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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recap: Victoria had a relaspe after Zak takes her to her room.. And it was all drama.

Ashley looked over at Melanie, "Vikky since Zak is gone why don't we get you dressed for bed it's getting really late." I nodded my head but didn't move to get dressed.

"Can I take a bath? Please? I need to loosen my muscles so they don't lock up on me.." I say looking at the floor. Then I realise, why is Zak sleeping if this is his room? I looked up studying the room, it had a dresser against the wall a mirror above it, and a couch on the other side of the room with a big flat screen in front of it. I looked at Melanie but she didn't notice as she was taking some clothes from a maid that I didn't notice that was there. I stood up and Ashley looked at me like I was crazy, "Hey.. Umm.."

Melanie looked at me questionly, "What is is dear?" I started to fiddle with my hands, "Umm where is Zak sleeping?"

Ashley gave me a odd look, so did Melanie, but she gave me a small smile, "Well I suppose he is going to have to sleep on the couch now won't he?" She laughed and I blushed a little, "Come on honey lets get you into the shower."

She walked towards a door by the bed I didn't notice and opened it. I followed her to the bathroom and she laid out some towels and my clothes on the sink.

She turned to leave, "Thank you Melanie." I said to her before she closed the door she looked at me, nodded and left.

I turned around and looked around then walked over to the shower, took off my clothes and started the water. I got in and stood there a few minutes before I started to wash my hair.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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