percy, who only thinks with his pants!"

He pouted. "That's not true!"

"It. Is. And. You. Know. It." Achilles shouted, gesturing each word with a vicious attack, "NOW STOP DODGING AND FIGHT LIKE A WARRIOR!"

Percy once again leapt out of Achilles way gleefully. "I'd rather not, thanks, if that means turning into a clone of you."

Rage swept through Achilles' eyes and their dance took on a new ferocity. Eros smirked. He could always count on them to give him his daily entertainment. Suddenly, he could sense a figure standing behind him. Eros almost immediately knew who it was and was only mildly surprised when he heard a voice say, "So their fighting again, are they?"

Eros craned his head to get a better view of the new comer, grinning slightly when he saw Heracles staring at the two duelling Demi-gods in exasperation. Heracles was very much like Achilles in physical appearance, the only difference being the shoulder length, auburn hair and the muscles that seemed to appear on every spare centimetre of skin. Heracles was easily the largest guy Eros knew and could absolutely give the God of War, Ares, a run for his money.

Eros nodded before reclining back onto the chair. "When are they not?"

Heracles sighed. "Very true. What is it now, though?"

"Well," Eros mused, "Percy apparently fed the eighth pair of keys we own to the Hydra."

Heracles stared at him in shock. "He did what!"

Percy, who it seemed to have been listening, froze in his duel to yell in exasperation, "The thing has nine heads!" before quickly ducking as Achilles sword came uncannily close to his head.

"You're going to have nine heads when I'm done with you," Achilles snapped as he finally succeeded in knocking Percy to the ground.

Percy gave him a thoughtful look. "Has anyone told you that you have major anger management issues?"

Achilles growled, lunging towards a laughing Percy as he rolled and pranced out of the way.


Eros turned his head, once again, towards Heracles, raising an eyebrow. It was only then that he seemed to notice that rather large grin decorating Heracles' face. He narrowed his eyes. He knew that grin all too well.


The Demi-god shook his head in amusement. "Something is on TV that I think you should see."

Curiosity filled Eros as he rose, giving Heracles a questioning look. Heracles, however, just smirked, shaking his head once again before leaving through one of the sliding doors. In the end, the interest became too much for Eros and he followed Heracles through the house, out of the stifling heat.

The house had been one of many options Achilles had forced the three boys to consider when choosing the perfect location. Achilles wanted a house close by to the Olympians but not so that it was obvious. Heracles wanted one that backed onto the forest so that he could train and hunt. Percy wanted hot female neighbours but, Eros, however, just wanted a peaceful area.

Achilles, against all odds, had found a house that met all the requirements (except for Percy's to his disappointment) and still had three and more possible escape routes, glazed windows to shield them from prying eyes and a large enough garage to keep Cerberus happy.

Though the three headed dog was only a puppy, they knew that, within a few months, the dog would easily be the size of a large car.

Eros found Heracles in the lounge room, standing before the large plasma TV covering the better part of the wall. However, it was what was on the TV that caught most of his attention.

A blonde reporter was standing in a studio, three large screens behind her showing various scenes of what vaguely looked like the Greece Eros remembered.

"All had seemed lost to the city of Athens as the military failed in defeating the supposed two Giants that were terrorizing the locals. That is, until a single woman entered the scene."

The scene changed, instead showing a dark landscape, buildings that had once been grand reduced to rubble and ash. The Aloadae were perched lazily across a series of buildings, crushing them beneath their terrible weight. The streets were deserted except for a single girl. She was dressed in bronze armour, two swords strapped securely to her back.

Eros narrowed his eyes at the image. The girl seemed unbearably familiar to him but her head kept turning away from the camera every time he hoped to catch a glimpse of her.

Then it clicked.

It was Artemis.

A grin slowly broke out over his face. It had been a long time since he had seen her in her armour and, he had to say, he certainly missed seeing the Olympians in battle.

The reporter's voice could be heard over the scene as Eros watched Artemis step onto the Giant's hand, her body tense.

"However, it wasn't until eleven other figures joined the girl when the fight really began."

Another scene flashed onto the screen, showing a dark street, eleven figures walking cautiously down. Almost like magic, a twelfth figure appeared, the others crowding around it.

The scene changed, once again, showing four figures on a roof top, one a sparkling lightning bolt in hand.

"Now, the question that had remained unanswered was who were they and why did they suddenly decide to help us? Well that question was answered when one of them appeared in a news helicopter."

The scene changed.

This time it showed what Eros knew immediately as Artemis. Her back was to the open door of the helicopter, her hair whipping around her shoulders. Her face was hidden in the shadows, the only clear features being her two emerald eyes. Her swords were hung loosely in her hands, various scratches and bruises covering her body. Despite this, however, she still presented an unearthly beauty about her, an otherworldly glow.

He watched with mild amusement as Artemis totally told the reporters off, her voice filled with barely compressed rage.

Rant finished, she turned, revealing her back to the reporters. She had taken a step towards the edge of the platform when the same blonde reporter entered the shot, asking, "Who are you?"

For a moment, Artemis said nothing. She merely stood by the edge of the helicopter, her hair flying in all directions.

Then she said, so quietly Eros had to strain to hear, "We're Gods."

The scene switched to the shot of the studio, the perky blonde once again smiling cheerfully at the camera. "As one question was answered," she was saying, "Another was asked. Are these young adults actually the legendary Greek Gods of old? And, if so, why are they choosing now to reveal themselves? Tune in at 7:00pm tonight to hear the remainder of the story."

The screen went black.

For a few moments, nothing happened. Heracles was still smiling stupidly at the screen, waiting for Eros' reaction. Eros, however, just let a grin stretch across his face.

"Well," he began, "This is going to be an interesting few months, isn't Heracles?"

He knew, oh he knew, nothing was over yet.

This was only the beginning.

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