Oh my gods,

It's been about three/four months since I began this and, not once, did I actually think I would finish it. It has been A LOT of fun to write and I REALLY hope all you guys enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have decided (early on mind you) that I would expand this into a TRILOGY since there are just too many facts and fun scenes to write and I wouldn't be able to cram them all into one story. The sequel will be called Lies of the Gods and the first chapter will probably be released early or mid December. It's gonna be SO much fun, I can just sense it now :-D

I'm also rewriting chapters 13 and up (standard editing) because I've already finished the ones before it. If you want to, take a look and the redone chapters :-D

Alrighty, who to mention, who to mention...

DarkLadyPegasus: How awesome are you! It just tickles me inside to think that you CREATED an account just to review this little boredom cure of a story. I hope it really lived up to your expectations because, if it did, I think my world may be complete. Thanks for reading ;) To think I have people like you makes me smile.

Jeremy Healing Touch: Wow... Just wow. You had so much faith in me! Your comments (not to be cheesy) were honestly one of the best parts of my day. I know that sounds terribly mickey mouse like but they really did. Thanks SO much for reading :-D

Elemental Pen 29: There is only word to describe you. Dedicated. I actually think you reviewed nearly every one of my chapters which just TOTALLY blows me away! Your comments often dissovled me into a fit of hysterics, especially your comment of how Mia punching Aaron reminded you of an angry jogger fighting pedophile. Excuse me, I have to go clean up the pile of goo that was julietta08 :P

the ticking clock: You. Rule. My. World. Not only is your profile picture awesome but your awesome as well! Apollo actually is one of my fav characters as well. If you read the sequel, I'm going to try and put more of Apollo's drama and womanizer antics into it. Go YOU! lol

LadyLuly: Honey, the wandering train of your thought is what makes you a spectacular reader. Never fear. Your guesses at the characters are so hilarious since everytime, you said, 'I probably got it wrong...' You got every single on right! Thanks for reading babe :-D

Dragonclaw289: DITTO! I have never liked how she was an eternal maiden. She was the type of girl you knew would have a pretty epic romance ;) I'm glad you find me funny. Sometimes I write things that are meant to be serious and have people commenting how the line is hilarious. I never tell them it wasn't meant to be a joke though... lol. Thanks for reading :)

BentoBEAN: Hmmm, what can I say that sums up how greatful I am to have you? ... You. Are. Epic. You were so enthusiastic and I could totally tell you were a fan of Eric. He'll be in the sequel A LOT, don't worry ;)

Sunny99: Wow, you are so good at reviewing, I'm almost veiwing it as stalkerish... I LOVED your comments and, don't worry, Phe and Eric aren't going to get together. That'd be a BIT creepy... I can't wait until I write when she finds out exactly who she kissed. rofl. Thanks!

Lea Smyth: Hahaha, I love cliffhangers so you might have to expect them :) I really liked your reviews cause my best friend is called Lea! It was hilarious and your comments reminded me of her. You are an awesome person Lea Smyth! Thanks for reading :P

The Solarian Princess: You are BEYOND awesome. You are the first to actually give me constructive criticism and I will try my best to work with it. If you could continue to do this in the future, I would actually worship the ground you walk on. Thanks for reading :-D

FaerieNinja: I hope you and your friend like Lies of the Gods as much as you loved this one! BTW, I adore the name. It's so funny/cute. Seriously :P

Suki-Alanna: You are mentioned cause you are the FIRST who alerted this story on fictionpress. *bows down* Thanks!

A big, big, BIG thank you to all my other readers. I would LOVE to thank you all individually but, unfortunately, there are just to many of you.

Thank you guys and SEE YOU SOON!