Story Synopsis:

16 year old Stewart (Stew for short) James was stuttering profusely while facing the girl he was so desperate to ask out on a date . She on the other hand was looking at him as though he had ask her to go dancing in a grave yard or something by her expression on her face. Stew knew that she had just recently broke up with her boyfriend of 6 months, he knew if he didn't make an attempt he would lose his opportunity to have a chance with her. Admittedly it had taken him a week to build up the courage to ask her because of his shyness and his lack of self esteem .

The girl in question is Judy Williams, probably about one of the prettier girls in his school and she was popular. Judy Had naturally blonde hair and deep blue-green eyes , 5'7" , with a very good figure , she also was 16 years of age and in many of his classes at school. However , Judy liked the bad boys attitude in the guys she dated however which meant most likely ,and did , that he wouldn't stand a chance with her ,but he had to try anyways.

"Ewwww... get away from me you creep there's no way on Earth I'd ever date you!" she said rather loudly to were others in the school hallway could hear her.

Stew's face fell as she said this and her words stung , she didn't seem to care that her words were said in a hurtful way. His faced turned really red with embarrassment because of the number of people in the hallway that started sniggering because of the harsh and brutal rejection he'd just receive. Stew turned and walked away hurriedly because of it , but not before he heard Judy say to those in the hallway, "Did, you hear what that freak just ask me ,as if I'd ever date someone like him."

Stew was so embarrassed he knew he had to find someplace quick to get out of the starring eyes of other students that where in the hallway at the time so he almost ran to the boys restroom and ducked in . After entering the boys room he looked in the mirrors above the sinks . His face looked sad , matter of fact very sad , because of the rejection he had just received. His hair was sandy blonde and somewhat long almost to long according to school dress code . His eyes were sort of a silver gray color with a tinge of blue . His face was tanned as well as most of the rest of him because during the summer months he made his spending money mowing peoples lawn in his community. Admittedly he wasn't jock material because he was thin and lanky 6 footer. No special skills other than he was very smart and had a good head on his shoulders. Yes, by many he was considered to be a nerdy geek because of it. However today's rejection by Judy wasn't the first he's ever received . However they were far and in between each other since about the 4th grade. One very physical ,several harsh but not as harsh and insensitive as today's .

Stew didn't understand why this happened to him every time but today's rejection sort of made him somewhat bitter. This deepened his shyness even more and he withdrew into it as a means of protection of sorts. Stew, realized he'd have to go to class because lunch hour (well 45 minutes actually) was just about over. He also knew that the rest of the day with Judy being in each of his classes was going to be

torture. Stew walked into science class just as the final bell rang before class was to begin , which at that time about half the class busted out in sniggering and pointing at him (the teacher hadn't come in yet) he glanced over at Judy and she had a very cruel looking smirk on her face. Stew was just about to do a about face and leave the class when Mrs. Claire Hart the science teacher walked into the classroom. "Okay students please take your seats please ..." Mrs. Hart noticed Stew still standing acting somewhat peculiar , Stew walk over to her desk and whispered , "Mrs. Hart I'm not feeling very well can I go to the nurses office please?" Mrs. Hart looked at Stew knowing that science was one of his favorite classes and he wouldn't knowingly ditch the class if he was able to stay ,however their did seem to be something the matter with him she just couldn't put a finger on it. Mrs. Hart wrote out a hall pass to the nurses office for him and let him leave. However not before some sniggering and, "coughing loser cough cough", before he could get out the door. He did go to the nurses office and told her he wasn't feeling well and if he could lie down . About 2:15 he ask the nurse if he could go home because school would let out at 2:30 and he wanted to be out of there before anyone else could make his day worse than it was at present. After all it was Friday and a weekend was here and maybe by Monday this would be all over with hopefully. (an: do you really believe that lol)

Stew ran out to the schools parking lot and climbed into his 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Bug (an: yeah I know not the most luxurious of vehicles or powerful as some of his other classmates,or as new) but it was all his and totally paid for. The thoughts of what happened at lunch break kept haunting his mind as he drove home. Which almost had him have an accident but he managed to advert it with the driver of the other vehicle shaking their fist at him out their window at him. 10 minutes after this however Stew pulled up into his house ,parked his Beetle in the driveway . Tears were starting to form in Stew's eyes as he approached his front door and by the time he was inside he was weeping. ( an: Okay ,i know some of you think this is pathetic but Stew {or rather I/Stew} read a medical article on man's heath issues , which stated that men that didn't release their frustrations by crying died earlier than men that did cry. The article stated that even if the men cried in private they were better off physically and mentally than if they didn't. Which the article stated one reason why a larger portion of women live longer than men on an average . Ha, betcha all didn't know that one huh!)

Stew's parents weren't home yet they wouldn't be home until about 5:30 or 6 that evening . They both worked at a research facility developing new computer technology devices ( an: hence, Stews apparent

scholastic abilities in his classes. Stew by the way is a straight "A" student in all his classes, well except for maybe physical ed. he had a "C+" average.)

Stew set his book bag down as he entered the door on the little table located by the door, as he did so he leaned against the wall next to it an slumped down to the floor as he began weeping harder. True he didn't understand girls in general and was totally clueless about them. However , did they have to be so mean and abrasive in their response to him , plus humiliate him in front of the other classmates as well.

Out of all the times Stew had built up courage to ask girls out he can only recall one that was at least somewhat nice about it but still a rejection.


7th grade , girls name Samantha Smith , really dark brown curly hair to mid back , dark green eyes,

heart shaped face, kissable looking lips, for a 7th grader a really incredible figure . As usual Stew's shyness had kicked in and he was stuttering thru out the process of asking her for a date. At which she answered, "That's really sweet of you Stew, but I already have a boyfriend but thanks for asking." At which, she turned around and walked away without another word being said. Stew thought , [At least she didn't knee me in my privates as did Andrea near the end of 7th grade. ]


Stew had been nervously waiting for Andrea to come out of class at lunch time , he had been trying to build up the courage to ask her out for several weeks now after hearing that she had broken up with her boyfriend 6 weeks ago. Andrea after getting her lunch from the schools canteen usually sat outside (weather permitting) and ate at one of the many picnic type tables stationed near a grouping of trees providing the shade and a small pond which the State kept stocked with fish.

Stew waited until she sat down to start eating her meal , Andrea's friends hadn't as of yet made it out of the canteen yet so he approached Andrea.

"UM... er.. Hi Andrea, Uh.. w.. would y.. you... g..g..go out on a..a.. with me," Stew finally stuttered out. Andrea got up from were she was sitting with a (fake ) smile on her face ,placed her hands on his shoulders ,"Not in your wildest dreams", at which she kneed me in my lower extremities and pushed me backwards falling on my back into a wet pile of sand which surround the small pond and area . Trying not to grab or put his hands in the area were she had kneed him in he laid there in agony in a fetal position as her friends approached.


After sitting there for about an hour crying ,Stew finally felt cried out and felt somewhat better but still

sadden at what happened that day. By now though Stew heard his stomach growling , he got up and headed to the kitchen. The kitchen had an island bar in the center with bar stools surrounding it,which acted as the families dining table 95% of the time being they hardly ever used the dining area for what it was designed for . He opened the frig to see what he could find and saw a Cuban midnight sandwich

which he grabbed along with a Dr. Pepper (his favorite soft drink) and a partial bag of cheddar cheese chips. He left the kitchen going to the living room . Stew picks up the remote for the TV and selects the

educational channel which he always find illuminating and interesting. Stew thought if he could only get his mind off of today's happenings and onto something else he could relax . However as interesting as the program was his sub-conscience mind wouldn't exactly cooperate with him . It was like that until

he heard his parents come into the house at 6 pm .

Chapter 2 preview:

Stew finds out that he and his parents are moving , he meets and befriends at his new home a guy by the name of Kristen Lake, he's a jock at the new school but isn't stuck on himself as many of his other friends are on the team. Kristen actually likes having Stew around because of his intelligence because he puts on an act of being dumb but actually is a straight "A" student himself. He see's Stew's problems socially and starts to help him . How does Kristen's help affect Stew's life and does it help. SORRY YA HAVE TO READ IT TO SEE LOL