A/N Okay so I was watching a tv show with a ex mob person so don't judge me. I have no idea where I get my ideas from and also have no idea where this story is going in the future.

It was a regular day at school, that was until Ashley and I got kidnapped.

We was sitting outside behind some bushes (our hiding place) when a black, windowless van pulled up beside us.

We, of course didn't know it until the last minute. We was sitting there talking about guys (so typical) mostly about Zak.. He was just creepy.

'I don't know Victoria... He can take down ten guys in like under 5 minutes.'

'My bodyguard can probably take him.' I agrued.

'Uh! Probably cause he is like... I don't know... BUFF! and DANGEROUS!' she screamed.

I giggled, and looked out of the corner of my eye at Erik.

He frowned at me but kept on a look out.

All of a sudden he started to run up to Ashley and I. He grabbed our arms and made us stand up.

'GO! Hurry!' He yelled pushing us into a run.

He got out his gun and started shooting.

He stopped so we did, breathing hard.

'Go! Hurry! Keep running and don't stop!' He screamed in his deep voice.

We did, we kept running even though we couldn't catch our breath. We locked hands and ran even harder so we wouldn't loose each other in the process.

The black van sped up to us, we heard shots and screaming behind us.

Someone grabbed my arm and I screamed. I was thrown into the back of the van.

I blacked out.

When I woke up it was dark.. Where ever they had me..

Oh god! I'm going to die!

I was scared so very very scared.

I heard whimpering next to me.

'Ashley? Is that you?' I asked worriedly

'NO it's Spongebob!' She said grunting.

'HEY! This is no time for sarcasim!' I yelped.

A/N Okay I totally got attacked by my friends. No joke. I got this from a random thought. Lol. I hope you all liked it... So far.